How to sew a tulle skirt with your own hands: step by step instructions

A tulle skirt is a really elegant, light and delicate element of a woman’s wardrobe. The history of the origin of this clothing is quite interesting, since it was originally part of the uniform of ballerinas. The material from which the skirts were made interested fashion designers who decided to do something interesting. It was from this moment that the era of stylish tulle wardrobe details was born. Today, there are many methods on how to sew a tulle skirt for a girl with your own hands, with minimal cost.

The process of making a skirt is very simple, for this you need: the ability to work with such material and a sewing machine. Tulle processing has a lot of nuances. First of all, it is better to use a clerical knife for trimming than scissors, so you will damage the edges less. In addition, use fewer sharp objects to fix your skirt, as tulle easily loses its attractiveness under mechanical stress.


Step by step instructions

A guide on how to sew a tulle skirt for a girl step by step with your own hands, without resorting to the help of a professional atelier, will help you. The tips are handy, of course, but you can also use the videos as a guide.

To create a skirt about 45 centimeters long, you will need to prepare:

  • tulle fabric 3 * 5 meters;
  • skirt lining;
  • overlock and sewing machine;
  • scissors, pins, marker, thread and needle;
  • patterns.

To make a fluffy skirt, you will need to make two layers, which will differ in diameter.

[stextbox id=»warning»]Prepared patterns should match your size. To do this, measure the waist circumference, and apply it to the patterns, the rest of the dimensions do not matter.[/stextbox]

In diameter, the top layer of the future skirt should be twice as long. This is due to the fact that it will lie on top of another layer and the effect of airiness will be present. You also need to consider the assemblies that will need to be done at the waist.

Manufacturing steps:

  1. Along you need to fold three meters of fabric that you have prepared in advance. After we repeat the action again and we get 4 ready-made layers of tulle material, from which circles will be cut. We cut off all the excess according to the patterns and adjust the dimensions on the mannequin.
  2. The next four layers should be the bottom ones, that is, we get two blocks of 4 layers each, but with different diameters. Having performed repeated actions, we carry out the same manipulations. The only thing to remember is that a zipper will be installed on the bottom of the skirt, so you need to leave a place under it.
  3. We sew in a zipper, having previously ironed this place with a hot iron. It is very difficult to work with tulle, so you can use an additional piece of dense fabric to secure the zipper on it as efficiently as possible.
  4. We connect the top and bottom layer of the skirt. We process the edges on a sewing machine with a suitable seam.
  5. The four bottom layers are the finished skirt, but we use four more top layers to add volume. Thus, to open access to the zipper, you need to cut the top of the skirt and pin the fabric along the edge of the zipper. Using a needle, sew the top layer to the edge of the zipper.
  6. It is recommended to use a blind seam when sewing the bottom and top layer of the skirt.
  7. The lining under the skirt is made in the form of a half-sun, as this style is more acceptable. Sew it under the bottom of the skirt.
  8. Also, the lining must be sewn in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe zipper, for secure fastening. For this, a hidden seam is used at a distance of 5 millimeters from the zipper teeth.
  9. The belt is made from the same fabric as the lining. We cut out a rectangle about 20 centimeters wide along the length of the waist, fold the fabric with the front part and sew. Then turn the belt inside out.
  10. We sew the belt to the skirt, combine it with the zipper.

[stextbox id=»alert»]It is recommended to wear a tulle skirt only after it hangs a little, as it takes time for the edges to straighten out.[/stextbox]

Now you know how to sew a tulle skirt for a girl with your own hands by reading the beginner’s guide. Follow our instructions carefully and you will be fine.

A do-it-yourself skirt can become an ornament not only for an adult, but also for a child’s wardrobe. A professional master class on how to sew a tulle skirt for a girl with your own hands has everything you need to get the highest quality result. As for the color and other features of your product, you can independently vary with the width of the belt, length, additional accessories.

In order not to experience difficulties during work, it is best to follow the step-by-step photos or video instructions, where you can clearly see all the actions.

Fashion trends

The tulle skirt is light and delicate, it can be combined with a variety of elements of your wardrobe. You can wear a top, a T-shirt, a blouse and all this will look extremely beautiful. It will be very difficult to find an identical model of a skirt in the store that you will make with your own hands, so such needlework may interest you. After the first successful execution of the planned plan, it will be much easier for you to work with both tulle and other materials.

It is recommended to use patterns with which you can cut out all the details for a future product. Consider in advance the style of the skirt, whether accessories and other components will be used. The combination of such products will always be interesting and in demand. All modern fashion trends are directly related to tulle, as it is really beautiful and interesting for fashion designers.

The advantage of a tulle skirt is that it goes well with sneakers, shoes, ballet flats and even slates. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. A tulle skirt can also be made for your daughter. In this case, everything is also done according to a pre-developed plan, only the appropriate length is taken.


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