How to shave intimate places

So summer has come – the time in which all young girls and women spend a huge amount of time on the beaches and resorts. For girls at this time, there is usually no question of hair removal in intimate places. Almost everyone prefers to delete. But how to do it right, so that there is no irritation and itching?

Currently, there are many ways to remove unwanted body hair. Shaving is by far the best. It can be easily done at home if you have the most ordinary razor. But after shaving, the hairs in the bikini area grow back very quickly and begin to prick, and if after shaving the intimate area is not treated with a softening and moisturizing cream, irritation or skin inflammation may begin. However, moisturizers should not be applied to the skin before shaving, as they create a protective film that can interfere with the process.

It is undesirable to use disposable machines for shaving – they can easily scratch and irritate the skin. Invest in a special women’s razor with a strip that will give you a closer and safer shave. The bikini area is very sensitive, so it is best to use the machine for intimate places. And don’t forget to change your blades regularly, because a dull blade can cause a lot of irritation.

How to shave your bikini area?

Before starting the whole procedure, it is best to take a warm bath. If the hairs in the intimate area are very long, then they must first be cut, as the razor can pull out some of the hair. After that, rinse the intimate area with lukewarm water. Slowly and gently apply shaving gel to the hairs and leave for a few minutes to absorb into the skin and soften the hair.

Only after this preliminary procedure, you can start shaving itself. Set up a mirror in advance so that the bikini area is clearly visible. Now it all depends on your convenience. It is more convenient for someone to perform this procedure reclining in the bathroom, it is convenient for someone to sit on the side, and it is convenient for someone to shave an intimate place while standing or squatting. Start very carefully, pulling the skin in the pubic area a little, and shave off the hair. Be sure to do this only along the hairline. If you shave against growth, severe irritation and itching is not ruled out.

After hair removal, treat the bikini area with a cream or aftershave lotion.

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