How to update your wardrobe for summer 2020

How to update your wardrobe for summer 2020 year, taking into account current fashion trends? Our guide to what’s new will let you decide on your personal favourites!



Perhaps most inspiring to you will be the relevance of the safari style. The main hit of this direction is a jacket with patch pockets and a belt at the waist. But you can also go the classic way and combine the basic clothes of the safari-specific shades and create the right mood with the help of accessories.

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One Shoulder Top

At first glance, this is a rather extraordinary and creative thing, which is not so easy to combine with other clothes. But if you get to know this trend better, you can be convinced of the versatility and indispensability of such a top.

If you dare Refresh your wardrobe for summer 2020 so trendthen you can follow the commandments of stylists and combine it with oversized jeans or shorts and a sports shoes. Needlewomen can be so inspired by these examples that they will turn any familiar T-shirts or T-shirts into a fashionable cut.

Open shoulders

Designers are sure that coquettishly open shoulders will not hurt any fashionista. And this trend can manifest itself not only in the one-shoulder style, but also in dresses and blouses with fully open collarbones. Such models look both gentle and seductive – this will conquer many fashionistas. To embody this trend, it is not necessary to buy things that were originally conceived in off-the-shoulder cuts – you can simply put on a shirt or blouse that is sufficiently voluminous, unbutton a few top buttons and drop the clothes over your shoulders.

Accent sleeves

The most important component of the fashion of the 2020 season has become accent sleeves, which can appear in a variety of forms – from modest lanterns to original puffs. According to the forecasts of stylists, this style will only strengthen its position with the approach of summer. Many girls will certainly not be able to resist the romance of dresses and blouses with accent sleeves.

Denim skirt

Among the relevant and practical summer clothes in fashion 2020 of the season especially stands out and midi-length skirt in comfortable denim. However, the length may vary depending on personal tastes – we only marked the mark that was most often found in the top collections.

You can give preference to a denim skirt not only for the reason that it was on the list of trends. Modern stylists can endlessly list possible combinations with such a novelty. They shared win-win formulas with you too – so if you wear this skirt with a blouse or shirt, you get a comfortable set for the office. For a stylish walk, you can pick up hoodies and sneakers, and for a more elegant exit, bet on a trendy top and sandals.

To update your summer wardrobe with such a novelty, you can find a boring denim skirt and give it a trendy sound, for example, with a raw cut. You can also make a little effort and turn boring jeans into a trendy skirt.

Wide pants

If until this summer you could do without wide trousers made of thin natural fabric, then current fashion trends will surely change your mind and give an unusual thing an indicator of irreplaceability. According to the trends, the most relevant styles in the 2020 season are culottes, palazzo and models with arrows with an oversized fit. Fashionable color is limited to a light and muted natural palette.

[tds_warning]To harmoniously fit such a model into a relaxed and comfortable bow for the summer, you should try a combination with a T-shirt, top, T-shirt or short sleeve shirt. Any top can not only be tucked into pants, but also coquettishly tied at the waist.[/tds_warning]


A suit in fashionable colors will become a real must-have not only for a business woman, but also for girls who are lucky enough to forget about the work fuss during the warm season. The fact is that current models with wide pants or Bermuda shorts are easy to adapt to a wide variety of moods. For example, on weekdays, you can create a trendy look if you choose a T-shirt or cropped T-shirt as the base layer.

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In order not to miscalculate with such a novelty, it is important to understand what colors of suits will be most in demand in summer. We reveal all the cards: the trend is white, blue, lavender, lemon, soft pink and lime shades. Agree, the fashionable palette is very appropriate for the season – just as joyful and life-affirming.

Comfortable dress

What is a summer wardrobe without a comfortable and stylish dress? That’s right, none! Current trends will allow a fashionista of any age to choose her favorite among the fashion assortment. For example, the choice may fall on a cotton sundress with buttons, a midi dress with flowers or polka dots, a wrap model, an elongated shirt, a loose or fitted cut.

As for the actual colors, the palm this time is given to the pastel palette. Bright colors are also not going to lag behind in popularity – this time the favorites of designers are red, orange, yellow and azure shades.

If your program this summer includes incendiary dances and spectacular outfits as an unconditional component, you can take note of stylish dresses with various assemblies. There is a stereotype that such a model is only suitable for girls with model parameters. But in reality, everything is different – assembly along the length of the product will competently mask the shortcomings, it will slim down and form a feminine silhouette.

crop top

Fashion noveltywith which you can easily Refresh your wardrobe for summer 2020, is a cropped length top. Such a thing is presented in the most diverse design, but it always fulfills its function correctly – it emphasizes a slender stomach and a feminine silhouette. But if you prefer such an open top, the bottom should be balanced closed. For example, a midi skirt, jeans, or loose trousers would be a great choice. With any option, a high landing is welcome.


Designers advise fans of the romantic style to pay special attention to ruffles and frills. Among the current incarnations of this decor, there are stylish ideas for any age category. The frills on the hem of a blouse or dress will look rather modest and restrained – such things can take their rightful place in basic wardrobe. However, the summer 2020 collections also feature more extraordinary novelties with ruffles – for example, clothes with asymmetry or the sensational layered skirt.


It is easy to reveal your femininity and attractiveness with the help of novelties with lace decor or things completely made of this fashionable texture. When choosing the colors of such romantic clothes, you won’t have to doubt for a long time, because white and other light shades have become the absolute leader. It has to be acknowledged that…

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