How to visually lengthen the neck

To have an impeccable appearance, a woman does not have to spend a lot of money on clothes, cosmetics and accessories of famous brands. It is enough to know your strengths and weaknesses, to be able to emphasize the first and hide the second. It is important not to forget about the daily care of your body. These truths are also relevant if a woman considers a short neck to be one of the shortcomings of her body.

Daily care

Shop windows are full of face, hair, hands, and feet care products. Occasionally, on a jar of a cosmetic product, you can find the inscription “For the care of the skin of the face and neck.” Therefore, women are increasingly applying the cream on their feet, but more and more they forget about the neck.

Early flabbiness of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles and a double chin not only worsens the appearance of a woman, but also noticeably shortens the neck. What to do to make this delicate part of the body look attractive longer?

Gymnastics. This is not only about the gymnastics of the neck, but the whole body as a whole. Passive lifestyle, sedentary work, lack of time leads to early diseases of the spine. The cervical region at the same time suffers no less than the thoracic and lumbar. Osteochondrosis and stoop makes the neck even shorter. You can’t be lazy when it comes to your own health. In a healthy body healthy mind. And beauty, I would like to add.

Simple gymnastics in the morning with special exercises for the neck will replenish the body with a charge of vivacity and health. These include:

  • head turns;
  • tilting the head left and right, up and down;
  • turning the head with the touch of the chin to the shoulder (while not raising the shoulder);
  • lifting up the head and lower jaw at the same time;
  • circular rotation of the head.
Do not forget about gymnastics during the working day. Warming up the neck will provide the brain with more oxygen, which means increased productivity.

Contrast shower and massage. Neck skin loves coolness. Lotions with the help of ice cubes made from infusion of herbs (sage, chamomile, linden, mint) will be useful. A contrast shower stimulates the flow of oxygen. Light rubbing and tapping movements of self-massage while applying the cream will provide the skin with beauty and youth.

Peeling and nourishing cream. Once a week, do a gentle exfoliation of the skin of the neck and décolleté. In the absence of special means, peeling agents for the face can be used, but in low concentration. Applying a nourishing cream is a mandatory daily procedure in neck care.

Visual deception in clothing

The properties of the human eye are amazing. We see what is not and, very often, do not see what is. This simple phrase reveals the essence of optical or visual deception – an erroneous perception of reality due to the special properties of human eyes or the laws of nature. Knowledge of optical illusions can be useful to a woman in building an image. Listed below are those that can be beneficially used to visually lengthen the neck.

  1. The illusion of overestimating the vertical. Vertical lines on clothes visually make the figure slimmer and taller, while horizontal lines make them look fatter and shorter.
  2. The illusion of overestimating an acute angle. The predominance of sharp angles increases and expands, the predominance of obtuse angles – reduces and narrows.
  3. Irradiation. Light makes you fat, dark makes you slim.
  4. Illusion of filled space. Clothing with a rich print increases the size.
  5. Illusion of psychological distraction.

The first principle is the main one when choosing clothes for a woman with a short neck. If you want to elongate your neck, wear V-necks and avoid turtlenecks and heavy scarves. You can choose blouses with a stand-up collar, while leaving the top buttons unbuttoned. If you still cannot avoid clothes with a neck, it is better to choose knee-highs with a vertical strip. At the same time, such a print will visually enlarge the chest.

Be aware of the properties of irradiation: wear a dark golf under the bottom, a light cardigan or a vest with a V-neck up.

Features of the illusion of overestimation of an acute angle are taken into account when choosing the shape and depth of the neckline, while correcting the figure due to clothing. If a woman has a short neck and broad shoulders, a wide triangular neckline will do. It will visually lengthen the neck and make the shoulders narrower. If the shoulders are narrow, you can choose clothes with a narrow long neckline.

The presence of any saturated pattern, especially a geometric pattern with sharp corners on a blouse, top or golf visually enlarges the chest, on a skirt it makes the hips wider. The presence of such a pattern with obtuse corners on the skirt makes the hips narrower. Thus, in order to visually lengthen the neck, you can use psychological tricks – to emphasize the dignity of appearance as much as possible. Big eyes, lush lips, moderately large breasts and wide hips, bright accessories, a bag, shoes – all this will divert attention from shortcomings.

Accessories and hairstyle

Properly selected accessories bring a bright variety to the appearance of a woman. They can be used as indispensable assistants in the construction of visual illusions.

When it comes to the visual lengthening of the neck, the first rule in choosing accessories is based on the illusion of overestimating the vertical. Earrings should be thin and long. The necklace is thin with a long chain in the middle. Beads choose medium size, hanging in a V-shape, or very long, wrapped around the neck and hanging down to waist level.

In no case should you choose massive earrings, hoop earrings, a wide necklace that wraps around your neck, large beads of small length.

A beautiful hairstyle is always the final part of the image. Choosing a haircut, a woman is guided not only by aesthetic taste, but also by her lifestyle. A short neck is another important argument when choosing a casual and festive hairstyle.

And here again it is important not to forget about the illusion of vertical overestimation.

Having a desire to visually lengthen the neck, you will have to choose between a short haircut or long hair below the shoulder blades. Loose hair of medium length will noticeably shorten the neck.

Short haircuts suitable for women with a short neck include:

  • bob-car, when the hair on the back of the head is as short as possible, and the length of the strands gradually increases towards the center of the face; it is better that the elongated front strands are at the level of the cheekbones, and the bangs are voluminous or cut obliquely; if the strands are longer than the level of the cheekbones, it is advisable to mill them;
  • a short square is not longer than the level of the cheekbones (a long square will make the neck shorter);
  • “hat” with a hair length at the top of the head in the region of 10 cm;
  • short haircut “under the boy” in the framework of femininity.

Hairstyles for long hair to visually lengthen the neck:

  • smooth styled hair long below the shoulder blades; it is important to open the ear area, thereby creating the necessary …

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