How to speed up the growth of nails?

Every girl wants to have beautiful and well-groomed hands. Even in past centuries, a tradition was born, when meeting and parting, men kissed the hand of the ladies. Nowadays, every self-respecting woman should take care not only of her skin, but also of beautiful nails. Beauty salons will be able to offer you various options for manicure and nail extensions. But natural beauty and health has always been and is in the first place. In order for the nails to have a healthy look and beautiful shape, they constantly need to be fed. And you can do all the procedures for the treatment and acceleration of nail growth yourself, at home.

Pay attention to your hands every day, for 10-15 minutes, and in a month you will see how your hands will change and look healthy. We suggest you use special creams, masks, poppies, and also pamper your hands with healing baths.

Our nails are subject to various changes. For example, they exfoliate, the plates begin to break due to thinness, become covered with a white coating, have an irregular or deformed shape. All these problems, first of all, appear due to improper, malnutrition. Introduce as many fruits and vegetables as possible into your daily diet, they contain a large amount of vitamins that strengthen the structure of the nail. Sea and river fish, as well as cottage cheese, contain calcium, which contributes to the rapid growth of nails. It should also be remembered that stress, bad mood, chronic lack of sleep affect the growth of nails.

Scientists have proven that ordinary drinking water has a very beneficial effect not only on the body, but also on the nails. On the day an adult should drink from 1.5 to 2 liters of water, and through the nail plate, a woman loses 10% of water per day.

How to improve nails at home

Cosmetologists have developed a large list of therapeutic creams and baths. But sometimes we don’t have enough time or money to go to the salon. Try picking up some helpful tips for yourself.

Interesting fact! A healthy nail plate grows much better and faster if it is heated to 40C (playing various musical instruments, typing with keystrokes, hot nail baths).

Several options for baths for nails and hands

The most famous and common method in folk medicine is a hot solution with the addition of iodine and lemon juice. It is necessary to heat the ode to 35-40C (sufficient volume is 250 ml), add 7-8 drops of iodine and 20 drops of lemon juice. Dip your hands in a container with a solution for 20 minutes.

Bath with sea salt. Such a bath not only strengthens the plate, but also accelerates its growth. For 400 ml of hot water, you need 4-5 tablespoons of salt (unflavored). We lower our hands for 10-15 minutes. After the water has cooled, take out your hands, and do not wipe them with a towel. Let hands and nails dry naturally. Lubricate the plates and the skin of the hands with a fat cream on vegetable herbs. The course of treatment is 10-15 times.

DIY cream

You will need: a pinch of red pepper, lemon juice, and olive oil. Heat the oil to a temperature of 50-70C, add red ground pepper on the tip of a knife, and 40 drops of lemon juice. Rub oil into the nail and cuticles several times a day. In a week you will see how much this tool has helped your nails.

Blackcurrant berries accelerate the growth of nails. Grind the berry in a blender (100-150g), add 2 tablespoons of heavy cream, mix with flour. Apply the resulting mass with a spoon on the nails. Create peace and stillness for your hands. This cream should be applied 1-2 times a week.

Herbal decoction will help you. All herbs are very easy to collect on your own, in the forest, or buy ready-made in a pharmacy. Boil water in a small saucepan, add burdock leaf, chamomile and string. The herb should be infused in hot water for 40-60 minutes. This procedure will help your hands become smooth and silky, and your nails will be harder. Treat your hands 2 times a week.

Another well-known way to strengthen and grow nails. This is the daily rubbing of iodine into the nail plates. This treatment does not tolerate skipping, apply iodine to the nails with a special cotton swab 2 times a day, for 2-3 weeks. You can not use other means of protection, and it is especially contraindicated to apply varnish.

You can buy vitamin E capsules at the pharmacy. It is also ideal for accelerating nail growth. Carefully pierce the capsule with a needle, rub the oil with your fingers into the nail. It is best to apply oil on the nail at night.

Medicine and cosmetology

In cosmetic centers, you can be offered one of the latest technologies to accelerate nail growth – modern paraffin therapy for hands and nails. Under hot paraffin, the skin of the hands and the nails themselves begin to sweat profusely, and toxins are released with sweat (they are the ones that slow down the growth of nails). Also, this technology smoothes the skin of the hands, eliminating visible wrinkles, restores the natural color of the skin. Paraffin will also help heal wounds, cuts, burrs on the hands, and most importantly, restore the nail plate after an unsuccessful nail extension. All the nutrients contained in natural wax instantly penetrate into the plate, enriching it not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

Massage. Before a massage session, nails should not be varnished or nail polish remover should be used. Clean nail plates are massaged with a special brush using various oils (peach, lavender, tea rose, thuja oil). Finally, cover your nails and hands with a nourishing cream.

SPA procedures. Modern women prefer to trust only professionals. The SPA program is enriched with minerals, aroma oils, medicinal substances. The program includes therapeutic masks of colored clay, almond oil, jojoba, rose petals, rosemary, cactus, coconut oil. These substances will help your nails absorb all the vitamins as quickly as possible.

Take care of your hands and nails. Try to expose them to various chemicals as little as possible. Try different methods of treatment, experiment, protect.

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