How to sew a dress for a girl with your own hands

“A beautiful, elegant dress is the dream of every little girl who likes to imagine herself as the heroine of a fairy tale. Fulfilling a child’s dream is easy – sewing a princess dress with your own hands is not difficult.

Many mothers in vain believe that sewing a beautiful dress for a child is an impossible task. In fact, the process is not particularly difficult. All that is needed for the outfit is an old children’s T-shirt, a piece of dense, durable fabric, a piece of translucent material, beautiful, shiny accessories. Of course, you will also need threads, chalk, tracing paper, a sewing machine – in a word, everything with which this type of dress with a v-neck is sewn.

It is recommended to start with the preparation of a pattern for the bodice section of the dress. It is for this that a children’s T-shirt is needed, from which it is desirable to cut off the sleeves. On the model, it is necessary to outline an approximate waist line, after which it should be tried on for a child and tied with a belt. The waist line on clothes can be marked with ordinary chalk. Then the T-shirt will need to be folded in half and fixed in this position on graph paper or on tracing paper. The result is a full-fledged pattern of the bodice of the future dress.

The second stage is the transfer of the pattern to the material from which the dress will be made. It is desirable that the front of the bodice is solid. It makes sense to place the clasp of the model on the back area, and, accordingly, it is desirable to cut out the back of the bodice using two halves at once. In the process of transferring the pattern to the fabric, do not forget about the allowances for the seams. It makes sense to add a centimeter along the sides of the model, and three centimeters can be added along the waist line. The back of the bodice with the front should be swept along the seams located on the side. The seam on the back is recommended to be extended approximately to the middle. Fitting the bodice, respectively, should be done inside out. If some errors become noticeable during the fitting, they are recommended to be corrected immediately. Then it will be necessary to very carefully and carefully remove the workpiece and tack the zipper into the section of the cut located on the back. All seams are recommended to be stitched. It is advisable to overcast the cutouts prepared for the sleeves and the neckline with the so-called oblique trim, after which it is recommended to stitch them again. The bodice for the future elegant dress of the little princess is completely ready.

The lower part of the dress is made of two types of materials, designed in a single color scheme. For the upper skirt, a translucent lightweight fabric is suitable, and for the bottom skirt – a dense, durable material. The combination of two layers will allow you to make a skirt of the required volume. In a similar design, as you know, even such evening dresses are made.

It is easy to calculate the required length of the panel for the skirt – for this you will need to multiply the value of the width of the bodice by four if we are talking about the underskirt, and by five if the overskirt is sewn. However, these figures are relative. It is important to remember that the denser the canvas, the more magnificent the skirt for the dress will look. The length is calculated strictly individually, but it should be borne in mind that the best solution is considered to be a dress that reaches the knee or slightly lower.

The next step is to make side cuts, which should result in a part that looks like a pipe. One of the endings of this detail needs to be assembled a little, and in such a way that the resulting circle is comparable to the circle that the bodice has. This operation can be done with each of the skirts. After that, two skirts will need to be folded and sewn together strictly along the waistline. The two-layer skirt obtained in this way is neatly attached to the bodice. It is desirable to process the seams in the process with the help of an overlock. The elegant dress of the fairy princess is ready, it remains only to decorate it. As a decor, you can choose sequins, beads, openwork lace, shimmering rhinestones, artificial flowers. If we are talking about New Year’s attire, then you can decorate it with the usual Christmas tree “rain”.

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