How to take care of your hair in winter

Hair care in winter requires extra care, special cosmetics and special procedures. Act according to the plan from our article, and the hairstyle will remain flawless even after a harsh winter.

Extra food

In winter, the hair weakens, so they need a step-by-step proper care. Dry strands will appreciate the following beauty care: after a standard wash, a nourishing conditioner, then a moisturizing serum, after a leave-in treatment with proteins, and finally an oil for the tips. After a home spa program, the strands will not be cold and frosty.

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Experts advise not to wait for spring to freshen up the image of a new fashionable hairstyle – weakened and split ends exacerbate dehydration of the strands. Regular maintenance of the optimal length has a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

The problem, code-named “hair falls out a lot in winter,” is also solved with the help of homemade nourishing masks aimed at restoring and protecting. The main components of effective formulations are kefir, honey, eggs, avocado, almond and olive cosmetic oils.

Dense means

The rules for hair care in winter involve the use of a denser texture of products with deep penetrating power. If in the summer hair care products with the consistency of yogurt, in winter cosmetics with a creamy formula come into play. A dense agent envelops the strands and moisturizes better.

The use of a hair dryer in cold weather is unlikely to be excluded, so it is worth minimizing the negative impact. High-quality thermal protection is a mandatory item for hair care in winter.


The main mission of self-care hair is to maintain a natural balance and maintain the proper level of moisture.

With the advent of cold weather, cosmetologists recommend replacing the usual care products with formulations with a moisturizing function. The revision concerns shampoo, conditioner and mask. Products marked “for deep moisturizing” are recommended to be used once every 2 weeks.

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An ideal gift for health in the winter is a humidifier. Such a device will also be appreciated by the hair, having pleased with the absence of dullness and fluffiness.

against frost

Winter hair care means protection from wind, frost and other seasonal surprises. The first step is the use of peels. Since more sebum is produced in winter, deep cleansing will save you from washing your hair frequently.

A simple but effective tip – to protect your hair from frost, you need to hide it under a hat and outerwear.

In order for the strands to be able to withstand the harsh cold, they must be strong and well-groomed. Experts advise postponing until spring aggressive cosmetic procedures – perm, lightening and complex coloring. But restorative care will come in handy.


Winter hair care would not be complete without additional vitamins. The usual composition of the mask will bring more benefits if you enrich the product with a capsule of nicotinic acid, B vitamins, vitamins A and E on an oil basis.

The lack of vitamins in the diet also negatively affects the condition of the hair. With the advent of cold weather, it is recommended to add 1 mg of vitamin A per day to the diet. Vitamin E will also be an assistant, which will speed up blood circulation. Group B is also indispensable for female beauty, because it adds shine to the hair and relieves dryness of the skin.

Choice of headgear

If hair is magnetized in winter, the reason should be sought in woolen hats, increased dryness and knitted prickly clothes. You won’t be able to refuse the hat, so you should choose a different course of action.

To make your hair less electrified, pick up a hat made of natural material. A trendy accessory is easy to find among cashmere models, and for warmer weather, a silk scarf is suitable. It is interesting that hair loves the latter material in all its manifestations – for example, it is good for the health of the hair to sleep on a silk pillowcase.

If you pay due attention to home care and care for your hair, your hair after the winter will delight you with a beautiful and healthy look. With the onset of cold weather, the strands will need extra attention, but now you have a plan on how to act correctly.

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