How to stretch the silhouette with the help of spring-summer 2021 trends

I always love trends very much, as it is always something new and unusual, and sometimes just a well-forgotten old one. But how to stay fashionable and emphasize your dignity, and sometimes not even distort the figure?!
So, we look at photos from fashion shows and read the TOP 5 rules with which you can stretch the silhouette:
1. We wear monochrome images in the style of a total look. Suits and sets of the same color: do not cut the figure into horizontal multi-colored lines and thereby visually stretch it. It can be sports, classic, linen trouser or skirt sets. To date, the stores offer a very large selection of such kits – anyone will find to their liking. I also recommend choosing shoes and hats in the color of clothes.
2. Shirts and shirt dresses. Due to the button placket, vertical lines are added and the silhouette is lengthened. We choose a semi-adjacent or free cut – this way you can hide figure flaws.
3. Vertical cuts on clothes. It can be a V-shaped neckline, slits on the legs or skirts. And the higher the cut, the longer the legs look. The most relevant: semi-adjacent or free, straight or A-silhouette. The length is either mini or midi or maxi.
4. Pants with a high waist and wide legs to the floor. And if they have cuts and wear such trousers with heels, then plus 20 cm to the length of your legs is guaranteed!
If you are afraid of expanding the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hips and legs, then choose a plain and thin flowing fabric.
5. Miniskirt with high waist. The optical illusion is as follows: it looks as if the legs start much higher than they really are.
And, of course, in addition to the above, nothing stretches the figure like feminine heels: the posture straightens, the gait changes and a graceful woman appears!
Author: Stylist-image maker Guzel Minnakhmetova

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