How to wear a scarf in style in 2022: tips from stylists

In 2022, the original scarf will become one of the main attributes of the winter wardrobe, so it is not surprising that fashionistas are interested in the question of how to stylishly wear this beautiful accessory in the cold season.

How to wear a scarf in 2022: fashion tips from stylists

This season, leading brands offer a huge selection of models that will perfectly fit into a classic, business, casual or evening look. Let’s find out how to choose the right scarf to make a fashionable bow bright and interesting:

  • Long scarf. Stylist Marina Mustafina recommends that women of fashion choose long models without hesitation, because such scarves look feminine and romantic. To make the accessory look stylish, it must be properly tied. Do not immediately wind the entire length around the neck. It is better to throw one part of the scarf over your shoulder and straighten it beautifully over your clothes. A long scarf goes equally well with a classic coat, a short down jacket and a pancho cape.

  • Cozy cashmere. Such warm models will still remain in trend this winter. Wide stoles made of soft cashmere will elegantly complement the winter outfit. Designers suggest wearing them both with outerwear (coats, trench coats, leather jackets), and instead of cardigans or jackets. Models from angora, mohair and wool will be no less popular.

  • Knitted patterns. The favorites of the season will be voluminous oversized models. The trend will be not only scarves of different lengths, but also elegant snoods. A knitted scarf is best worn with trousers, jeans, sweaters and shoes in the same color scheme.

  • Silk accessory. Light and thin scarves will gracefully complement a fashionable outfit. They can be worn with business dresses, trousers, sweaters and blouses as a bright decoration.

  • Original print. According to stylist Victoria Koroleva, checkered scarves should appear in the wardrobe of every fashionista this winter. In 2022, the geometric print will be at the peak of its popularity. Such models will look most advantageous with plain outerwear (coat, down jacket, fur coat). Scarves with a pattern imitating the color of a leopard, tiger, zebra will also be in trend. They are well suited to parks, sheepskin coats, insulated leather jackets.

  • Fur scarf. Feminine and elegant boas are back in fashion. Classic fur scarves will help create a bright and sophisticated look. Boas can be worn not only with outerwear. Collar scarves go well with warm dresses and trouser suits. Leading brands offer to mix things of different textures. For example, a fur scarf will look very interesting with leather jackets.

  • Quilted models. These scarves will be the fashion novelty of the season. According to stylist Marina Mustafina, women who love to impress others with non-standard looks should definitely get a quilted scarf, because it goes well with any outerwear.

In 2022, both bright scarves (red, burgundy, yellow, blue) and models of basic shades (black, white, brown) will be in fashion.

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How to choose the right scarf for outerwear

In order for a fashionable outfit to turn out to be harmonious and whole, you need to choose the right scarf for outerwear. To create a spectacular winter look for the fair sex, the advice of the famous stylist Samal San will help.

Rule #1

It’s good if the scarf matches the color of the chosen outerwear and it doesn’t matter if it is a down jacket, coat or fur coat. In this case, the accessory must necessarily differ in its texture. By following this rule, fashionistas will be able to create a truly original image. A bright accent in a monochrome outfit will help make a multi-colored scarf.

Rule #2

Under outerwear with a V-neck (coat, sheepskin coat, fur coat), in no case will a scarf-collar fit, because it visually expands the shoulders and shortens the silhouette. Also, do not wind long scarves in this way. In this case, fashionistas just need to wrap the accessory once around the neck and leave the ends to fall freely on both sides.

Rule #3

In order to stylishly tie a scarf in 2022, you should use the tips of professionals. Interestingly, this accessory will look with outerwear that has a belt. An original image will turn out if the scarf is wrapped around the neck, and the ends are carefully tucked under a beautiful and stylish belt. This will visually lengthen the silhouette and emphasize the waist, despite the voluminous outerwear.

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Rule #4

Fashionistas who believe that the scarf must match the color of the hat are mistaken. In the last few seasons, this rule has ceased to be relevant. When choosing a scarf and a hat, fashionistas must follow one rule without fail. It is important that things match, either in color or in texture. It is good if the color of the headdress repeats one of the shades found in the scarf print.

Rule #5

In terms of its density, the scarf should be the same as the outerwear. Thin silk accessories will look ridiculous and tasteless with a warm fur coat or woolen coat.

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By following the above tips, every fashionista will be able to wear a scarf in fashion in 2022 and look stylish and beautiful at the same time.

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