How to style a shirt

Not for the first year, the question of how to tuck in a shirt in style remains relevant. After all, this is a universal thing: it can be used for a business image, and for walking, and for festive events. Stylists offer many variations on how and with what clothes to combine this option. One of the most popular combinations is to wear a shirt under trousers or a skirt.

Fashionable ways to tuck in a shirt

Many girls use tucked-in tops for formal and friendly gatherings. To stay stylish no matter what, follow the tips below.

Released one side

A fashionable bow with a shirt tucked in on one side has become relevant not so long ago. But most ladies use this option. If you want to fill the top in this way, choose a product made of thin materials. Suitable fabrics are: linen, silk, cotton, chintz. Pants/jeans or a high-waisted skirt. For convenience, you can not fasten all the buttons, it is better to leave the bottom unbuttoned.

You can leave unfilled any edge at your discretion. In this case, it is not necessary to wear a top or T-shirt under the shirt. The bow will look complete if you fasten all the buttons at the top of the product.

The top turns out to be quite voluminous, so it is better to use tight pants for the bottom. A stylish look with skinny jeans or trousers will look good. If you want to wear culottes or flared shorts, it’s best not to wear your shirt this way. The outfit may turn out to be too saturated.

The bow with this top looks careless and slightly sloppy. To create a daring look, you can choose a men’s shirt a few sizes larger. You can also fill the product in this way in jeans with lace or fringe. You can complement this combination with a cardigan or a bomber jacket. The outfit is suitable for walking and meeting with friends.

It is important to remember that this method is suitable for women with magnificent forms. Products with a long hem will look especially advantageous. This combination visually creates vertical stripes that hide extra centimeters and slim the figure.

tucked in front

You can also stylishly tuck your shirt in this way, the fashion trends of 2021 include an asymmetrical look for every day. The top tucked in at the front looks appropriate at work, school and everyday walks. Based on the season, you can choose products from different fabrics. For summer, cotton, silk and linen with satin are suitable. They are attractive and breathable. In winter, it is better to use things made of tweed, cotton and jacquard.

To keep a tucked-in shirt looking neat, leave a couple of bottom buttons open. Before buttoning your pants, tuck the hems in, fasten the zipper and carefully tuck in the sides. To make an original bow, choose with an extended tail at the back. This look is perfect for informal events.

To see this combination, use this method in the warm season. In spring and early autumn, you can wear a shirt made of warm fabric.

Do not forget that in this method of refueling, the main emphasis is on the waist. All the folds on the shirt are directed to the middle of the abdomen, due to this, an hourglass silhouette is visually obtained. To make the image come out neat, be sure to straighten the folds in your trousers or skirt.

Tucked in the back

Another way to tuck in a shirt in a fashionable and stylish way is from the back, fashion 2021 allows you to experiment. Therefore, you can safely put on the product back to front and fill the hem at the back. This option looks good with both skirts and pants. The image is quite massive, but stylish.

To fill your shirt in this way, choose models with an elongated hem or special cuts. Three-quarter sleeves also work well.

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Standard method

The classic way to tuck a shirt can be used in everyday life. All girls are familiar with this method. First you put on the product, fasten all the buttons, put on your pants / skirt / shorts and straighten out the unevenness on the clothes. When you raise your hands, the shirt should not stick out of the trousers. The folds must be carefully smoothed so that they do not stick out. So the outfit will be neat. If the hem of the product is too long, roll it up beforehand so that the bottom does not look crumpled.

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army method

This option used to be used only by men, but now girls also use it. How is it performed? First, put on and fasten a shirt, leave your trousers / jeans unbuttoned. Next, form even folds on the sides: bend the folds with your fingers to the very edge. To hold the first folded fabric, press it with a trouser belt or belt. In this way, you can use men’s products, they will emphasize the fragile silhouette.

The army method looks appropriate in business and informal images. Due to the side folds on the clothes there are no unnecessary irregularities.

Refuel without zipping

A wrap-around shirt is the absolute must-have of the season. The popularity of the style is easily explained: it corrects the figure, is versatile in combinations and looks stylish. It turns out that it is not necessary to go to the store in search of new items – any available shirt from the wardrobe will do for its role. The main thing is that it should be free cut.

You can create a smelly silhouette by pulling one hem in the opposite direction and folding the other over. Buttons do not need to be fastened – a narrow bottom will fix the created style. For absolute certainty, it is appropriate to fix the smell with an inconspicuous pin.

Tie at the waist

A shirt tied at the waist is a sure way to emphasize the femininity and elegance of the figure. For a trendy look, fasten the top buttons, ignoring the bottom ones. Then, from the two edges, tie a secure knot at the waist. If you want to focus on the collarbones, lower the collar on your shoulders – attention to the spectacular image is guaranteed!

Do not be afraid of the wide and massive hem of the shirt – the knot with his participation will look stylish and original. Such a top will require high-rise bottoms, such as basic jeans, to accompany you.

Adding variety to your look with a basic solid color shirt is easy if you fix one hem with a flirty knot and leave the other loose.

The girl in the photo created an accent on the waist in an unusual way, which certainly attracted attention. To repeat the fashion trick, fasten the buttons to waist level, and then tie the edges of the shirt at the back of the back.

Tuck oversized top into narrow bottom

Playing with contrasts is a win-win technique in a modern look. Not only polar colors, but also silhouettes are subject to combination. A good example is a duet from the top of a free cut and the bottom of a narrow fit.

To implement this technique, you should use an oversized shirt – it can kindly …

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