How to wash off hair dye?

Buying hair dye in the store, women see themselves in the dreams of a graceful superwoman! After the staining procedure, sometimes the opposite happens: you have to think about saving from a failed color. How to get rid of blackness? You can go to the salon and lighten several tones at once. You can do the same manipulations, but at home. There is another option – to resort to folk remedies for lightening hair. Let’s try to figure out which is better.

Let’s go to a professional

To most effectively “clear” staining errors, you need to contact the salon. The hairdresser will correctly assess the condition of your hair, carry out a gentle wash using nourishing rinses. The only drawback of this method is the price. You will have to pay well for the quality work of a professional. In addition, even after the most gentle procedure, you still have to restore your hair with moisturizing masks.

We buy the tool ourselves

You can choose another option for washing hair dye. To do this, we purchase a product in a cosmetic or professional store. Now there are many such washes. The most popular are the following: “Color off” from Estel, corrector “Remake Color Hair Light”, “Art Color Off” Vitalitys, Brelil “Colorianne Color System”. After these strong products, additional moisture is also required for your hair.

Non-traditional lifesaver

If the first way of washing off the paint hits your pocket loudly, and the second way you are afraid to harm your hair, then we suggest considering non-traditional ways to lighten up a couple of tones. Such improvised means as honey, curdled milk, kefir, oils will not only help to cleanse the hair of the “night darkness”, but also nourish them with strength and add shine.

  • Kefir

Kefir, thanks to lactic acid bacteria and biologically active additives, will strengthen hair roots, restore damaged scalp, and heal microcracks. You can safely wash off the paint with this product and not think about the consequences.

There are several recipes for preparing brightening masks:

  1. We buy a liter of the fattest kefir. Pour it into a cup and add a spoonful of vegetable oil. You can use rapeseed, olive, sunflower and others. There we pour a tablespoon of salt. We apply the mixed mixture to dry hair, put a polyethylene cap on top and walk like this for a little more than an hour. To rinse the mask, take a shampoo for oily hair. In this way, it is not recommended to lighten hair more than twice in three to four weeks.
  2. For the second recipe, you will again need kefir with a high fat content. To two glasses of the drink, mix four teaspoons of baking soda and the same amount of vodka. The mixture heated to 30-40 degrees is applied to the entire length of the hair. Then we wrap the head with cellophane and a towel. We wait about two hours and get the result – lightening by one to one and a half tones.
  3. For the third recipe, only kefir is taken, without additives. Such a mask nourishes the hair well and is considered the most harmless.
  • Butter

Oil-based color wash masks are safe. They gently affect the hair, nourish it and get rid of a couple of dark tones. There are three popular recipes that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction:

  1. Thirty grams, for example, pork fat or margarine, are added to a glass with vegetable oil. Heat the mixture to a comfortable temperature and lubricate her hair. If you wear a plastic cap over it, the lightening effect will increase. To remove such a composition from the head, you will need to wash your hair with shampoo several times.
  2. If the hair is thick, then it is better not to use the first recipe. It will be difficult to wash off such a mask from lush hair. Therefore, it is worth considering another option: sunflower, castor and olive oil in equal proportions. For more convenient application, a little moisturizer is added to the oils, for example, for hands. The finished mixture is kept on the hair for about forty minutes. You can warm it up with a hair dryer, but not too hot.
  3. Based on castor oil, you can choose another brightening mask. To prepare it, you will need three yolks and, directly, the oil itself, about four tablespoons.

Wash off oil-based masks with shampoo for oily hair.

  • Soda

Effectively, but not sparing your curls, soda removes color. This method of washing off the paint should be immediately abandoned by the “carriers” of dry, brittle hair and those who are prone to dandruff. And in other cases, masks with soda are useful for hair growth.

  1. We dilute ten tablespoons of soda with a glass of water. We add some salt. With a brush for applying paint, we distribute the gruel on the strands. Then we collect the hair with soda in a bun and hold the mask for half an hour. Wash off the composition for a long time, about ten minutes, with shampoo. Then you can apply a conditioner.
  2. To five tablespoons of soda, add a liter of water, stir and apply on the head. We turn around and walk like this for about twenty minutes. Then rinse with shampoo.

rich variety

In addition to the above recipes, there are many other ways to get rid of dark hair color.

For example, mayonnaise is recommended for clarification. It must be purchased. With the help of its chemical composition, you can remove a couple of tones.

Honey-based mask paint is well eaten away. Only a store-bought product is unlikely to help. You need a natural treat. Such a gift from the bees can be left on the hair all night. The mask is effective and nourishing.

Some recommend washing your hair with laundry soap. Others advise using chamomile or lemon juice. Five aspirins will get rid of the color as well as the greenish tint.

Whatever method you choose to remove hair color from your hair, remember that it is best to think about such a serious step from the very beginning. Do not grab the first shade you like. Evaluate the type of your appearance, think about whether the color is right for you. The girl on the cover of the paint box can look very attractive, but will this color also look beautiful on your hair?

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