How to wear a summer dress in cold weather

If you do not want to part with your favorite summer dress in cool weather, we will tell you what to wear it with to look stylish and fashionable on cool summer evenings and in the off-season.

Stylish ideas for creating fashionable images with summer dresses in cool weather

Today, stylists offer fashionistas many options for creating interesting images with summer dresses. Favorite by many girls, chiffon and satin models are easily combined with such elements of the spring-autumn wardrobe:

  • trendy cropped or oversized jeans;
  • oversized jacket;
  • voluminous or cropped shirt;
  • bomber;
  • a light raincoat at the waist;
  • turtleneck;
  • leather jacket;
  • voluminous hoodie;
  • short or oversized jumper.

Below we will demonstrate a selection of original ideas with a photo of how to wear a summer dress when the thermometer drops below 20 degrees Celsius.

With denim

This is the simplest, but at the same time very stylish way to warm up in cool summer weather. A denim jacket, especially its trendy cropped version, is perfectly combined with various items of women’s wardrobe, including dresses.

Fashion for the summer of 2021 also offers to warm up with the help of original oversized jeans. They go well with light chiffon dresses in floral print.

A denim jacket is so versatile that it is perfect for creating fashionable looks with a summer dress, not only for girls of model appearance, but also for overweight women.

As for shoes, then choose the option based on your own preferences and weather conditions. Both heeled sandals and laconic white sneakers and sneakers will look equally good.

With a jacket

A men’s shoulder jacket is ideal for creating trendy looks. Such a tandem will be a great option for going to work, walking or evening gatherings with friends. However, in each individual case, your own option will be appropriate.

Which jacket to wear over a dress in the summer of 2021 depends on the situation:

  • For a more formal look, opt for jackets in neutral tones.
  • For a walk, a jacket in a classic cream palette or a trendy checkered model will be an excellent option. Combine them with linen-style dresses – it will turn out very interesting.
  • Models of jackets in juicy summer shades and in a nude palette will add zest to the image with a dress, make it more stylish and original.

With a shirt

On a cool summer evening, a light dress can easily be complemented with a light cotton shirt. A plain light model is best suited for a printed outfit. To make the image more original, the shirt can be tied in a knot.

If you want to wear a light dress in the fall, then an oversized checkered shirt will come to the rescue, which looks more like a coat in its appearance. Thanks to such outerwear, you can wear your favorite sundress even in the off-season.

With a bomber jacket

At first glance, it seems that it is simply impossible to combine a bomber jacket and a summer dress in one look. However, the fashion trends of recent seasons dictate completely opposite rules. So, a voluminous boyish jacket goes well with light summer dresses, making the outfit more original and less cloying. The result is a very stylish female image, with a touch of rebellion.

With a summer coat at the waist

Summer fashion 2021 is so non-trivial that even raincoats easily fit into it. Modern models of outerwear familiar to us are sewn from light fabrics, so they easily complement the images in the warm season.

A summer raincoat with a belt will not only add warmth and comfort in cool weather, but will also become a bright accent of the image with a dress. By the way, instead of a belt, you can use a waist bag – it not only perfectly emphasizes the waist, but also adds practicality to the image.

With a turtleneck

If you don’t want to wear anything over a summer dress, then there is a fashionable option that allows you to warm up and at the same time not hide the attractiveness of the outfit – a turtleneck. This piece of clothing is worn underneath.

Choose any color: a turtleneck can be the same tone with a dress or stand out in contrast. Give preference to models of their light thin fabrics, they will look best in tandem with a summer dress.

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With leather jacket

A leather jacket is a great way to create a trendy look with almost any other outfit. In addition, such a detail of the women’s wardrobe is incredibly versatile and will be appropriate for both young girls and women over 50.

In summer, leather jackets of light shades will be relevant, however, the classic black version will perfectly fit into the image with a light chiffon dress.

With a hoodie

Another stylish option that allows you to warm up, but at the same time not give up on a summer dress, is a hoodie. This tandem looks very original. It is perfect for every day: for a walk, shopping, meeting with friends.

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With a jumper

A dress plus a jumper equals an actual tandem, appropriate at any time of the year. For cool autumn weather, you can pick up a warm and long oversized wool sweater. For a summer evening or a rainy day, a short jumper made of lighter materials would be appropriate.

Now you know what is fashionable to wear a summer dress in cool weather. We hope that our advice will be useful to you and you will not have to give up your favorite outfit, even if it gets cold outside.

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