How to restore breasts after breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can damage the shape of your breasts, to the point that your breasts never get back in shape and look bad. You can only fix the situation if you follow our advice.

Beautiful breasts are the dream of every woman, including a young mother. And this dream is very real. Procedures, exercises and the right bra will allow you to enjoy healthy and firm breasts after feeding.

Exquisite breasts after the end of the feeding period

Nature has programmed us for a two-year lactation cycle, but a mother who breastfeeds her baby for that long is a rarity. The child is usually weaned after a few months. Often the reason for this decision is the belief that feeding “spoils” the bust. This is doubly harmful: firstly, superstition harms the child, for whom milk is the best food that he has. And secondly, the result is completely opposite.

The shortening of the lactation period disrupts the natural cycle and return to its former figure, and thus the skin of the breast, which is still ready to collect milk, remains stretched. The process will take several months before the skin automatically starts to shrink.

Beautiful breasts – a well-fitted bra

Do not believe that muscles are stretched if a woman wears a bra for a long time. On the contrary, this lack of a bra, especially during exercise, leads to the fact that the pectoral ligaments are stretched and the bust takes on a typical “African” shape. Your breasts may become more sensitive while breastfeeding, so avoid bras that may irritate your breasts unnecessarily. This can be caused by the material from which it was made (in particular a large number of artificial materials) or its shape.

If your breasts are now larger, do not put them in a “PUSH UP” bra (it artificially raises the bust), because after a few hours you will feel pain. For the same reason, you should not buy a small size bra if you feel that it lines the nipple.

If your breasts have grown a lot during pregnancy and lactation, and now they have suddenly lost their roundness, placing them correctly does not mean buying a tight bra. Preferably, it has wide, adjustable harnesses and contoured cups, which are reinforced with a diagonal neckline. It is very important that the position of the cups corresponds to the natural position of the breast.

If your breasts are very “stretchy” or hard and sore for a few days before your period, you can also wear a bra at night, preferably cotton, which will be comfortable to sleep in without a hard insert. For a large chest, this option is suitable, and for a smaller one, a sports top with lycra.

Buy matching creams

Creams can stimulate the breast skin to contract more quickly and also make it more flexible. They will help you with this, you can also use gels if you use them diligently. Lack of regularity in lubrication can lead to no results.

To therapeutic agents for the treatment of wounds or cracks resulting from feeding, you can use lanolin, chamomile infusion and breast milk – just pour on the chest and leave to dry. There are also wart caps that protect irritated skin.

In order for feeding to cause fewer problems, you also need the correct position of the child near the breast. In each position, the baby during feeding should be located close to the body. Pay attention to the fact that his nose is at chest height, and his ear, shoulder and arm lie along the same line. It is important for the baby to keep as much of the breast as possible in the mouth.

When it comes to breastfeeding, UNICEF recommends a period of 6 months to 2 years. In this case, the principle must be observed – to feed the child on demand.

During the weaning period, it is recommended to use reinforcing tissue preparations, such as sea buckthorn oils, lotions to improve skin tension, which contain the Q10 component. The substances contained in them are needed to help the breasts come back into shape. The breasts do not shrink rapidly, the baby should, if possible, wean from breastfeeding gradually to be able to keep up with the connective tissue. Acceleration of regeneration ensures the enrichment of the diet with fish products.

Beautiful breasts will provide exercise and massage

If you have the opportunity, at least once a week you need to go to the pool – swimming, especially breaststroke, perfectly corrects the shape of the chest. Water massages, which should be performed during an evening bath, can also affect her very well. Just massage each breast for about five minutes, alternately adjusting the cold and hot flow, performing a circular massage. The heat dilates the blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation. And the cold narrows the blood vessels. Thus, the circulation is stimulated, affects the firming of the skin.

The way to get rid of the feeling of “heaviness” of the chest is a simple exercise – tighten the muscles of the shoulders, raise your arms as high as possible and hold them for a few seconds in this position. Then slowly exhale, loosen them, leaving your hands free in the normal position. Repeat the exercise several times, not forgetting to coordinate movements with breathing – inhale should be when raising the arm and exhale when lowering.

Beautiful breasts are healthy breasts

Any woman over the age of 25 should have annual breast exams. In the case of a young breast, where glandular tissue predominates, this is an ultrasound examination. After the age of 35, the proportion of tissues begins to change, at this age mammography, as a rule, gives a more complete picture of the state of health. The examination must be carried out by a professional. The sooner changes are detected, the greater the chance of recovery. Most of the lumps that women feel when the lump appears are benign cysts that are not dangerous. Most often they are visible (when you come to the ultrasound), because, as a rule, they will disappear after a while. The doctor always makes a decision on a case-by-case basis – sometimes he recommends hormonal therapy or a cyst puncture.

Up to two years after birth, lactation can persist. In case of leakage outside of the feeding period, if the discharge does not contain blood or serum, this is probably due to hormonal disorders. In case of such problems it is necessary to consult with…

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