How to wash your hair properly

There are three layers of the hair structure: the medulla is the core of the hair, the cortex is the main layer, the cortical one. The last layer is the cuticle, a scaly layer that performs a protective function from destructive environmental factors.

It is from the scaly layer that it depends on how the hair will look. Shine, smoothness of the hair and its external beauty will be directly related to the condition of the cuticle. In addition to the protective function, this layer is important because the strength of the hair depends on its condition. After all, often, of all the problems associated with hair, their loss becomes the main problem.

Another structure is divided by volume: there is a thin hair structure, thick and normal. It depends on the inner, main layer – the cortex. It occupies 90% of the total volume.

hair types

For proper hair care, you need to determine the type to which they belong. To determine the type, it is enough to carefully examine the hair and follow its reaction to the weather and washing for at least a week.

There are four types: normal, dry, oily and mixed. These criteria are determined by the process of sebum secretion on the scalp. If after 2 – 3 days after washing the appearance of the hairstyle has not changed much for the worse, then such hair is considered normal. Such hair retains a well-groomed appearance longer. Their tarnishing, confusion will indicate that the time for washing has come.

With an increased process of sebum secretion, the hair is called oily. This type of hair gets dirty quickly. Literally the next day after washing, such hair may again look dirty.

With a low rate of sebum secretion, dry hair is obtained. They fade quickly, feel very dry and tangle quickly. Mixed type is the hair that is oily at the roots and dry along its entire length.

A few basic hair washing rules

Shampooing is the most important hair care process. It depends on their condition and appearance. Incorrect washing of the head can cause a lot of problems with the hair. But the most serious problems can arise with the skin itself. To avoid these problems, you need to remember a few rules.

  • Rule one. Uncombed hair must not be washed. When washed, they will become even more tangled, which will harm their structure. In addition, such hair will be difficult to wash, and some of it will remain dirty.
  • Rule two. The head should not be washed with hot water. The water should be pleasant, a little cool. Otherwise, the natural balance of the scalp is disturbed, which will lead to a violation of sebum secretion.
  • Rule three. The hair wash should match the type of hair. Properly selected shampoo will wash them well without disturbing the balance of the scalp.

The best choice of hair wash

For the normal type, products with a gentle composition formula are suitable. After all, this type of simple cleansing of dirt and maintaining the health of the scalp is enough for this type.

If the hair is of a greasy type, then it is better to use products that include: sulfur, tar or salicylic acid. Then the hair will keep a fresh look longer, and they do not have to be washed daily.

Dry hair will respond with gratitude to products that support its hydration. The composition of such funds includes: glycerin, panthenol and sorbitol.

For mixed hair types, the same products are suitable as for normal. Since the mixed type is the most common of all types, the recommendation to adopt several tools and apply them in an alternating manner is suitable for most people.

The sequence of proper shampooing

Moisten well-combed hair with water at the optimum temperature. It is generally accepted that applying the product undiluted to the hair is very harmful. Therefore, dilute it with a little water and only then apply. No need to rush and rub your hair and scalp hard, this can damage the cuticle. With light, massaging movements, it is necessary to go through all areas of the skin and lightly hair along the entire length.

Head massage, which is done during washing, has a very positive effect on the condition of the hair. Blood circulation is enhanced, the metabolic process in the skin tissues improves, contributing to the growth and health of the hair.

It is better to do this procedure twice. The first application of the product removes only the top layer of dirt from the hair. For the best washing of the skin, repeated application of the washing preparation will be required.

After the detergent is washed off, it is useful to rinse the hair with decoctions of herbs or a special hair conditioner, holding these products for several minutes without rinsing.

Final wash step

Well-washed hair should not be immediately dried and combed. So they can be harmed. Wet hair has the ability to stretch well, and the pores on the scalp are not yet closed enough. These conditions can damage the cuticle and weaken the hair.

Hair should be slightly dried with a towel, and then, wrapped in a soft, warm cloth, hold it in this state. The fabric must absorb the main moisture and only then can it be removed.

The best thing is to let the hair dry itself. But, this process should not be allowed to occur with sudden changes in temperature. Otherwise, the scalp will trigger a defense mechanism that will lead to an imbalance in its balance. It is best to dry your hair indoors without drafts or direct heat.

If it became necessary to dry the hair with a hairdryer, then first they should be dried without a comb, just with your hands.

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