How to use eyeliner correctly

How many poems were written by him, how many songs were sung about them, how many hearts were broken because of them… Yes, we are talking about bottomlessly beautiful female eyes. For many men, they still remain a mystery, which hide the inexhaustible secrets of the vast universe. Therefore, almost every woman pays maximum attention every day in order to emphasize the beauty of her eyes and the expressiveness of her eyes.

For this task, like nothing else, eyeliner is suitable. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in learning how to use it correctly the first time. Sometimes, it takes years. But not everything is as sad as it seems at first. You just need to take into account some of the nuances and follow certain tips.

Eyeliner can change the shape of your eyes. The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise the effect may be the most unexpected and unpleasant.

First of all, consider the types of eyeliners. If your hand has not previously used eyeliner, then you need to initially choose a simpler option, such as, for example, a felt-tip pen eyeliner, or one that has the shape of a pointed brush. There is also an eyeliner with a soft brush, the pressure force on which directly depends on the thickness of the line. The most popular are liquid and cream eyeliners.

So, we have decided on the view. Let’s move on to choosing a color. Let your imagination play here. However, cosmetologists advise choosing colors that will perfectly harmonize with your attire, hair color, skin color or eyes. Another important tip: pay attention to the expiration date of the products used. Otherwise, an expired eyeliner can lead to an allergic reaction of the eyes, or, at best, just crumble.

Everyone, they chose … And then my hands shook with excitement. Peace and only peace!

I must say right away that only experienced women who have done this procedure every morning for more than one year can draw a clear line with just one movement. It’s okay if the line is drawn with dashes. The main thing is that it should be even in the end result.

So here are some tips on how to use eyeliner correctly:

  • Before applying eyeliner (if you are new to this), draw a line on the back of your hand.
  • the lighting in front of the mirror should be bright enough (for better visibility);
  • a holistic picture of the image can be obtained only if you initially draw a light outline of the line, as it were, a draft version. Then use shadows and mascara, and only after that draw a clear line again so that it looks brighter;
  • The “operation” for applying the contour should be started from the inner eyelid and carefully guided along the eyelashes to the outer eyelid;
  • when using liquid eyeliner, do not immediately open your eyes after you have drawn the outline. The eyeliner should dry on the stretched eyelid. Otherwise, there is a risk of cracking and shedding;
  • when re-applying eyeliner to a draft version on the inside of the eyelid, you need to make the line weaker and thinner;
  • lumps in the corners of the eyes – not a very pleasant “spectacle” for others. Therefore, try not to get on the mucous eyeliner;
  • as for the lower eyelid… No need to draw a line here with liquid eyeliner. Use a better pencil, slightly emphasizing the lash line.

Now consider separately the application of eyeliners of different types.

Applying liquid eyeliner

The most important advice in such an “operation” is that the hand should not be in limbo. The elbow of the hand with which you will draw the line should clearly stand on a hard surface. Thus, the line will be clearer and not run up and down. Wipe off any excess liquid from the brush. She will only hinder you. As mentioned earlier, strokes should be started from the inside of the eye (starting with a thin line) to the outside (gradually thickening the line). And yet, when using liquid eyeliner, do not stretch the skin of the eye. Otherwise, the end result will be an accordion.

Applying the eyeliner

It was mentioned above that using a felt-tip pen is very convenient, especially for beginners. Before drawing the contour with the eyeliner itself, it is better to mark the line with an eyeliner (the line should be slightly noticeable). And only after that fix the result with a felt-tip pen. This guarantees you a clear and even line.

Applying dry eyeliner

Cake eyeliner is another name for dry eyeliner. This type of eyeliner is very sympathetic to professional makeup artists. Any effect can be created with it. The principle of its operation is as follows: slightly moisten the brush and roll it in the right amount of dry eyeliner. True, in this option it is necessary not to make a mistake with the choice of the brush itself. It should be as convenient as possible for you to use. It can be a flat beveled brush, or a pointed hard one. A similar option for such an eyeliner is a helium eyeliner. You just don’t need to soak it before use. Gel eyeliner is very resistant and looks the brightest. But, again, it tends to be imprinted on the eyelid. Therefore, do not open your eyes immediately after applying it.

Using the above tips, your eyes will look unforgettable. Don’t be afraid to try. And do not be discouraged if the first time did not get the expected result. Practice and more practice. The men will be blown away! After all, remember, an expressive, beautiful look is the visiting card of every woman!

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