How to use hair oils correctly

The oil is included in the composition of effective cosmetics and salon procedures – according to reviews, this tool also works well solo. In this article, we have analyzed how to use hair oil at home and what mistakes should be avoided.

What for what?

The variety of hair oils leads to the question: which remedy is better? To choose the best bottle, start from the desired effect and type of strands.

The best hair oil, according to reviews, is argan extract. Such a tool gives curls shine, nourishes strands and pacifies naughty hair. The composition is ideal for the prevention of cross-section and saves from falling out. The squalene and oleic acid in argan oil provide high penetration.

Amla oil gives curls shine and softness – such a tool is indispensable for dyed hair while maintaining color.

Rich in vitamins, avocado oil repairs porous hair and protects against UV damage. This composition is slowly but deeply absorbed into the strand – the property allows the use of cosmetics for night care.

Coconut oil for hair is known for its ability to add shine and reduce frizz. Overseas fruit will also give moisture during the cold season.

The best oil for hair growth is burdock. If you need to wake up the bulbs, use the remedy as part of home masks.

In answer to the question of which oils are good for hair, there is also an almond remedy that deeply nourishes the strands and fills them with shine. Such care also activates hair growth, but is contraindicated for oily scalp.

Masks with oils

The composition of caring homemade hair masks with oils includes honey, egg yolk, mustard powder, bread crumb and vitamins. The best compositions with proven action in a selection of recipes with photos.

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Oil wrap

Hair oil at home gives complete care in the wrapping procedure. The regularity of the procedure promises to add shine, restore and moisturize the strands.

Oil wrap at home involves pre-cleansing with shampoo or peeling. After the strands dry a little, apply a hot oil mask and warm your head with cling film with a cap. Then warm your head with a hairdryer and leave for an hour.

To remove residual oil from your hair, use lemon water (2 tablespoons of juice per 1 liter of water) paired with shampoo.

Oil massage

Instructions for using hair oil in massage are simple. First you need to mix base oil (coconut, castor or jojoba) with essential oils (mint, lavender, chamomile or rosemary).

Heat the mixture in a water bath, comb your hair, dip your fingers in oil and massage the skin in circular motions for 10 minutes. Then apply the rest of the oil on the strands to continue the spa program for an hour – at the end, rinse the curls with warm water.

Hair after oils become thick and shiny, strengthened and moisturized. A simple massage activates the growth of curls, relieves headaches and improves sleep. Another nice beauty bonus from the procedure is moisturizing the skin of the hands.

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Evening care

An effective procedure is to apply the oil overnight. After processing the strands, put on a hat and go to bed. During the night hours, the curls are saturated with moisture, strength and shine.

Rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo in the morning – the hairstyle after the care procedure promises to look great!

Common Mistakes

The effectiveness of hair oil is guaranteed when used correctly.

  • The preparatory stage is moisturizing the curls with a conditioner, spray or fluid. The composition will allow useful substances to penetrate and retain moisture. Oil on unmoisturized hair runs the risk of drying it out even more.

  • Ignoring the tips is the next annoying mistake when using an oily texture. Hint: this area is drier, so it needs more hydration and nourishment.

  • It is not recommended to use the oil during active sun. If the weather is clear, postpone your grooming procedures until the evening or night.
  • Taking care of your hair regularly is great, but not when it comes to using oily textures. It is not recommended to use such products for several months in a row – it is better to alternate the oil with other textures.

You have learned how to properly apply oil to your hair, and what products are best to choose – now another effective care procedure has appeared in the treasury of beauty secrets. Follow the recommendations of professionals, and curls will thank you!

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