How to wear a slip dress in 2023

A light, delicate, seductive lingerie-style dress is a hot trend in 2023. However, it has become popular for a long time. Fashionistas are impressed by the sensual message of this unusual outfit, so they are in no hurry to part with it. What to wear with a slip dress this season to create a stylish look that meets all fashion trends and feel confident? In today’s review, we will give examples of actual bows, share the recommendations of stylists.

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Linen-style dresses: fashion looks 2023

Sleep dress is the perfect option for different occasions. It can be worn both in summer in the heat and in autumn in cool weather, creating

Avaya trendy multi-layered images. In 2023, stylists recommend sticking to solid colors and minimalism in order to accurately match the trends. And give up models with lace, they are too similar to real nightgowns. You should not choose very short slip dresses – it’s gone. It is better to give preference to the length to the ankle or mid-calf – that’s the most chic. Vertical cutouts that open the leg are still relevant.

As for the bra, then the opinions of stylists differ. Some believe that it is quite acceptable for girls with small, neat breasts to wear a sleep dress without an upper set of underwear. Others, on the contrary, insist that such dresses can and should be worn with a strapless bra that has a smooth texture. What you prefer, decide for yourself. And, of course, take into account the circumstances.

Now we give examples of current fashionable bows for the 2023 season.

  • With a turtleneck or longsleeve. A trendy combination that will allow a lady to feel comfortable in a light dress even in cold weather. Turtleneck and longsleeve in this case are worn under the outfit. To make the bow harmonious, choose things from the same color palette or, on the contrary, contrasting ones. But, if the combination dress should be one-color (preferably), then the long sleeve can be printed, for example, in a horizontal strip.

  • With a sweater. What to wear with a slip dress in winter 2023-2024? Of course with an oversized sweater. Here the rule of opposite textures applies, which, as you know, perfectly complement each other. The sweater can be with a high neck, which will provide maximum comfort in cool weather. But it is better to choose a model with a deep V-neck. It will allow you to look slimmer, make the bow easier to perceive. A sweater with open shoulders will also look beautiful.

  • With a trench coat. In spring and early autumn, we recommend wearing a sleep dress under a raincoat or trench coat. It’s very feminine and stylish. The most chic if the outerwear is a little longer than the dress. However, in this nuance, start solely from your taste. You need to wear a bow confidently, lightly. Therefore, choose slip-ons, ballet flats or mules as shoes, if the weather permits. Chelsea low shoes will also look good here.

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  • With a T-shirt. An outfit with a T-shirt is best assembled according to the same principle as with the aforementioned turtleneck. Wear a white, grey, printed or bright t-shirt under your dress. However, this option is not suitable for all fashionistas. Stylists do not recommend resorting to it for ladies with broad shoulders or large forearms. Otherwise, you can put unnecessary emphasis on them. As an additional element of the bow, you can take a wide-brimmed hat to match the dress.

  • With a cardigan. Outfit that is suitable for both cool summer and autumn with spring. Here again, you can rely on the contrast of textures, they will do their job. As a result, you will get a feminine, stylish, comfortable fashionable look for every day. For him, you can choose a midi or maxi length cardigan. Both thin knitwear and textured knitting are in trend. Cardigan models with buttons are gaining popularity again, pay attention to them.

  • With a shirt. Dresses in linen style in 2023 should definitely be worn with shirts or laconic blouses. Just remember one important rule: the outfit should be based on a dense layer on top of a thin one. That is, the shirt is worn over the sleep dress, and not vice versa. Wearing this thing under a dress is bad manners. Immediately abandon this idea if it comes to your mind. The shirt can be denim, oversized or any other. It has become very fashionable to tie it with a knot on the stomach.

  • With jeans. A bold look, which, however, corresponds to all fashion trends-2023. The result is an intricate layered look that can be paired with a T-shirt and turtleneck. To some, this combination may seem controversial, but it will fit quite well into the trend of street style and casual. After all, the main thing is that the girl will be comfortable in such an outfit, even if it is not very tempting.

  • With a sweatshirt or sweatshirt. A relaxed outfit that fans of sport-chic style will certainly appreciate. Giving preference to this tandem, the girl will emphasize her desire for freedom and fashionable experiments. The sweatshirt can be printed, complemented by a hood, ties, wide sleeves. At the same time, she will not draw all the attention from the sleep dress to herself. On the contrary, two seemingly opposite things complement each other perfectly.

Slip dresses look no less organic with a leather jacket, with a jacket, with a waist strap as an accessory.

What to wear with a slip dress in the 2023 season, we told you. Study photos of fashionable images and make replicas of presented bows in everyday life.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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