How to stop biting your nails

What is hidden behind the terrible word “onychophagy”? Onychophagia is the medical term for the bad habit of nail biting. It is on a par with smoking, it is extremely difficult to get rid of it, as well as smoking. This habit usually appears in childhood and obsessively pursues a person throughout life.

An unsightly appearance of nails (remember that men pay special attention to women’s hands, this is our calling card!), Deformation of the nail plate, even the occurrence of health problems – nothing can stop the “rodent”. He automatically, without hesitation, again and again causing his nails to suffer.

Of course, all the organs in our body are designed for something. The function of the nail is protective. When a person bites his nails, he eats away this protective layer, leaving his fingertips unprotected, which can lead to bacterial buildup and infections.

Let’s think, where does this habit come from? It can be genetically determined: the mother bites her nails, the child unconsciously repeats after her. But the most common reason is neurosis, the negative impact of the external environment – stress, anxiety, anxiety, as well as mental disorders, self-doubt.

How do you think a person who bites his nails appears to others? That’s right – nervous, insecure, repulsive. Groomed, chewed nails can even negatively affect your career.

But how to get rid of this disgusting habit?

There are many tips that guarantee results. Let’s start with the simplest ones.

bitter gingerbread

“Grandma’s method”: smear your nails with iodine, mustard, chili pepper or scrub with laundry soap.

A modernized version of this method is to buy a special bitter varnish at the pharmacy. If you want to bite your nails, the bitter taste will stop you. This option is most suitable for children, but will not stop a “rodent” with a long history.

Think about the beauty of nails

The option that is most acceptable for women is a manicure or nail extension – choose what you like.

Extended acrylic or gel nails are a priori harder than natural ones, as a result of which it will be much more problematic to gnaw them than your own. Otherwise, you will have to spend money on dental treatment.

You can get a natural manicure in the salon, leaving a decent amount. Perhaps the material and aesthetic aspects will become significant for the “rodent”.

It is a pity to spend money – spend time and effort, do a manicure at home. Maybe admiring glances will make you think and leave a vile habit in the past. Manicure should be done once a week.

Take care of your nails, take baths. They will strengthen the nail plate, improve their appearance.

Strength of will

Do you feel like you can’t take it anymore and will soon throw yourself into all the hard stuff? Gnaw seeds, eat fruit, chew gum. Or go to the pharmacy and buy … a baby teether. Of course, they should only be used at home.

It is allowed to beat yourself on the hands, arrange for yourself penalty tasks (for example, a certain number of push-ups for returning to a bad habit), deprivation (refuse sweets, a new pair of shoes). “No love, no heat, no pity“, as the saying goes. Develop willpower!

Choose a different, harmless habit for yourself. For example, drum your fingers on the table, click, twist them. You can put your hands in your pockets – out of sight, out of mind.

Better to saw than to chew

Nail biting is also prohibited for medical reasons. Think about it, our hands are not sterile, you can catch an infection. Unconvincing? Then find on the Internet a photo depicting worms under the nails – the desire will immediately disappear.

You can give the word to a loved one – mom, girlfriend, husband – that during the day or a week you will not touch your nails with your teeth. Or, if you are a gambling soul, bet on something. And win the argument!

Some people bite their nails simply because they are not satisfied with the length. Do not shorten your nails with your teeth, there is a nail file for this, carry it with you.

“Calm, only calm!”

But, as you know, it is better not to treat the consequences, but to get rid of the causes.

Seek help from a qualified psychologist, try to find out why you have such a bad habit and how to try to get rid of it.

Stop worrying about trifles. Protect yourself from stress as much as possible, experiences. Treat fate and problems philosophically. If you feel that there is nervousness, fatigue – take a bath with fragrant foam, drink soothing tea, have a massage, visit a spa. Yoga and meditation will help you.

Point your hands in the right direction

Some people do it out of boredom. Fill your day with all kinds of activities: clean, cook, read, walk, ride a bike, find a hobby that you enjoy.

The most important

I hope, after reading the article, you have chosen the most suitable option for yourself. Then let’s move on to the main point. So, set a day for yourself from which you will never bite your nails again. It is important to emphasize the word “never”, to motivate yourself. Only awareness of your problem, willpower and a desire to help yourself will save you from a bad habit. Love yourself and everything will work out!

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