How to wear a bomber jacket in style in autumn 2020

In this article, we tell you what to wear with a women’s bomber jacket in the 2020 season. Stylists confirm that this is the most practical and versatile jacket for autumn, so they offer many ideas for successful combinations.

Fashionable women’s bows for autumn 2020 with a bomber jacket

With a dress

Such a jacket was once revered by American pilots, and today it is used by fashionistas in a wide variety of stylish looks. Moreover, many of them look very feminine and elegant. A vivid example of this is the harmonious combination of a sports bomber jacket with a beautiful dress based on contrast reception.

[tds_note]It will be especially interesting to look at a dress with a fashionable print in combination with plain[/tds_note]

But laconic monochromatic models are also among the leading trends of autumn 2020. Fans of minimalism will certainly appreciate such novelties.

When the autumn weather finally comes into its own, you can pick up a knitted or knitted dress in a free cut in addition to the bomber jacket. This model looks great with both boots and ankle boots.

With jeans

The most practical and comfortable bow for all occasions is obtained by combining a sports jacket with jeans. As a base for this look, you can pick up almost any item from the autumn wardrobe, whether it be a turtleneck, shirt, sweater, pullover or cardigan. You can also improvise on shoes by experimenting with rough boots, sneakers or ankle boots.

With classic denim, blue, blue, white or red outerwear looks especially advantageous.

Given the basic nature of jeans, you can also pair them with a bright floral bomber jacket. Satin and leather outerwear models will also look expressive and stylish.

With joggers

The bomber jacket has long established itself as the perfect outerwear for everyday looks. In addition to pairing with jeans, this model is also easy to make friends with joggers or cargo pants – the most stylish models for every day in 2020. Moreover, it is not necessary to complete such images with sneakers or boots – ankle boots with stable heels or tractor soles promise to look more stylish and non-trivial.

With leather pants

Any leather clothing is listed as an unambiguous must-have for autumn 2020, but nevertheless, trousers made of this texture promise to become the main favorite of fashionistas. They combine all the qualities that fashionistas appreciate so much in current innovations – practicality, protection from the cold, a stylish original look and versatility. As proof of the latter, we will demonstrate that leather trousers can be combined with almost any outerwear, including your favorite bomber jacket.

This combination may give you a stylish idea of ​​what to wear with a leather bomber jacket in the fall of 2020. The fact is that a tandem of several things from such a daring texture forms a total look – and this is one of the most fashionable tricks of the season.

With office stuff

Bomber only at first glance seems to be outerwear, which is advantageously combined only with sportswear. If you get to know him better, you can be sure of his excellent versatility. For example, such a windbreaker interestingly diversifies the office style, making it more expressive and fashionable. To see this for yourself, you can try to complement the looks with a business suit, laconic trousers, a skirt, a shirt or an office wrap dress with a bomber jacket.

According to this principle, stylists recommend wearing a bomber jacket to a woman over 45 who wants to look modern and young. Such a top layer will reduce the degree of conservatism and severity of any office bow and make it clear: this lady knows a lot about fashion trends!

With a sweater

Bad weather conditions of the autumn season are definitely not a reason to sit at home. On the contrary, this is an argument for compiling a trendy and warm outfit. Layered ensembles rule the roost in fall 2020 fashion, giving a fashionable rebuff to the first cold weather.

With the main character of our review, you can also crank out a similar technique. To do this, you can wear a turtleneck or a sweater, add a button-down cardigan or a trendy knitted vest, and complete the outfit with an unbuttoned bomber jacket. Voila – now you have a black belt for the ability to dress stylishly even in cold weather!

With trousers

The bomber promises to look great in the company of various models of trousers. You can pair it with not only basic straight models, but also trendy flared variations. And the most daring women of fashion completely complement the sports jacket with palazzo trousers with arrows and definitely win!

[tds_warning]In order not to violate the proportions of the figure, it is better to choose trousers with a high waistline under elongated outerwear and mix them with a short or tucked-in top.[/tds_warning]

With a pleated skirt

The modern romantic style is built on the foundations of creative experiments and an extraordinary mix of trends. If this trend is to your liking, feel free to combine your favorite sports bomber jacket in a duet with a pleated skirt. This look can be completed with both sneakers and ankle boots.

It is curious that in combination with a pleated skirt, stylists advise plump women to wear a bomber jacket. The secret of the success of such an image is simple – on this bottom, straight vertical lines visually stretch the silhouette. To enhance this effect, you can complement the image with heeled shoes and keep it in a single color palette.

With a straight skirt

Among the main trends of autumn 2020 are pencil skirts and models of a classic straight cut with vertical slits. In order to beat the laconic style in an original way, you can pair it with the original version of the top. For example, it can be a stylish oversized bomber jacket. And under it, stylists recommend choosing a simple T-shirt / jumper / sweatshirt or hoodie, depending on the weather.

With a mini skirt

Younger girls can try this fall with a miniskirt for a flirty and dramatic look. Moreover, in the 2020 season, wide pleated models with a hint of school style are the most relevant – just such styles look very cool in tandem with a bomber jacket. Under outerwear in this outfit, it is appropriate to wear a sweatshirt or sweatshirt, and rough boots or sneakers as shoes will help to maintain the chosen style.

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In monochrome

Monochrome ensembles are so loved by modern fashionistas that they have been very popular for several years now. The most interesting thing is that this technique is extremely simple to implement – you just need to choose the bottom and other components of the image to match the outerwear.

According to this stylish principle, in the 2020 season, you can wear a fashionable khaki women’s bomber jacket. Other muted and restrained tones look beautiful in autumn, such as beige, chocolate, emerald, burgundy and brown shades.


Glitter, metallic and sequins…

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