How to wear a belt in style in 2021

Today we’ll talk about how to wear a belt in style in 2021. This accessory is incredibly popular and versatile. The belt allows not only to fix clothes, but also to emphasize the waist and hips, to correctly place accents in the image. So, let’s take a closer look at how to choose a fashionable belt and how to properly fit it into the image.

Fashionable ways to wear a belt in 2021

The belt performs many useful functions, for example, with its help you can:

  • design multi-layered images;
  • model the desired silhouette;
  • correctly place accents;
  • give the image an aesthetic appeal.

Today, the belt is most often worn over clothing, without masking from the views of others. Therefore, the choice of accessory should be approached with great care.

The belt can be in the same color scheme with the whole image and other accessories. Or it can act as a bright accent, drawing all the attention to itself. Therefore, when choosing a shade, you should build on the desired effect.

The strict rule that required fashionistas to strictly match the colors of shoes, bags and belts has long been outdated.

To make the image look more impressive and original, it is not necessary to fasten the accessory in the traditional way. If you choose enough thin and soft belts, they can be stylishly tied into a neat knot. The free end, regardless of its length, also does not have to be tucked into a special loop, it can simply hang down.

Another fashion trend of 2021 is belts with small pockets, which in the new season acted as competitors to fanny packs.

Real fashionistas should pay attention to the current trend of using scarves and chains as a belt. Looks stylish, fresh and very impressive.

Next, we will talk in more detail about how and with what to wear a belt in order to turn even a simple look into a stylish and fashionable bow.

With pantsuit

Even the most fashionable and well-fitting trouser suit can seem boring and uninteresting. Everything changes dramatically if you add a trendy belt to the image. This year, the accessory is worn directly over the jacket. Moreover, the product is chosen not to match the suit, but, on the contrary, in contrasting shades.

To give the image originality, stylists recommend using both thin and wide belts. They can be buttoned or tied in a knot. Here everyone chooses the most suitable option for himself.

With a cardigan

An interesting and practical look is obtained by combining a thin strap with a classic or oversized cardigan. Such a tandem is useful for fashionistas on cool summer evenings or in late spring. Choose a cardigan made of thin fabrics, complement the set with a cotton shirt, skinny trousers or a light dress.

Please note that in order to “pacify” voluminous clothing, stylists recommend using thin belts, abandoning corset belts and sashes.

With jeans

A long belt with a loose long hem is a great idea for a trendy look with jeans in 2021. In addition, this option makes the image more interesting and visually stretches the silhouette.

Also this year, it is fashionable to wear a belt with high-rise jeans – this method emphasizes the elegance of the figure, allows you to focus on the waist.

With jeans, a stylish belt with two rings also looks great. To get an original and catchy bow, do not fasten the accessory in the usual way, but simply thread the edge into the rings and tie it in a neat knot.

With sweater and skirt

Volumetric sweaters are at the peak of popularity today. The belt allows you to wear such a fashionable wardrobe item while maintaining the attractiveness and elegance of the figure. Also, thanks to the belt at the waist, a loose pullover can be easily combined in one look with an elegant skirt. In this case, the belt can be any. But the most advantageous look are voluminous options with large buckles or knotted ones. And so that the accessory does not weigh down the silhouette, put on elegant shoes with heels.

With trousers

The combination of a belt and high-waisted trousers allows you to make the silhouette more proportional, giving the figure the perfect hourglass shape. The combination of a narrow contrast strap and high-rise trousers will make the waist as dainty as a supermodel.

It is not necessary to use contrasting belts. In order not to break the image, stylists recommend taking a closer look at the belts to match the trousers, this technique will not only make the waist narrow, but also visually lengthen the legs.

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With tippet

In the off-season, a wide scarf, beautifully laid out over clothes and tied with a strap at the waist, will help to create a stylish and cozy bow. Give preference to stoles of bright colors and interesting prints. As for the belt, accessories of small width and calm classic colors look best.

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With a coat

To complement and diversify the image with a classic coat, you can use a fashionable belt. In 2021, you can wear wide accessories, products with multiple buckles, as well as a couple of belts at the same time over outerwear. At the same time, the coat is left unbuttoned – this is how the effect of slight negligence is achieved, which is so loved by stylish French women.

Now you know how stylish and fashionable to wear a belt in 2021. The right accessory will turn a simple look into a sophisticated outfit, add gloss and visually adjust the proportions of the figure.

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