How to wear a mink coat in 2020

In this article, we will share with you top ideas on what to wear with a mink coat in 2020. Surely you will immediately want to repeat many of the proposed images!

Stylish combinations

With jeans

The classic of the genre is the combination of a mink coat with jeans. Moreover, in such an outfit, pants of a straight or tight cut will look most advantageous. The optimal coloring directly depends on the color of the fur coat. In 2020, the fashionista can complete her look with basic blue, black or smoky gray jeans.

White jeans look especially impressive against the backdrop of winter landscapes.

Over the knee boots, high heeled boots, ankle boots or lace-up boots are ideal as shoes for this outfit.

Wearing a mink coat with jeans is especially loved by car ladies – this combination allows you to create a dynamic, modern, comfortable and fashionable look.

With leather pants

Any leather items are a real must-have for the 2020 season. When choosing such a novelty, a fashionista can hardly make a mistake, because absolutely all clothes made of leather texture are in trend. For the cold season, many girls prefer leather trousers or leggings – they look spectacular and stylish, and are also luxuriously combined with a mink fur coat.

With a knitted dress

The fashion trends of the 2020 season presented knitted dresses in an impressive variety. These are the coziest and most comfortable novelties that could not leave indifferent almost any fashionista. Another significant advantage of a knitted dress is its excellent compatibility with any outerwear, including a mink coat.

The main hit of the 2020 season is a knitted dress with a straight or loose silhouette in midi length. Together with such a novelty, stylists suggest wearing a long mink coat in 2020, creating especially luxurious and elegant looks.

An alternative solution could be a set of a knitted straight skirt and a jumper. Such models in the 2020 season are relevant in a soft beige, milky or pastel palette.

With a pleated dress

To add a drop of femininity and elegance to your winter bow, you can complement it with a pleated dress. Counting on the weather, it is better for a girl to bet on a product in a dense texture – for example, in wool, leather or tweed. If the dress is presented in a midi length, then it would be appropriate to complement it with heeled shoes, which will visually stretch the silhouette.

With sweater dress

Another favorite model of fashionistas in the 2020 season is an incredibly cozy sweater dress. Modern designers present this model mainly in a free cut, which makes it as comfortable and convenient as possible. Such dresses look advantageous with a fur coat of identical length. In the role of shoes in this outfit, over the knee boots or high boots promise to look as impressive as possible.

With a pencil skirt

Fashionable mink coats in the 2020 season can take an active part in emphatically feminine and seductive looks. The mood of such a bow will directly depend on the texture of the skirt and the choice of top. For example, if a fashionista decides to pick up a leather bottom in a non-standard color and dilute it with a printed blouse, she will be able to create a particularly spectacular and unforgettable bow.

With pantsuit

When choosing outerwear, the choice in favor of a mink coat is often made by business ladies who prefer to look presentable and expensive. Such girls love to combine this outerwear with a trouser suit made of dense texture. As an additional warming, stylists suggest using a cashmere turtleneck or a thin jumper as the base layer for the kit.

Paired with a trouser suit, you can equally well wear a mink coat with a stand-up collar or a model with an English collar. These are classic variations that are easiest to fit into strict looks.

With pants

The combination of a mink coat with trousers is another fashion idea for the 2020 season. True, it is worth considering one nuance: now the pants should not sit tight, they should leave some space between the body and the fabric. A win-win option is a straight cut with an oversized fit.

Actual flared trousers or a wool palazzo look stylish paired with a cropped fur coat. It is appropriate to complement this image with narrow boots or ankle boots with heels – this way it will turn out to be as effective as possible.

As a top for trousers, it is permissible to choose a turtleneck, jumper, sweater, oversized shirt or blouse.

Like a bright accent

In the 2020 season, not only classic black, brown and beige fur coats are at the peak of popularity, but also extraordinarily bright models. It is important to use such products as a key accent in an outfit. For example, a fashionista can wear such a fur coat against a monochrome white, beige, gray or black image.

What to choose a hat for a mink coat

If you are not against fashion experiments when choosing a headdress for a mink coat, you can pay attention to the trendy trend of 2020 – a knitted or knitted scarf. There is no doubt about the practicality of this accessory – it perfectly warms in cool weather, and also looks very stylish and extraordinary.

A classic silk scarf is also a good ally for a mink coat. If the outerwear itself is designed in a single-color laconic design, you can bet on an accessory with a fashionable animalistic, abstract or floral print.

An ordinary scarf can be fixed in completely different ways – and the fantasy of a fashionista is clearly not limited to a classic scarf. A girl can also tie a scarf in the form of a turban, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the image.

You can wear a mink coat without a hood in the same company with a snood or a wide scarf wrapped around your head.

A hat is another win-win addition to the look with a mink coat. Such a final touch will add charm and sophistication to the image. For warm weather, felt hats are preferable – they are also suitable for autolady.

In the 2020 season, hats with round crowns, wide brim, as well as charming cloche models are the most relevant. Absolutely with any actual accessory, a straight-cut fur coat will look good.

In fashionable caps, fashionistas flaunted last season, and in the 2020 season, such models are invariably at the peak of popularity. The most fashionable caps are usually made of thick wool or leather.

If you choose a hat with fur inserts for a fur coat, then make sure that this texture contrasts with outerwear in shade.

It is recommended to wear a mink coat with a hood without a scarf, but with a concise and discreet headdress. A turban, a turban or a versatile beanie hat can be a winning solution.

In addition to a fur coat, you can also pick up a classic beret made of warm wool. It is important that it be made in a concise style – without voluminous applications and rhinestones. The beret can be matched to match the outerwear or contrast with it.

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