How to straighten your hair without a flat iron

It’s no secret that beauty is the most important stimulus for a woman. Improving and experimenting, a woman shows her inner qualities and feels more confident. Lovely ladies are ready to spend a lot of time and endless amounts of money to achieve their perfection.

Any modern girl follows fashion trends and innovations in the world of beauty. Yesterday, brown was the trendy color, and today light pastel has already taken the first place. For this reason, fashionistas are very careful about choosing a wardrobe and their image.

Healthy hair has long been considered one of the main signs of a beautiful woman. Some have thick and thick curls from birth, while others, on the contrary, are rare and thin. But, despite the individual structure of the hair, they definitely need to be looked after. Unfortunately, the passion for experimenting with one’s appearance very often leads to disruption and weakening of the hair, their loss and brittleness.

Therefore, it is not advisable to forget about daily hair care and nutrition. If the hair is severely damaged or overdried, moisturizers and fortified products should be chosen. This applies to both straight and curly hair.

Not excluding the option that girls love variety, this definitely applies to hair. Regular coloring, styling with a hair dryer or curling iron, the use of ironing, perm are negative factors that contribute to the loss of hair health and their destruction.

It should be noted that the passion for even and smooth hair will never dry up. Therefore, owners of wavy or curly hair are wondering how to safely and effectively straighten their hair.

Why is straight hair so popular? First, they are easy to install. Perfectly even curls can be easily formed into any hairstyle or assembled into a stylish ponytail. Secondly, they are easier to color. On even hair, the paint lays down in an even layer, revealing along the entire length. And the final advantage is that long and straight hair looks much more chic than long and curly.

Most women who strive for straight hair use what is called a hair straightener. This is an electric device that is able to change the shape of the hair using temperature heating. Too frequent use of this accessory leads to brittle and dry hair, hair loss and weakness.

In order to straighten your hair without using an iron, follow these tips. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the hair after a perm or very curly by nature cannot be ideally and permanently straightened. To do this, you should resort to more professional methods that are based on the penetration and change in the structure of the hair itself.

With hair dryer and mousse

All hair straightening procedures should be started after washing them. On clean, damp hair, slightly towel-dried, apply foam or mousse to straighten hair. The tool will need to be evenly distributed over the entire length and carefully combed out with a comb. When leveling hair in this way, you can use a special ceramic brushing (round brush) with natural bristles. Ceramic coating promotes even temperature distribution and is safe for hair.

Hair should be divided into sections, straightening should begin from the bottom of the head. The selected strand slowly, under the gunpoint of a hair dryer, pull out. After pulling out all the hair, the procedure can be fixed by re-walking again. You will need to fix the styling with varnish.

With a hair dryer and mousse

A hair dryer is a special device that dries and straightens hair at the same time. This effect is achieved thanks to the rotating working surface. Apply straightening mousse to washed, towel-dried hair. Then, using a hair dryer-brush, go through all the hair, distributing it into strands. As in the previous case, the styling will need to be fixed with varnish.

With the help of cosmetics

For regular hair washing, you can use special shampoos, conditioners and masks that stimulate the straightening of the strands. In this case, it must be taken into account that the effect of straightening cosmetics may not appear on dyed hair. This is especially true for hair dyed with henna.

Using chemical straightening in a beauty salon

This method is perfect for owners of very curly hair or after a perm. I would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that chemical intervention in the hair structure greatly affects the health and durability of the hair.

The essence of the procedure is that a chemical composition is applied to the hair, after it a fixative, and in the final – an air conditioner. The effect of chemical straightening is significantly durable. The result of this procedure keeps straight hair forever, it is only necessary to align the regrown roots once every few months.

Chemical or permanent hair straightening cannot be done at home. Simply because it is a very laborious and time-consuming process. To achieve the best result, you should consult with a specialist and select a specialized master.

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