How to tighten skin after losing weight

Your skin after a sharp weight loss has become saggy and not so elastic at all? You don’t know what to do to get your old toned look back? This problem is of course fixable, but it will require some effort on your part. Here are some tips for regaining the firmness of your skin. The condition of the skin of the face can immediately add or reduce visually your age. There are some tricks on how to keep the skin more toned and firm.

Facial skin tightening methods

  • One of the most wonderful means is peeling! If the skin is well cleansed, then it has a healthy appearance. Our skin is like a sponge for replenishing oxygen, and it breathes through the pores. That is why it is necessary to cleanse the skin with scrubs once every 1-2 weeks. It is better to use a natural scrub.
  • Contrasting washing also remarkably affects the elasticity of the skin of both the face and the whole body. Frozen ice cubes from water, and even better if it is a decoction of herbs selected especially for you by a specialist. Such procedures can also tighten slightly lowered corners of the eyes and mouth.
  • There are also lifting masks. But when using them, be sure to consider the oiliness of your skin. After all, there are masks for dry, oily and combination skin.
  • Beauty salons, also bringing a wonderful effect
  • Of course, we must not forget about plastic surgery, which can work wonders!

Skin on the body

If you finally decide to remove those extra pounds, then you immediately need to think about your skin! Be sure to perform sets of exercises for those muscle groups where you want to see the best result, because the skin will tighten along with the muscles. What to do if the skin is already sagging? Be sure to regularly massage, engage in physical activity, conduct hydromassage, which can be done at home. There are many different wraps to help restore skin elasticity. It is also necessary to consume at least two liters of fluid per day. This will also bring a positive effect. Do not forget that the skin can not recover very quickly. This will take several months! It is very good to visit the pool, since swimming works almost all muscle groups and the skin will return to normal much faster.

You lost weight, but what happened to the skin?

In order for the skin to have a healthy and beautiful appearance, it needs to be constantly updated with the help of nutrition. During the diet, a person does not receive the required amount of vitamins and minerals that can maintain the skin in the right condition. The fat layer, which is located between the skin and muscles, begins to disappear. Therefore, the skin looks saggy. Due to the lack of fluid, the skin becomes dry, wrinkles appear on it. With a decrease in weight, the muscles begin to lose tone and elasticity, and the skin becomes loose, sluggish.

How to eat right

Everyone knows the expression “we are what we eat”. All diets, as a rule, force us to limit ourselves to certain foods, or to completely exclude them from our diet. This affects our microflora, intestines, stomach. The body receives a much smaller amount of nutrients. This is where the sagging of our skin comes from. During the diet, be sure to eat dairy products. They have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and are suppliers of easily digestible protein, which is involved in the construction of connective tissue, namely, it will tighten the skin after shedding extra kilos. Be sure to include fish and seafood in your diet (trout, salmon, squid, mussels, shrimp, octopus), they will replenish the supply of zinc and collagen in your body.

The mechanism of physical activity

During physical activity, there is an increased blood flow to the muscles and skin, with which all our cells receive precious nutrition not only with vitamins, microelements, but also with oxygen. During exercise, blood flows in large quantities, and between them, during a break, blood flow is restored as usual. Thus, there is an ideal massage at the micro level of our cells. All metabolic processes are also enhanced, and this leads to an improvement in metabolism, which ensures the fastest return of the skin to tone.

Some useful exercises

To restore the elasticity of the skin, it is better to perform exercises using various shells. The number of approaches in this case should not be many, but it is desirable to choose the maximum weight. A sitting exercise with pulling your knees to your chest is great. Lie on the floor and raise your legs vertically, but it is advisable to do this slowly. Crouch down and then try to jump as high as you can. These exercises not only activate skin processes, but also reduce power loads.

Cosmetologist’s advice

Wraps, as we have said, is one of the good tightening effects. There are different ingredients, but I would like to pay special attention to crushed algae, which, due to their composition, saturate epithelial tissues with collagen, which stimulates its contraction and some compaction. At home, you can carry out such a procedure yourself. To get started, take a 20-30 minute bath, and then arrange a wrapping session, you can take ocean salt. For the face at home, you can make a scrub: a couple of tablespoons of coffee grounds, a little sea salt, a spoonful of steamed oatmeal. Apply these mixed ingredients to a face washed with warm water, rinse after 10-15 minutes, then spread with either a nourishing cream or a little olive oil.

We have described some of the options that are used to restore skin tone. All of them take a lot of time, require certain efforts, material investments. So maybe it’s easier to do regular exercises in the morning, sometimes a contrast shower, monitor nutrition a little and periodically do cleansing and nourishing procedures for your skin?

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