How to stay fashionable and stylish after 50

Mature women are often interested in how to stay fashionable and stylish after 50. There are secrets to help you succeed. They will be discussed in this article.

What color scheme to prefer

Years change appearance. To hide age-related transformations and emphasize natural beauty, it is important to choose clothes of the right color. It depends on the shade whether the outfit will be to the face or not.

A fashionable bright image after 50 can include elements of pastel, deep, dark colors, as well as bright details. When choosing, it is worth considering the color type of a woman, so that the selected things are in harmony with him, emphasize the natural virtues. We recommend that you pay attention to the following recommendations.

Light refreshing. Such tones suit almost everyone. They give the image of lightness and a little younger. Against the background of a white top, skin irregularities and wrinkles will become less noticeable. Sweatshirts, blouses of light colors are always appropriate. They can be worn not only for work, but also for a walk, an event.

Dark colors. Despite the fact that such tones visually age, you should not completely abandon them. All the same, dark tones are practical, they are very beautiful. Just wear clothes of such colors correctly, and they will only decorate.

We advise you to wear dark clothing away from your face. You will not shade the skin, wrinkles, pigmentation will not become more noticeable. Dark clothes make the figure visually slimmer. Thus, you can easily remain fashionable and stylish after 50. Black trousers, a skirt, a bag are classics that are always in trend.

Bright colours. They are acceptable at any age. Bright beautiful things will be perceived as a breath of fresh air. They will make any basic image original and attractive.

Be careful with shades. They should be bright, but not flashy. Acid and overly conspicuous (fuchsia, lemon, fiery orange) colors will look ridiculous on a person of mature age. It is better to pick up things of beautiful pink, yellow and regular orange. Muted tones like amber, peach, copper will look great. In such clothes you will look fresh, beautiful, and there will be no impression that you are young.

Color combinations for curvy women over 50

Fat ladies have a special charm and charm. But still, sometimes there is a desire to slightly hide curvaceous forms, or at least not emphasize them. For everything to be the way you want, follow these recommendations:

  1. Do not create contrast between the lower and upper parts of the silhouette. It divides the figure into two volumetric parts, while visually adding splendor. With a gradual transition of tones, this effect will not be. If you really like brightness and contrast, then choose options with vertical stripes.
  2. Avoid prints with large polka dots or large flowers. They also visually enlarge the figure. Too small, the print, however, will give the same effect, so it is important to choose the very best option in which you will look great.
  3. Use vertical lines to visually “stretch” the shape. It can be beads, a belt or other accessory.

In general, almost all colors are available to overweight women, except for the lightest ones.

General recommendations for choosing clothes

So, you come to the store and think about what beautiful things to choose for you to fit exactly. We advise you to first of all pay attention to styles made in a minimalist style. The abundance of ruffles and other decorative elements emphasizes age. You don’t need it. A dress of a simple style will emphasize the dignity of the figure, make the silhouette elegant, feminine and charming. It is easy to pick up accessories for the model, made in a minimalist style.

Between a dress and trousers, choose the first. Pants always visually divide the figure into two parts, which does not always look good, especially if the waist is far from ideal. The dress allows you to hide some flaws, makes the figure feminine. Length options may vary. There are no special recommendations here.

Shirt dresses perfectly hide a prominent tummy and large hips. They are suitable for daily wear, walks and family celebrations. The range of products of this style is wide.

Black trousers are an essential element of a mature woman’s wardrobe. They are suitable for all occasions, with them you can create great looks. Most often they are combined with a light top.

Pamper yourself with accessories. A scarf or a beautiful scarf around the neck enliven the outfit. Wristwatches will also make the image interesting. For special occasions, use openwork jewelry.

If you wear glasses, choose your frames carefully. It should not be overly massive. It is better to choose options for light colors. Black frames are also suitable, they should be elegant, not stand out too much and not contrast with the skin of the face.

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As you can see, in adulthood, you can look beautiful, pamper yourself with bright elements of the wardrobe. To be cute, graceful and original is your right. Now you know how to stay fashionable and stylish after 50. Be sure to use our tips, dress beautifully and always feel irresistible!

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