How to remove the stomach and sides

Many women in the postpartum period always face one urgent question: Is it possible to independently remove extra pounds from the abdomen and sides? There are several options for getting rid of this problem.

For example, you can go on a strict diet, limiting yourself to eating low-calorie foods, or increase physical activity, or you can combine both options.

There are a great many tips for speedy and 100% weight loss, but experience shows that most of them do not give the proper effect that we wanted. In our article you can find information about the fight against excess weight and how to achieve an ideal figure in the shortest possible time.

We eat right to remove the stomach and sides

The first step to achieving your goal is taking care of your nutrition. To be successful, you need a full breakfast. There is no need to calculate its energy value, it should be high-calorie and give an energy boost for the whole day, thereby eliminating the appearance of a sudden feeling of hunger and a desire to snack.

Drawing up a menu for dinner is an important matter, it is best to limit food intake to 19.00. When choosing a diet, you need to focus on dairy products (low-calorie kefirs and yogurts) and vegetable (fruit) salads seasoned with corn or olive oil.

It is necessary to take food 5-7 times a day, while the dosed portion should not exceed 250-300 grams. If you feel hungry, you can snack on fruits, nuts, dairy products and dried fruits, or drink plain water.

When getting rid of excess weight, preference should be given to foods containing fiber: beans, oats, barley, brown rice, zucchini, apples, any greens, seaweed. It is necessary to categorically exclude from your diet all fat-containing foods, any marinades and sweets, confectionery, and of course carbonated drinks, mayonnaises and sauces.

We do exercises to get rid of the abdomen and sides

Of course, in order to remove the stomach and sides, you need to not only follow these simple rules, but also perform simple physical exercises. Such exercises can be: swinging the press, diagonal cancan, easy running, dumbbell exercises, hoop rotation. The most important condition is to conduct physical training systematically at least 3-4 times a week, carefully monitor the observance of the time interval from meals and physical activity (do not eat 40 minutes before training and 1.5-2 hours after). Do not forget that before training, you need to do a light warm-up, which should include a run (5-10 minutes), a warm-up of the main muscles, starting from the head and ending with the feet.

Unfortunately, getting rid of hated fat and achieving an ideal figure is a laborious process, sometimes requiring great dedication, so if you decide to take such a responsible step, you must clearly define your ultimate goal and not overdo it in your struggle to get rid of body fat.

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