How to wear a blouse with polka dots: fashion ideas

The image ideas in the photo will tell you what to wear with a polka dot blouse and prove the versatility of such a top. We will confirm that the feminine trend can be used in casual, business and romantic outfits!

With trousers

One of the most elegant looks with a polka dot blouse is the combination of classic black trousers and shoes. This outfit is suitable for the office or for formal occasions. To create a brighter look, you can choose a blouse with large polka dots and add bright accessories, such as red shoes or a bag.

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A spectacular look with a polka dot blouse will turn out with palazzo trousers in the title role. It is important to tuck in the top to create a beautiful figure silhouette.

Black peas on a light background visually complete the figure. To avoid an insidious effect, choose a small print with minimal background contrast.

With jeans

To create a more casual look, stylists advise combining a polka dot blouse with straight or flared jeans. Both sneakers and mules with stable heels can act as shoes. The created bow will be a great option for a date with a walk or meeting with friends.

Other denim in the neighborhood with playful polka dots is also approved by fashion trends. So, a denim skirt, shorts or a jacket can be a worthy pair for a print.

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With a skirt

Feminine and elegant looks are created on the basis of a combination of flirty polka dots and a skirt. For example, a bow with a pleated model is a romantic combination that has stood the test of time.

A business look with a polka dot blouse turns out to be stylish based on a combination with a pencil skirt. The classic strict bottom will set the outfit in a working mood, and the feminine top will not allow you to look boring and ordinary. The created bow can be supplemented with an elongated jacket to embody the trendy effect of layering.

Another stylish option is to combine a polka dot blouse with a leather skirt. Such a tandem is based on a fashionable play of contrasts — a romantic print looks cool paired with a daring leather texture.

With shorts

A stylish look for the summer season will turn out if you complement your favorite polka-dot shirt with loose Bermuda shorts. To make the silhouette of the figure more elegant will allow the combination of a cropped top with a high-rise bottom.

With prints

With what to combine a blouse with polka dots if the classic combinations have already been tried? It’s time to take it to the next level – multi-print looks! For example, a tandem of different polka dots in one outfit will look very stylish. To make the reception look harmonious, follow the unity of the pattern – the same size of elements or palette.

Polka dots are a geometric print, so it is easy to make friends with the next of kin. So, stylists like to add stripes or geometric abstraction to classic circles.

Bold combinations with trendy animalistic or floral motifs are also welcome – a single color palette stands for the relevance and harmony of the image.

With accessories

To add a stylish twist, we offer to dilute the outfit with elegant accessories. For example, playful polka dots harmonize wonderfully with a hat. An elegant touch to the look is also easy to add with a silk scarf, a straw bag or sunglasses.

The polka-dot print fits in seamlessly with the retro style. Appropriate details help to maintain the right mood in the image – for example, an elegant beret or scarlet lipstick.

The classic black and white polka dots pair well with red accessories – this technique will never let you down.

Photos of images from our selection prove that a polka dot blouse is a versatile wardrobe item that is suitable for various events: from casual to more formal, and always looks elegant and stylish.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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