How to remove freckles

As soon as spring comes, the sun burns us brighter and stronger with its bright and radiant rays. Each of us is in a hurry to put ourselves in full order after the so-called hibernation: we want to look much more beautiful, more beautiful, more interesting and more attractive. But however, for many of us every spring, nature presents unpleasant surprises: in spring, red spots always appear on the face, which are called freckles.

If you pick up medical literature and read, then you can find out that freckles are called differently – ephelids (translated from gr. “sun blotches”). In another way, we can say – this is a protective reaction of any organism from UV rays. All freckles contain pigments that prevent and prevent burns on the body.

If a person knows this, then it is quite simple to relate to these sun spots, and when they appear, they do not create a global problem.

There is information that both Greek and Egyptian beauties struggled with freckles, and they simply succeeded. Cosmetologists recommend to everyone: dandelion, horseradish, cucumber and lemon – this is the most powerful and strong victory over freckles. There are so many ways to get rid of freckles. Choose ways and fight your freckles, but never forget about moderation and caution!

Ways to remove freckles

If you have definitely decided to act, then all acceptable ways are offered for you …

  • Method number 1: cucumbers. We clean fresh and clean vegetables, cut or rub them on a grater. If you still decide to try using cucumber mugs, put them on your face. Grated cucumbers are applied as if with the help of a gauze napkin. After 20 minutes, remove the mask. You can also wipe your face with cucumber juice, after which you do not need to wash your face.
  • Method number 2: parsley. We take a couple of spoons of chopped parsley, pour gr.200 with boiling water. After we insist 2.5 hours, after we filter. The face should be wiped with this tincture every morning, lunch and evening.
  • Method number 3: lemon. We take a cotton pad moistened with lemon juice and wipe the whole face. After 30-40 minutes no more, be sure to wash your face with plain water.
  • Method number 4: dandelion. Dandelion flowers should be poured with one cup of boiling water, then strain and wipe the entire face with a cotton swab dipped in this tincture. Wash off after 30 minutes.
  • Method number 5: horseradish. Juice squeezed from horseradish must be mixed with sour cream. Apply to the skin of the face for about five minutes, then wash off the mask.
  • Method number 6: complex skin whitening cream. At the moment, there are a very large number of such creams on sale. For effectiveness, go to consult with a beautician which of the creams is right for you.

The most important advice: before you go out, do not forget to apply sunscreen or lotion to your skin, and powder your face a little after that. Be sure to wear hats and glasses that will help you cover your face and protect it from UV rays.

Even a person who can have a lot of freckles can also be damn attractive and handsome, if his eyes always glow with happiness and joy, his smile amazes everyone with his sincerity and openness, and his speech is truthful in everything and positive.

Be the most beautiful and radiant, friends, and always remember that the most important thing in life is our personal health! In pursuit of a beautiful and perfect face, do not lose your mind!

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