How to remove yellowness from hair?

Healthy, well-groomed and beautiful hair has always been the pride of every woman. So much time and effort is spent on various procedures that contribute to this. Nourishing masks and rinses, haircuts and coloring, highlighting and lightening – these words are familiar to the fair sex firsthand. But what to do if after the next procedure an unpleasant yellowness appeared on the hair? There is an exit!

Causes of yellow hair.

But, before proceeding to eliminate the unpleasant yellowness of the hair that appeared after dyeing, highlighting or lightening, it is worth understanding the reasons for its appearance. The reasons may be the following important factors.

  • Color and paint quality.

When choosing a hair dye, you should think about its quality and composition. Poor quality and cheap hair dye bought on sale does not compare with the one you can find in a specialty store. It contains in its composition harmful components and pigments that can affect the manifestation of the yellowness of the hair and spoil the purity of the shade. Therefore, it is advisable to buy professional paint, because its price really justifies the result.

It is also worth paying attention to the color of the paint. Cold, platinum and ashy shades will help to lighten hair without yellowness. On the contrary, it is recommended to refrain from using warm colors: they contain pigments that are responsible for the yellow color and contribute to the appearance of yellow hair. By the way, it is this yellow pigment that is the reason for the experiences of many natural blondes suffering from yellow hair.

  • Wrong staining.

Unprofessional home dyeing is also one of the reasons for the appearance of unpleasant yellowness on the hair. Failure to follow the instructions on the packaging can lead to unpleasant and unexpected consequences. So, applying a clarifier to dirty hair or reducing or increasing the time recommended by the paint manufacturers for keeping it on the hair will certainly affect the color of the hair, which will be quite problematic to fix in the future.


Also, do not rely on your own strength if the hair has not previously been subjected to a bleaching or lightening procedure. This is a rather complicated process, the result of which may not live up to expectations and cost an extra reason for frustration. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out such procedures in a beauty salon, entrusting your hair to the hands of a proven and experienced master.

  • Rinse quality.

The water with which the hair will be rinsed after dyeing also plays an important role in preventing the appearance of yellowness. The first time after the lightening procedure, the hair is extremely susceptible to external influences, because of which they can absorb rust and dirt contained in running water, which will subsequently negatively affect hair color. For this reason, it is also desirable to avoid being in the first time after the clarification procedure in rooms with tobacco smoke and near people who smoke.

Filters that should be used to clean the water before rinsing, or mineral water will help to avoid the appearance of yellowness due to the wrong rinse aid. The latter will not only help prevent rust and dirt from entering the hair fibers, but also fill them with vitamins and minerals, improve condition and quality.

  • Lightening dark hair.

It has long been noticed that lightening naturally dark hair is not an easy task. It is highly likely that in this case it will not be possible to get rid of yellowness, even by resorting to numerous and frequent procedures. Moreover, do not forget that regular lightening and bleaching of hair threatens them with significant damage. Therefore, before deciding to dye dark hair, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons, not forgetting, of course, to consult with a professional.


emergency measures

But what to do if it was not possible to avoid the appearance of yellowness on the hair? Most importantly, don’t panic! The following remedies can help eliminate unpleasant yellowness.

  • “Silver” shampoo, eliminating the yellowness of the hair.

The composition of this shampoo includes a lilac pigment, which will help not only to give the bleached hair the desired whiteness, but also to keep it for a long time. But, using the “silver” shampoo, you should carefully study the instructions, because, if you do not meet the time specified by the manufacturer, the hair can be dyed in the original lilac or purple hue.

“Silver” shampoo is recommended to be used for some time, leaving it on the hair for a couple of minutes and thus achieving the desired shade without yellowness, and then maintain the color by washing their hair once a week. It is also worth noting that such a shampoo only colors the hair, unlike, for example, some tint balms, so do not worry about the color of the skin or bathroom.

  • Tinted balm.

Tint balm is a good alternative to “silver” shampoo. It consists of components that do not violate the structure of the hair and do not harm the health of the hair. Tinted balm will perfectly cope with the elimination of yellowness in hair.

Also, the tint balm is quite easy to use. To do this, you will need to add a few drops to the shampoo you are using. Do not apply this balm directly to the hair and, moreover, keep it on for a long time to avoid giving the hair a lilac or purple hue.

It is worth noting that, unlike the “silver” shampoo, the result obtained from the tint balm will be less lasting. The shade stays on the hair for a couple of weeks, after which a second procedure may be required.


  • Whitening hair masks.

Whitening hair masks can either be prepared at home by mixing natural ingredients, or purchased from a store that specializes in hair care products. In the latter case, you should pay attention to the presence of purple and silver pigment in the masks. Whitening masks will not only help eliminate the yellowness of the hair, but also strengthen and rule them. This method will be most effective if you want to eliminate the yellowness of the hair that appeared after highlighting.

A striking example of a whitening hair mask made from natural ingredients is a combination of kefir, vodka, eggs and lemon juice. Another excellent folk remedy that eliminates the yellowness of hair is honey. The juice of some light-colored grapes, added to regular shampoo, will also help rid your hair of yellowness.

  • Shampoo to protect delicate flowers.


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