How to wear a sweater in autumn 2020

In this article, we reveal all the appearances and passwords about what to wear with a sweater in the fall of 2020. We will not talk about the usual combinations that have long been known to all fashionistas – only fresh ideas, only hardcore!

The most fashionable combinations

With jeans

It would seem that it could be easier than just combining your favorite sweater with your usual jeans. But modern stylists say that such a basic tandem can have huge potential – the main thing is to know (and successfully apply!) A few tricks.

If the sweater is not too long and heavy, it is recommended to tuck it into jeans in the 2020 season. To make this action uniform, you should first hide the fabric in your pants, then raise your hands and beautifully straighten the folds of the sweater. In such a tandem, slouch jeans, which are so relevant in the 2020 season, promise to look the most advantageous.

A fashionista can also fill the sweater not completely, but only half. If there is a desire to play more hooligans with the image, you can slightly casually roll up the edges of the sleeves. This top is most successfully complemented by laconic straight jeans or a model with a raw edge.

To make this combination even more fashionable and interesting, you can add wide-topped boots or Cossacks to it and tuck jeans into shoes. It will be very effective.

If you don’t feel like tucking in your sweater, but you don’t mind highlighting your waist at all, you can choose a trendy combination of a cropped top and high bottom. This technique will not only visually draw the waist, but also lengthen the legs as a bonus. For maximum effect, stylists recommend choosing flared jeans and complementing the bow with heels.

With pants

The fall 2020 fashion trends also suggest wearing a chunky knit sweater with trousers. Moreover, the choice can fall on the classic model, and trendy palazzo – in the latter case, the image will be designed in a stylish oversized format. When choosing shoes for such bows, a fashionista can improvise – not only ankle boots, but also rough boots will look advantageous.

From this image, you can also adopt a winning color combination of a rich graphite shade with a mustard color. The perfect tandem for a deep stylish autumn! We also draw your attention to the current accessories – hoop earrings, which are ideal with a low beam, and a brown clutch with a fixed rectangular shape.

With a summer dress

Do you think that with the advent of the cold season, light summer dresses should be eliminated on the far shelf of the closet before the appearance of heat? But it was not there! Stylists say that such clothes will look advantageous in a duet with a tight knitted sweater. The game of contrasts has never been so feminine and interesting!

It is worth noting that when creating such an image, you can use typical summer prints – for example, elegant flowers. In order for the final bow to turn out to be complete, the top must repeat the coloring of one of the plants on the skirt. And as shoes, you can choose lace-up boots, suede ankle boots or high boots.

With belt

Bulky knitted sweaters do not necessarily have to symbolize the loss of feminine outlines in the image. If you want to skillfully combine comfort and elegance in one outfit, feel free to complement the top with a leather belt. Such a fashionable accessory will create a beautiful accent in the waist area and in general make the image more expressive and complete.

On shoulders

A great option for changeable weather is a sweater, with a slight carelessness tied at the shoulders. In the event of a cold snap, such an upper layer can always be put on.

With a jacket

Another fashionable way to stylishly beat a sweater is to pair it with a jacket. But we emphasize that the top layer should be quite voluminous with a hint of oversize. It is he who will add elegance and expressiveness to the image of a touch of elegance.

According to this principle, fashionistas especially like to wear a sweater with a neckline in a plain design. But when choosing a jacket, you can recoup big – it may have a print that will harmonize in color with the base layer.

With leather bottom

In the 2020 season, real fashionistas are not afraid to make bold combinations of textures within one look. One of the favorite tricks can be called a combo of thick knitwear and bold leather. If you like this idea, you can choose leather trousers, shorts or a skirt to accompany the sweater – all these models are equally relevant in the 2020 season!

With a feminine skirt

A very effective contrast can also be realized by combining a voluminous sweater with an emphatically feminine skirt. Focusing on the leading trends of the 2020 season, you can bet on satin or silk bottoms, as well as models with frills or flounces. In this case, the sweater can be plain, and the skirt presented with a print in the color of the top.

With knitted bottom

Do you want to try on the most cozy and comfortable combination of the 2020 season? Then take on board a tandem of a sweater and a knitted skirt or trousers. Such an outfit will look especially elegant in a cream, milky or beige palette. But still, it is better to withstand close colors of the top and bottom in order to look harmonious. What you need for a stylish and comfortable everyday life!

Dropped Shoulder

Another idea on how to wear an oversized sweater in the fall of 2020 is to create an open line of shoulders. This technique will add a touch of femininity and playfulness to the image. True, this trick can not be performed with every sweater – a model with a deep neckline is best suited for this role.

In layering

To make it as fashionable as possible to wear a v-neck sweater, you should beat it according to the principle of layering. It’s simple – under such a thing, stylists recommend wearing a polo shirt or shirt, so much so that the collar is noticeable. When choosing two independent layers, you can maintain a noticeable contrast so that the bow turns out to be as expressive as possible. You can temporarily forget about basic white shirts – now stylish checkered or striped prints look more interesting.

When creating a multilayer outfit, you can safely change the terms – put on a shirt directly on top of a sweater or turtleneck. The main thing at the same time is to choose a sweater that is not too voluminous and a rather tight shirt. The black and white duo is another trendy idea to keep in mind!

The combination of a sweater with a turtleneck also helps to kill two birds with one stone – warm up and create a stylish bow. To make this combination look advantageous, it is worth choosing the top layer denser than the bottom one. It is also recommended to withstand the contrast of shades. Stylists emphasize that overweight women can also wear a sweater in layers – however, they will have to select fairly thin and light elements of the image.

Another fresh trick based on layering is the use of two jerseys at once. The first is put on the body, and the second is thrown over the shoulders and tied with a knot. Such…

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