How to tie a pareo to the beach

In this article, you will learn many ways to tie a pareo to the beach. We are sure that you will remember with gratitude our tips that will help you look spectacular on a sunny day. Ready to learn all the ways and secrets?


The importance of the type of figure when choosing

Pareo is a stylish beach accessory associated with grace, romance and femininity. If you plan to be the main queen on the sea coast, you definitely cannot do without a stylish pareo. And in order for the image to turn out really successful, you need to take into account the features of the figure.

  • If you have curvy hips, tie a pareo so that it is fixed on the chest.

  • Girls with a wasp waist and an hourglass figure will probably want to emphasize their dignity when going to the beach. Pareo, which is tied at the hips, can help with this.

  • You can tie a Greek-style pareo on the beach for both a full and slender woman. It is this method that has no contraindications in the form of the type of figure and its parameters.

  • Girls with an “apple” figure are recommended to tie the canvas in such a way that the stomach is hidden.
  • The appearance of the “upper triangle” figure is an occasion to tie a pareo in the form of a dress or create an elegant fabric skirt.

  • Owners of the “lower triangle” type are recommended to turn this beach accessory into a top and combine it with shorts.
  • The main task of a girl with a “rectangle” figure is to create the illusion of a waist. This is easy to do with a ribbon or belt tied over a pareo.

Pareo as a dress

Method number 1

  • Bring the scarf from the back and cross its upper ends at chest level.
  • Point these edges in opposite directions.
  • Bring the ends back and tie in a tight knot at the back.

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Method number 2

  • Wrap the pareo around you so that one top edge is behind the shoulder and the other in front.
  • Tie these ends into a knot at the shoulder to turn the canvas into a flirty asymmetrical dress.

Method number 3

This method is similar to the previous one and is performed in almost the same way. Only before tying the knot, the edges are slightly twisted into bundles, and the final touch of this method is tying the strap at the waist.

Method number 4

This method is called “Bahamas”. Maybe that’s why in this image the girls on the paradise islands walk in a pareo on one shoulder?

  • Wind the pareo around the body at a level just above the chest.
  • At the same time, one end of the cape should be left on top.
  • Wrap the pareo around you again.
  • Tie 2 tips on the shoulder, and disguise the knot under the material.

Method number 5

A pareo mini dress will look beautiful and seductive.

  • Wrap the canvas at chest level so that the edges are front center.
  • Now guide the ends of the pareo around the neck and tie them in a knot at the back.
  • Of course, you can stop at this stage – the result already looks attractive. But it will be even better if you bend the bottom edge of the dress up to the width to the hips and tie the ends with a knot in front.

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Method number 6

In the 2019 season, it is fashionable to wear any clothes with asymmetry, so why not bandage the pareo in accordance with this trend?

  • Wrap the cape at chest level. Peep at the photo instruction – one edge should turn from above into a tourniquet and be located behind. In this case, the tourniquet must be pulled up.
  • Bring the second edge through the back forward.
  • Tie the upper end of the pareo in front into a knot with a back tourniquet.

Method number 7

  • Wrap the fabric around your body, centering it on your back.
  • Secure your pareo with a bow or knot in front of your chest.
  • Spread 2 tips along the bust, bring them back and tie them on the back.

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Method number 8

If you have 2 pareos of harmoniously combined shades, we suggest combining them in one stylish beach outfit. To make it work, you need to choose square-shaped canvases.

  • Fold each pareo in half diagonally. You should get 2 triangles.
  • Attach the long edges of each triangle to each other.
  • Tie these cloths in the center of the contact line.
  • This knot should be located on the stomach.
  • Wrap the top 2 edges around your neck and tie in a knot at the back.
  • 2 pareos should also be tied up at the back – at the level of the very first knot.

Method number 9

  • Roll the pareo around you, guiding its edges behind your back.
  • Cross the fabric at the back.
  • Tie the ends into a knot in front at hip level. The side arrangement of the knot looks beautiful.

Method number 10

  • Bring the canvas behind your back.
  • Point the top edges of the pareo forward, wrap around the neck and tie at the back.

Method number 11

This option is perfect for a pool party. Watch and remember how easily a pareo can turn into a cocktail dress.

  • Position the material so that the short side is on top.
  • Connect ends A and B with a knot.
  • You need to pass your left hand into the loop formed and wrap the fabric around you.
  • At the same time, fasten edge D at the waist with a pin or knot.

Another way to make a beautiful pareo dress

Pareo skirt

Method number 12

This is the easiest way to turn a pareo into a flirty skirt. Such a tourniquet will gracefully emphasize the waist line and beautiful hips.

  • Wrap the pareo around you at the level of the hips, poisoning its edges forward.
  • Twist each top end into a loose rope.
  • Tie the edges of the fabric into a knot in the center.

[stextbox id=info]Note! This method is not suitable for ladies with parameters plus size, as it makes the lower part of the body more massive and voluminous.[/stextbox]

Method number 13

Pareo skirt-shorts look stylish and original. Surely you will be the only fashionista on the beach who knows about this exclusive option, which means you will definitely be in the spotlight.

  • Throw the bandage over the front of the legs and tie at the level of the waist.
  • The free edge of the pareo should be thrown behind the back under the feet.
  • The last step is tying the edges on the stomach. The result will look more beautiful if the knot is hidden under the material. So no one will guess the true origin of your bow.

Method number 14

Where else to demonstrate a beautiful tan and a perfect figure, if not on the beach. This way of tying a pareo will allow you to do it 100%.

  • Fold the material in half.
  • Stretch the pareo over your thighs.
  • Free edges can be directed to one side or back – it all depends on the desired direction of the elegant train.
  • Tie the ends of the edges at the thighs on the selected side.

Method number 15

  • Turn the canvas around you, while leaving one edge on the side.
  • Turn the same edge into a small tourniquet.
  • Direct most of it towards this tourniquet and wrap the fabric around it.
  • Tie a knot in this place and hide the ends under an impromptu skirt.

Method number 16

This step by step guide will show you how to tie a canvas pareo for the beach.

  • Wrap the canvas around the hips, leaving one edge on one side, and point the other over in the opposite direction.
  • The edge that is much longer twist into …

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