How to restore nails after building

Long-term use of acrylic or gel extended nails can adversely affect the native, natural nail plate. If a decision is made to remove the artificial nail, then this must be done by a good master. After removal, the nail plates are exhausted and need additional nutrition and restoration.

If the build-up was done relatively recently, that is, 3-4 months ago, then the destructive effect will be almost imperceptible. It will be necessary to make a therapeutic bath and apply a special varnish for recovery for some time. If the time artificial nails were more than a year, then the recovery program will be different, more intensive.

General recommendations

Lovers of long nails for a while will need to give them up. A short manicure is the only right decision. During the recovery period, weakened nails should be freed as much as possible from the effects of any chemical coatings (lacquer, shi-lacquer), otherwise they will begin to exfoliate, bend, and break even more.

During the first 7-10 days after removing the artificial nail, the natural nail plate may hurt, react to hot and cold water. There is no need to be scared – this is normal. This reaction is caused by the fact that the nails have not felt sunlight for a long time and did not feel the load.

Also, during the recovery period, protect your nails from chemical action when cleaning the room or washing dishes, treat with a nail file if you notice that the nail has begun to exfoliate or break, use oils, creams, serums to restore nails and cuticles as much as possible.

In modern beauty salons, a new service for the restoration of nail plates has recently appeared – nail sealing. Manicurist using professional substances polishes the entire surface of the nail. These substances penetrate into the structure of the nail and connect the severely affected scales.

You can also cover your nails with biogel. It is very light, does not cause harm and will protect the nail plate while it recovers.

Treatment of nail plates

Starting a course of treatment and restoration of nails, the first thing to do is to choose therapeutic agents. Modern companies producing and selling cosmetics for hands and nails offer a wide variety of these products. In order not to make a mistake and not damage your nails even more, it is better to consult a specialist on this issue.

Quite often, manicure masters advise firming varnish. It carefully and effectively nourishes and strengthens the nails, it can be used independently at home according to a simple scheme. On a well-cleaned nail, apply a layer of varnish, wait until it dries, apply another additional layer. On the second day, we do the same. On the third day, we remove the varnish coating, the nail plates should rest. The next day, we start the whole procedure again. This treatment lasts 1.5-2.5 months and most women are satisfied.

Everyone knows that an important link in the functioning of the body is calcium. When restoring nails, it is also very important and is required in larger quantities than at normal times. It is recommended to saturate the body with calcium in the form of vitamins and foods rich in this mineral for two to three months. For greater effect, experts advise taking vitamins at night, because at this time it functions better in the body.

beauty recipes

Do not underestimate the old and proven method of restoring the nail plates – nourishing masks and baths. In beauty salons, manicure masters offer a wide variety of baths for nails and hands:

  • bath with iodine and salt. It is necessary to dissolve three to four tablespoons of salt (sea or table) in a glass of warm water. Add a small spoonful of iodine to the glass. We lower the nails and 1-2 centimeters from the fingertips into this solution for 15-20 minutes. Do this bath every other day.
  • bath with oil and iodine. A teaspoon of iodine is added to a glass of warm water. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of oil (olive or vegetable) into this solution. We make a water bath and heat the mixture on it, mixing thoroughly. Dip your nails into it and wait 15-20 minutes. This bath can be done every day.
  • bath of gelatin. In a glass of warm water, add half a large spoonful of gelatin. We leave the solution to cool at about 38-40 degrees, immerse the fingertips in the mixture for 15-20 minutes. This bath can be used 1-3 times a week.
  • mask of sour berries. You can take any sour berry. We grind the berries in a plastic bowl to the consistency of porridge, mix well and rub into the nail plate with massaging, light movements. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off. After application, the nail may become stained, do not worry and be afraid, this is a natural paint and after a while it will wash off.
  • oil-lemon mask (for the night). It is necessary to heat a tablespoon of oil (olive or vegetable) to 38-40 degrees and mix with 5-10 drops of lemon juice. We apply this consistency with gentle, massaging movements on the nail plate and always on the cuticle. We put on light gloves made of knitwear and go to bed. Remove the gloves in the morning and rinse off the solution. This procedure is recommended to be done 2-3 times a week.
  • citrus-salt mask for nail plates. For this mask, you can take any citrus fruit. We take a tablespoon of citrus juice and mix with 10-15 grams of table salt. Mix thoroughly. Massaging, with light movements, apply this solution to the nail plate. Wait 10-20 minutes and wash off.

Many manicure masters recommend for home use and often use balls filled with vitamins A and E in their work. These vitamins are sold at any pharmacy and are relatively inexpensive. But, massage with them is surprisingly effective. It is best to do it before going to bed after a shower.

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