How to wear a plaid in 2020

Especially for you, we found out how to wear a plaid in the 2020 season to look beautiful and stylish. Choose tips that you will use in your images!

Win-win tricks

With matching clothes

If you are afraid of making a mistake when compiling a fashionable bow, you can follow the win-win rule of color unity. It says that you can always match clothes with a print to match one of the participants in the pattern. For example, you can combine a red and black plaid shirt with dark trousers and look great!

We draw your attention to the fact that the color that complements the print does not have to completely repeat the tone on the print. The saturation and brightness of the shades may vary depending on the tastes of the fashionista.

Classics of the genre

Black and white things are good because they always help out fashionistas with a hint of a situation code-named “I have nothing to wear.” Such clothes also save when creating winning clothes with prints. For example, you can always pick up a classic white or black addition to a checkered motif of any color.

With contrasting color

A more original way to wear a cage is to combine it with emphatically bright and contrasting things. A classic print in neutral colors is the best fit for this look. To create a stylish outfit, such a pattern can be combined with accents in a shade of fuchsia, electric blue or lime, etc. Fashionistas also like to combine a gray or muted check with pastel things. With this approach, the familiar image will surely sparkle with new colors.

Lack of rules

More recently, fashionistas had to adhere to strict rules when creating stylish bows. But now their categoricalness is gradually reduced to zero and modern girls are offered complete freedom of creativity. It’s okay if you do not observe the unity of color or choose different patterns within the same outfit – the main thing is that the final combination looks harmonious and you personally like it.

Mixing prints

with cage

If you love a checkered print so much that you are not ready to be content with just one garment of this color, bet on monochrome. In practice, it is very interesting to combine one motive in various variations. But there is a safer way – the unity of the print throughout the outfit, which most often embodies the finished trouser suit.

[tds_note]Overweight women should be especially careful to wear a checkered print. With these parameters, it is better to choose a medium-sized motif without too much contrast. An excellent option would also be a pattern with pronounced vertical stripes.[/tds_note]

With peas

To successfully wear a cage and peas, you should follow the unity of color, fabric or size of prints. At least one of the listed elements will ensure the harmony of motives and a harmonious bow.

With a strip

You don’t have to be a professional stylist with a decent amount of fashion knowledge to wear a plaid with a stripe. These prints are representatives of the geometric group, so they are quite easy to combine with each other. For example, in the 2020 season, you can create a stylish look by complementing a checkered coat or jacket with a vest or striped trousers. If you are afraid of making a mistake, additionally follow the color unity of the prints.

With other prints

In addition to stripes and polka dots, the cage is stylishly combined with patterns of other types. So, if you want something contrasting and extraordinary, you can support the classic print with a bold leopard, zebra or dynamic geometric pattern. The resulting tandem can be both muted and saturated – it all depends on your mood!

Inspirational Examples


In the 2020 season, checkered shirts are especially popular with fashionistas and designers. When choosing such a product, you should definitely take into account the individual characteristics of the figure. So, a small print will harmoniously look only on slender girls.

This checkered top can be played up in a cowboy style if you combine it with jeans and rough boots or Cossacks. Also in the 2020 season, you can pick up plain trousers, a skirt or shorts. A multi-layered ensemble is also considered an actual reception, in which the shirt is mixed with a basic top or T-shirt.

The long cut model can be easily turned into a tunic or even a dress. To do this, embody the emphasis on the waist with a leather belt. If this decision seems too bold for you, you can complement the bow with trendy bike shorts.

Instead of a classic belt, a fashionista can pick up a fanny pack in addition to a shirt. Such accessories are always at the peak of popularity.


Checked trousers look great in a duet with any solid top, whether it’s a turtleneck, shirt, blouse or t-shirt. To create a stylish and holistic look, you can choose any accessory that will echo the checkered print palette.

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A jacket

Surely, many readers already have a checkered jacket in their arsenal, but not all of them managed to reveal its full potential. In fact, this is truly an indispensable thing that can serve faithfully in composing a wide variety of images. This theory is also proven by the heroines of street style, who offer new ways of interpreting the checkered jacket.

Fresh reception of the 2020 season – a jacket on a naked body. Of course, such an image is not suitable for office everyday life, but it will certainly allow you to create an unforgettable image for a party.

Another stylish idea is a fashionable combination of an unbuttoned checkered jacket with a crop top or bra. As a bottom for such an image, you can always choose trousers, shorts, jeans or a skirt with a high waistline.

To change the mood of a jacket from strict to elegant, you can choose a slip dress to accompany it. In this image, you definitely will not go unnoticed!

A checkered jacket can also be integrated with skirts and culottes, turtlenecks and blouses. The loose style will look great paired with a sweater – you can remember about this winning tandem in the winter of 2020.


A plaid patterned pantsuit is an unconditional must-have of recent seasons. Judging by the obvious popularity, such an ensemble is not at all going to leave the field of view of leading designers. And this means that you can continue stylish experiments with a suit.

Its main purpose for many fashionistas is defined as “indispensable clothing for the office.” As part of the dress code, such an ensemble is usually combined with a white shirt or blouse to match the pattern. In the cold season, you can choose a cozy turtleneck or jumper as a base layer.

On weekends, you can not give up your favorite costume, but beat it in a casual way. That is, instead of a strict shirt, you can choose a T-shirt with an inscription or a trendy crop top. At the same time, it is worth putting on voluminous …

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