How to replace a hat in winter

How can you replace a hat so as not to freeze and at the same time create a bow that meets the fashion trends of the autumn-winter season? In the article we will tell you about accessories that can be a great alternative to this headdress.

Fashion tips – how to replace a hat in winter


It is better to choose outerwear with a fur hood. When folded, it will act as a collar. And putting it on your head, you certainly will not freeze and, importantly, save your hair.

You can also pay attention to trendy hoodies or sweatshirts now. It is worth giving preference to models with a small hood into which the wind will not blow. You can wear a hoodie or sweatshirt under a down jacket, jacket, jeans and even a coat. As a result, you will get a trendy multi-layered look.


If you still decide to try on a headdress, we recommend that you opt for a hat. This is a universal accessory that can transform even the most discreet bow. As for models, special attention should be paid to the classic trilby. They can be combined with knitted cardigans, wool jackets and coats.

Wide-brimmed hats and fedoras are also suitable. They can complement the outfit, designed in both classic and casual style.


This headdress can be safely worn instead of a hat in the fall and at the same time look very stylish. After all, the cap will look good not only with loose hair, but also with voluminous styling or even high hairstyles. You just have to put it on slightly to the side.

Idea! In order not to freeze in cold weather, before attaching the cap, you need to tie a scarf or scarf on your head.


Another headdress that does not lose its relevance. Therefore, this year stylists presented a considerable range of berets, among which every girl can choose her own model. These are classic options, models that are worn on the back of the head or are pushed over the forehead. As for materials, there are no special restrictions here either. You can choose between knitwear and berets made from knitwear, cashmere or wool. Leather and suede models will be especially popular.


If your basic wardrobe does not yet have this accessory, we recommend that you purchase it. After all, you can wear a collar not only around your neck, but also on your head instead of a hat.


The time when women wore this accessory only with evening dresses is long gone. Today, a turban is an indispensable element of the wardrobe. It can be made from cashmere, wool or knitwear. A suede or velvet turban will also look spectacular in your looks.

You can combine this headdress with almost any clothing. But it will harmonize especially well with:

  • classic coats;
  • aviator jackets;
  • parks;
  • sheepskin coats;
  • woolen jackets and suits;
  • down jackets.

Idea! Buying a turban is not necessary at all. You can make it yourself from a silk scarf or scarf.


You can also replace the hat with a headdress such as a cap. With him, the image is stylish and unusual. Stylists recommend wearing felt, cashmere, leather, woolen or denim caps not only in classic bows. They will successfully complement and outfits in the style of sport-chic or casual. But with the color of the cap you should be careful. It is better to choose universal models, decorated in neutral black, gray or brown tones.


Bandages will look no less original in autumn bows. These can be options that look like a turban or products decorated with embroidery, beads and all kinds of stripes.


Another fashionable alternative to the usual knitted hats has become a scarf. You can choose from cotton, warm wool or sophisticated silk. It all depends on weather conditions and your taste preferences. The same applies to ways of tying it on the head. The scarf can be tied in the form of a scarf, turban or bandage. It can also be slightly thrown over the head, and the ends, crossed in front, thrown back so that they hang freely.

Baseball cap

Fans of unusual bows will definitely like such a headdress as a baseball cap. These can be models made of thick denim or felt. Options made of faux fur will also be appropriate. Unlike other types of hats, baseball caps are not as versatile. They will look perfect only with sheepskin coats, fur coats and coats.

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Fur earmuffs

We want to immediately note that fur headphones are by no means suitable for middle-aged women. But young girls can get this accessory. You can stop your choice not only on black or white models. It can be bright products of yellow, lilac, pink, green or orange.

It is worth wearing fur headphones with down jackets or quilted jackets, sheepskin coats and voluminous coats.

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As you can see for yourself, it is quite possible to look fashionable in cold weather and not freeze at the same time. You just need to choose the right accessory that will not only protect you from bad weather, but will also become a real highlight of your image.

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