How to Wear a Blue Jacket

This season, the blue shade takes a leading position in the designer collections of outerwear, so it is not surprising that fashionistas have a question about what to wear with a women’s jacket of this color. Tips from stylists will help you create a beautiful and original image for the cold season.

How to choose a hat color for a blue jacket

Designers love blue for its wide palette of shades. The leading collections for this season feature stylish jackets in all sorts of colors – from dark purple to light blue models. An integral part of any winter outfit is a headdress. A well-chosen hat will help create a truly interesting and fashionable look.

When choosing a headdress, the fair sex should remember an important rule – the color of a hat, beret or cap should be several tones lighter or darker than outerwear. You can also pick up contrasting things that will look bright and impressive in the kit. Stylists advise wearing a navy blue jacket with a red, burgundy, yellow, orange, pink and blue hat. A win-win option is hats in basic shades (white, beige, gray, black).

The image will turn out to be harmonious if the hat matches in color with at least one more element of the fashionable outfit. It can be a scarf, bag, gloves or shoes.

What scarf goes with a blue jacket

A stylish scarf will help keep you warm in bad weather. This accessory will add an interesting accent to your winter look. A women’s blue jacket will look good with plain scarves in the following colors:

  • gray
  • black;
  • white;
  • blue
  • lilac;
  • beige;
  • blue
  • red;
  • pink;
  • light green.

An equally successful look will turn out if you wear a blue jacket with a scarf in a geometric print. In the trend – models in blue, purple, white, blue stripes and a cage. A voluminous scarf in pink, burgundy, purple and mint color patterns will look harmoniously with a dark blue jacket.

What is fashionable to wear a blue jacket with: image ideas

Owners of a blue jacket should not worry, because it can be worn with completely different clothes. It will harmoniously complement the everyday, business, youth and evening look.

Idea #1

A blue leather jacket is the perfect way to infuse some style into your day-to-day outfit. For the beginning of autumn, a comfortable and stylish bow is perfect, consisting of black trousers, an elongated sweater and boots with rough soles. In such an outfit will be not only comfortable, but also warm.

Idea #2

A fashionable combination consisting of a dark blue jacket, blue trousers and a white pullover will turn out bright and beautiful. Contrasting accessories will effectively complement the image – a gray knitted hat and scarf, a blue backpack. The resulting stylish outfit is suitable for work, study, and meeting with friends.

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Idea #3

A good option for a warm autumn is a light quilted jacket, worn with a knitted pullover and a long woolen skirt. This fashionable outfit will fit well into a casual and business look. Despite the fact that the outfit is designed in dark colors, it turns out to be very effective. Especially if you include elegant pumps with heels in a fashionable ensemble.

Idea #4

An outfit consisting of a jacket, leather trousers and a black turtleneck looks original and stylish. The beanie hat, fashionable this season, will harmoniously fit into the image. You need to carefully approach the choice of the color of the headdress. This look is perfect with a gray-blue hat, which will be two shades darker than the jacket.

Idea #5

In the cold season, no fashionista can do without stylish jeans. Complete with a cropped blue jacket and a knitted sweater, they will create a beautiful casual outfit. A light beige hat and ankle boots will complement the look well. No less successful will be another look with a blue jacket. Effectively and in an original way, you can replace skinny jeans with culotte jeans that have been popular in the last few seasons. It will be interesting to complement this look with an oversized sweater and a fashionable winter cap.

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Idea #6

A bright and sexy look will turn out if you combine a blue jacket with a short knitted dress and stylish over the knee boots. This outfit is suitable for meeting with friends, going to a club, dating, youth parties. Stylish accessories – sunglasses, jewelry, bag – will effectively complement the fashionable outfit.

Idea #7

A beautiful and feminine look will turn out with a blue denim jacket, a trendy plaid skirt and a maroon blouse. Tight black tights and elegant boots with medium heels will help keep you warm in the middle of autumn. This interesting outfit will fit well into everyday, youth and business style.

Idea #8

To feel comfortable and comfortable on cold days, fashionistas should purchase a warm blue jacket. It can be worn not only with jeans or trousers, but also with winter leggings. Lovers of street and sports style in clothes can safely complement the winter look with a stylish hoodie with a hood and a padded baseball cap.

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The blue jacket goes well with various styles of clothing, so with its help fashionistas can create many original and spectacular winter looks.

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