How to remove extended nails at home

Nail extension is not an easy procedure! This can be done only by those people who know everything about it, trained in specialized courses. But what about the removal of nails?

Of course, salons provide such a service, but for a fee. And this is done by masters who have special tools for such a case. For some ladies, in order not to pay money to the salon, it is easier to remove extended nails at home. But how do they do it?

In all sorts of ways, they pick it off with nail files and tongs, gnaw, tear off, thereby harming their own nails. But they forget that you can remove extended nails at home without harming your own nails.

There are several methods for removing extended nails at home painlessly. To do this, you just need to know what type of nails you have and buy special tools (believe me, they will cost you dozens of times cheaper than going to the salon).

If you have acrylic nails. First, we use nail scissors to remove the protruding part of the nail plate. We cut not at the root, otherwise it will be possible to seriously damage the skin.

For the next stage of nail removal, you will need to buy a special solvent for acrylic nails, or use acetone, which is less useful for nails. Wet a cotton swab with liquid, put it on the nail plate, cover the nail with foil.

We do the same procedure with all nails. We wait 15 minutes, then remove the remaining acrylic with a nail file. The acetone dissolved the acrylic, so it became soft and easy to remove.

If you have helium nails. This case is more painful.

Just like in the case of acrylic nails, cut off the protruding part of the nail. Only here acetone will no longer help, it is not able to soften the gel, so you will have to remove the remnants of the nail yourself, using a special hard nail file for working with artificial materials. If you have such a nail file or you will purchase it, then you can carefully remove the gel layer by layer and not damage your nails. This procedure will take 15 minutes.

The most important thing is not to rush, otherwise you can harm your nails with one extra movement.

It is not so important to remove extended nails correctly, as it is important to properly care for your relatives later.

Even if you have taken good care not to harm your nails, your nails are still in a terrible state after removal and they will need daily procedures to strengthen and restore. Even in salons, after removal, special oil masks are made.

At home, ordinary oils are also suitable. The main thing is to make a light massage of the nail plate using oils (sunflower, olive). Then polish the surface of the nail with a piece of suede. This treatment will strengthen your nails and resist nail splitting. This procedure can be applied even if your nails have not been extended.

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