How to wear a sweatshirt: stylish ideas

Stylists easily come up with new combinations of what to combine with a sweatshirt, because it is a basic and multifunctional member of the women’s wardrobe. About fresh combinations and an unusual look at familiar clothes – in a fresh photo selection of looks from Moddam!

With a coat

In practice, the sweatshirt is stylishly combined not only with sports jackets, but also with elegant coats. To make everything work out, bet on a straight silhouette of outerwear with a laconic double-breasted collar.

A fur coat will also make friends with a hoodie and create an interesting contrast of textures. To make the image especially cozy, stylists advise sticking to a monochrome technique in a light version. It is not necessary to diligently choose things of the same color – similar shades in the neighborhood look more relevant.

With a suit

Among the current trends in women’s fashion is a combination of opposing styles – for example, business and sports attributes.

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A striking example of a successful combination is your favorite sweatshirt as a base layer with a pantsuit. To make such an outfit look harmonious, it makes sense to support the base layer with suitable shoes – sneakers or sneakers.

With a jacket

If you take a jacket separately and integrate it in combination with a plain sweatshirt, it promises to turn out to be a stylish and interesting look. Bottoms can be straight trousers or plain jeans.

Fashion tip! If the jacket is presented in an elongated cut, it can serve as a dress. As shoes, we advise you to choose laconic shoes.

With bicycles

A win-win option for a comfortable and fashionable look for every day – a tandem of an oversized elongated sweatshirt along with bike shorts. A great addition to this outfit will be long socks in combination with sneakers.

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With a skirt

What to wear with a sweatshirt for a teenage girl? Stylists offer to embody the trend with a short tennis skirt. For balance, sports shoes are recommended.

A loose sweatshirt will balance the look with a short skirt. Modern fashion suggests balancing the flirtatious length with sports shoes.

In practice, it is easy to make sure that contrasts and opposites attract in images. This rule makes successful outfits with a sports sweatshirt and emphatically feminine skirts – for example, a pleated midi model.

If you are afraid of making a mistake, bet on a classic pencil cut – this skirt is the most versatile in its combinations.

Another trendy combination with a sweatshirt is an image with an elegant maxi skirt. Such a tandem looks non-trivial and is designed to diversify the usual outfits.

With pants

Your favorite sweatshirt comes to the rescue when you need to create a stylish and comfortable look in a matter of seconds. It is not necessary to stick to an exclusively sporty style – a little elegance will serve as an excellent seasoning for casual looks.

Concise straight-cut trousers can become a fashionable companion for a sweatshirt. The choice of shoes directly depends on the desired mood of the image – both sports sneakers and more elegant loafers can fit in.

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Modern fashion abolishes strict boundaries between different styles. That is why the duet of a sweatshirt with leather trousers promises to look edgy.

Fashion layering

Stylists cite multi-layered ensembles as an example when they explain what a woman should wear with a sweatshirt. There are many examples of successful combinations, and here is one of them: a classic white shirt worn under a sweatshirt or sweatshirt. With a new accent, the image becomes more collected.

In practice, the sweatshirt perfectly coexists with various options for outerwear. You can create a fashionable look with a shirt jacket, vest or trench coat.

Modern fashion has a lot of ideas with what to wear a sweatshirt. Trends are not limited to the usual combinations, but offer to mix styles and non-banal things – in practice, this approach is very interesting!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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