How to use makeup to make the skin even and smooth

Every girl at least once wondered how to use makeup to make the skin even and smooth. Alas, nature has not given such dignity to every beauty, therefore, for many, make-up tricks that bring them closer to the ideal are relevant.

A few steps for perfect skin

Preparatory stage

Makeup artists are sure that foundation and other cosmetics are ideally applied only to cleansed and moisturized skin. Therefore, in order to achieve an impeccable tone, you must first provide the face with complete care.

To remove unwanted particles and prepare the skin, it is always worth starting makeup with cleansing of the skin – gels with a light texture are perfect for daily use.

A mandatory item of the daily beauty ritual should be moisturizing the face, because the lack of moisture always affects the skin in the form of dullness, unevenness and wrinkles of dehydration. To prevent such a beauty disaster, drink enough water every day, get enough sleep and fall in love with moisturizing cosmetics with all your heart.

One of the most important stages of makeup that evens out the face is exfoliation. Such a step can manifest itself in the application of a scrub 1-2 times a week.

In the dictionary of modern girls caring for themselves, the word “concentrate” has appeared relatively recently. In such cosmetics, there is a high content of nutrients, which allows you to visually see the result after the first application. But it should be borne in mind that in order to achieve perfect skin, the concentrate should be used in a course – for example, for two months every six months.


Makeup that is able to even out the face should begin with the application of a primer. This is the first step before the foundation takes effect. The primer is needed to even out the tone and light moisturizing. With such an assistant, subsequent cosmetics will lie much better and leave no traces of peeling. Also in its super-strength is the ability to make the skin matte, mask wrinkles and increase the durability of the final makeup.

For girls with oily skin, makeup artists are advised to apply primer primarily to the T-zone. This technique perfectly eliminates unwanted shine and fixes the foundation in the make-up.

Makeup, which can make the perfect skin tone, certainly includes a foundation that takes into account individual characteristics. So, oil-free formulas are designed for skin prone to acne and irritation, moisturizing cosmetics are indispensable for dry and normal types, and for sensitive skin, there are no better products than good quality hypoallergenic creams.

Makeup artists emphasize that for flawless application of tonal foundation, it is worth using not the pads of your own fingers, but a sponge, a beauty blender or a special brush. All these devices are designed for girls who are not averse to creating the perfect make-up at home. A correctly selected product should be applied with light circular movements from the center to the periphery, followed by shading. In order not to be mistaken, you can use the hint in the photo.

To find the perfect shade of tonal cosmetics, you should apply the candidate to the middle of the cheek, step back a meter from the mirror and evaluate the naturalness of the result. If a darker foundation disappears in your cosmetic bag, you can use it to contour and mask facial imperfections.

For the most natural tone, you can use BB cream instead of foundation. It will provide an even color, moisturize and protect the face from harmful factors. Such cosmetics are almost invisible on the skin and at the same time make it perfect. An improved version of the BB cream is the CC cream. It has a light texture and mattifies the face. The new product is great for oily skin.

But how to make the skin even and smooth with the help of makeup, if the foundation does not cope with the task? In this case, the cushion can be your salvation – a true legend of the Korean market. Its main advantage over tonal competitors is skin hydration, its careful alignment and imperceptible texture.


The name of this product speaks for itself – the corrector will come to your aid when you need to mask local imperfections. For example, cosmetics with a green pigment are indispensable in eliminating redness, and a pinkish corrector does an excellent job with bruising under the eyes.

Such cosmetics are applied dotted, and then carefully shaded. In order for the result of the efforts to be securely fixed, it should be lightly powdered at the end.

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Concealer has long become an indispensable lifesaver in the cosmetic bag of modern girls – it is he, our hero, who best masks dark circles under the eyes, inappropriately appeared acne and insidious age spots. A foundation is rarely capable of all these complex tasks, so it must certainly work in a well-coordinated team with a concealer.

The first step towards perfect makeup is choosing a concealer that is half a tone or a tone lighter than the skin. No more needed – otherwise, cosmetics will fall unnaturally.

Just before applying concealer, you should take care of the skin around the eyes with a cream selected specifically for this sensitive area. In addition, any cosmetics are best placed on moist areas.

Perhaps you will now use one curious trick from makeup artists – masters of their craft always warm up the skin immediately before the shading process. The concealer can be applied in the form of a triangle on the lower eyelid or in the form of dots, and then blended with a sponge as in the photo. This tool works great with zonal correction.


Makeup, which is able to make the skin perfect, often includes such a stage as applying a highlighter. This cosmetics gives the face an attractive glow and is applied only to certain areas – the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the edge of the upper lip and the mobile eyelid.

Another makeup artist trick is to mix a creamy highlighter with foundation. This composition is evenly applied to the entire face and provides an even radiant tone. With this makeup, no flaws are visible, because the foundation evens out the tone, and the highlighter makes it more perfect due to reflective particles. This technique is great for daytime make-up, as it looks natural and gives the skin only a slight glow.


A modern alternative to a highlighter is often a shimmer, which literally makes the skin shimmer, evens out its tone and eliminates unwanted dullness. Mother-of-pearl, mica or minerals are responsible for the desired effect, which are necessarily included in the composition of the shimmer.

In daytime makeup, you should get by with a small amount of this …

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