How to tighten the buttocks

Unfortunately, not every one of us – women can boast of elastic and toned buttocks, and in fact it is they who most often attract men’s views. In some countries, such as Brazil, this part of the body is given special attention. Not only men, but also women dream of a “Brazilian” priest. If nature has not endowed you with outstanding forms: do not despair – everything is fixable. After all, toned buttocks are not always a gift of fate, often the result of hard training and proper nutrition.

Let’s start with the fact that any woman can face the problem of flat and unattractive buttocks, regardless of complexion and age. Constant work at the computer, a sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that the skin loses its elasticity, and the muscles cease to be in good shape and a fatty layer gradually forms. But no matter how bad your buttocks look, there is always a solution.

In battle, all means are good

Solutions range from push-up underwear to plastic surgery. The range of underwear is growing every day. They say that even the world’s celebrities resort to corrective underwear to create a beautiful silhouette. Now, to get the buttocks of your dreams, you don’t need to sweat in the gym, it’s enough to buy panties with a push-up effect. The choice is huge, from creating a toned silhouette, to increasing the buttocks by two or even three sizes. But do not forget about the disadvantages of this method. Nevertheless, this is a kind of deception that will be revealed upon closer acquaintance, and even then an unpleasant situation cannot be avoided.

But if everything is clear with underwear, then not every one of us decides to use the services of plastic surgeons. First, it’s quite expensive. Secondly: there may be undesirable consequences or the result will not meet your expectations. And yet the most affordable and effective way to tighten the problematic part of the body is sports.

There are many options here. You can buy a subscription to the gym or purchase a machine for home use. But if all this does not suit you – do not be discouraged. It is quite possible to tighten the buttocks at home using improvised means. Giving your body just 20-30 minutes a day, you can achieve amazing results.

Exercises for tightened buttocks

Before you start exercising, you need to warm up. This will warm up your muscles and make them more receptive to physical activity, as well as help avoid stretching and tearing.


This exercise is considered the most important for eliminating problem areas not only of the buttocks, but also of the hips. When doing squats, the muscles of the thigh, legs and abdomen work. In addition, their implementation does not require additional equipment, except that you can pick up dumbbells – for greater efficiency. No dumbbells – use plastic bottles or any object that is convenient for you.

The execution technique is extremely simple. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight, stretch your arms out in front of you. Sit down slowly. Watch your posture while doing the exercise. Watch your back, the angle in the squat should be 90 degrees, and the feet should be firmly pressed to the floor. Do 4 sets of 10-15 reps.


Along with squats, lunges are considered an equally important component of training.

I. p. Stand up straight, hands on the waist. Take a step forward and slowly bend your knee. It is necessary to ensure that the knee of the extended leg is at the same level with the toes of the other leg. When performing the exercise, the back should not be bent. You can take dumbbells in your hands for a greater load. Please note: the deeper the lunge, the greater the load on the muscles of the buttocks. Do 4 sets of 10-15 reps.


This exercise became popular thanks to Cindy Crawford.

I.p. Lie on your back, bend your knees. Press your feet and hands firmly to the floor. Start slowly raising the pelvis, the higher the amplitude, the more effective the exercise. At the highest point, fix the position and squeeze the buttocks as tightly as possible. Exercise can be performed 30-40 times, the more the better.


With this exercise, you can stretch all the muscles of the buttocks.

I.p. Get on your knees, rest your palms or elbows on the floor. Start lifting your leg bent 90 degrees. As soon as the raised leg is in line with the body, maintain the position for a few seconds. Make sure that the lower leg is always perpendicular to the floor. Perform 6-10 times.

This exercise can be done in several ways: take the straight leg back, or alternate the abduction of the leg up and to the side.

Lazy walking.

The easiest exercise to do.

I.p. Sit on the floor, stretch your legs and tighten your buttocks as much as possible. Start walking with your buttocks on the floor, while your hands remain on your knees. Go as far as you can in this way. Perform the exercise until muscle fatigue.

Leaning forward.

Another equally important exercise.

I.p. Feet shoulder-width apart, pelvis slightly laid back, in the hands of a dumbbell. Lean forward, arching your back, in a cat pose. You will feel how the muscles of the buttocks are stretched. The lower the slope, the greater the load on the muscles. Do 3 sets of 6-10 reps.

And now you can relax

So that after active training your muscles do not hurt, you must not forget about relaxation and stretching during and after training. For example: in between exercises, lie down on the floor and shake your arms, or try to wrap your arms around your ankles. All these actions perfectly stretch the muscles. And the next day you will feel cheerful and full of energy.

Forward – to beautiful buttocks

So, we have looked at the most effective ways to get perfect buttocks. If you forget about your laziness and perform these simple exercises at least three times a week, the result will not be long in coming. And after 1-2 months you will see the admiring glances of men. Isn’t this a great incentive for further training. Keep your body in good shape and then the problem of unattractive buttocks will never touch you.

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