How to remove the second chin

It should be noted that this problem is faced by many hundreds of women, and not necessarily with increased body weight. Of course, this factor also plays an important role in the development of this pathology, but its main cause is posture disorders and a number of bad habits, such as reading while lying in bed and the habit of sleeping on very high pillows.

In this case, the muscles of the face and chin area relax, which contributes to the accumulation and development of subcutaneous fat in this area. Getting rid of a double chin is a long process. It can take several months and will require some effort from the woman.

First of all, you need to get rid of the above habits, and in this case, experts recommend the following exercise to correct posture: you should put a heavy book on the top of your head and, trying not to drop it, walk around the room for 15 minutes a day.

In the old days, healers used a bandage to combat the second chin, which was applied through the chin and crown of the head for 15 minutes daily. Currently, an elastic bandage can be used for this purpose. Some of our grandmothers massaged the problem area using a towel soaked in water.

A modern woman still has the opportunity to address this problem to a beautician or to a beauty salon. They will offer an individual treatment program, most often which includes vacuum massage. In terms of efficiency, it is many times superior to the usual one and helps to improve blood circulation in the chin area.

Sometimes a course of mesotherapy and photorejuvenation is prescribed, and in severe cases they resort to plastic surgery. However, reducing excess weight and a proper balanced diet can greatly facilitate the fight against deposits of subcutaneous fat, including in the chin area.

Thus, not only obesity plays a role in the formation of a second chin, but also hereditary factors, as well as posture disorders and a number of bad habits. Correction of this situation is possible both at home and in a beauty salon or with a plastic surgeon, but in any case, it will require a woman to be patient and change some of her habits.

Gymnastics to get rid of the second chin

Therapeutic exercises have also been developed to strengthen the muscles of the chin area and get rid of deposits of subcutaneous fat here. It includes the following exercises:

  • Slowly tilt our head back, while straining all the muscles of the neck, repeat 5-6 times;
  • Without the help of hands (using only the muscles of the chin), we pull the lower lip down, also repeat 5-6 times;
  • We put our fists under the chin and, overcoming the resistance of the hands, we try to open our mouth, repeat 7-10 times;
  • We tilt our head to the left, while shifting the lower jaw to the left shoulder, then in the same way, but to the right side, repeat 5 times;
  • We throw our head back, and with the lower lip we try to get the tip of the nose, repeat 5-6 times;
  • We connect our lips into a tube, as if we are trying to hold a pencil or a pen with them, fix this position for 5-7 seconds, then relax and do this 7-10 times;
  • We pull the lower lip on the lower row of teeth and in this position open and close the mouth several times.

To perform these exercises, you do not need to allocate separate time, because they can be done while watching TV or cooking. Just do not think that such gymnastics will have an instant effect. If the second chin is not very pronounced, then the first improvements will begin in about a month. If it is of a significant size, then it will take about 3-5 months of daily classes.

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