How to use liquid eyeliner correctly

It would seem that it is difficult to use liquid eyeliner? Draw a line and you’re done! But it turns out that even here there are secrets and difficulties. After all, if you do the eyeliner carelessly, you will have to redo the entire makeup.

Which eyeliner to choose is a matter of your taste. There are many types of liquid eyeliner, the most common is eyeliner in a tube with a brush included. You can also use watercolor. To do this, you will need a small container of water to wet the brush.

The tool for applying eyeliner is also of great importance. The brush should be thin, smooth, without protruding hairs. This will allow you to draw the most clear line.

How to make a smooth and neat eyeliner?

First of all, you need to sit down so that your elbows rest on the table. This is necessary so that you have the best support and your hands do not tremble.

Do not pull the eyelid to the side. This way you will never draw a line as close to the lash line as possible. It is best to close the eye and gently lift the eyelid up just under the eyebrow with the finger of your free hand. So you draw your arrow as close to the eyelashes as possible.

If you have never used liquid eyeliner before, then most likely it will not work to draw a straight, clear line the first time. Therefore, try to start by making a few dots or dotted lines, which then neatly connect into a line. Do not forget to slightly lift the line up at the end. This will “open” the eye and give it the desired shape.

Do not take too much eyeliner on the brush. This can result in a thick, sloppy line. Then your makeup will look rough. Carefully remove excess paint with a napkin or on the edge of the jar.

The eyeliner line at the inner corner of the eye should be as thin as possible, and gradually expand to the outer corner.

Don’t open your eyes right away. Let the paint dry. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting an imprint on a fixed eyelid or completely smearing makeup.

After the eyeliner has dried, you can gently shade it with shadows. This will give the eyes a smoky effect and save you from a too sharp border. It will also hide the unevenness of the line and give a neat, finished look to the makeup.

If something doesn’t work the first time, don’t be discouraged. The main thing to remember is that nothing is given the first time. Everything needs practice. The more often you train, the better your line will be every time. And soon you will learn how to draw arrows with one easy movement of your hand.

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