How to wear an oversized coat in 2020

oversized coat will be in trend in autumn 2020 years, so fashionistas should know what to wear with similar outerwear to look stylish and attractive. A loose coat is a cut that is thought out to the smallest detail, which makes the figure sophisticated and attractive. The main thing is to choose the right additional elements for the set, this will allow you to create a very feminine and elegant look with trousers, jeans, dresses and skirts.

With what and how to wear an oversized coat

It turns out that a voluminous coat can be worn with a wide variety of clothes:

  • a discreet sheath dress and a classic pencil skirt look very stylish and attractive in combination with an oversized coat;
  • slender girls can wear a loose coat with shorts;
  • a win-win option – jeans and trousers of any style.

The main rule when compiling stylish outfits is open legs. Skirts, dresses and shorts should be shorter and hidden under the coat, while the gaze of others should reveal slender legs, which, in combination with a voluminous top, will demonstrate grace and elegance.

Next, we will consider various images and learn in more detail how to compose trendy bows with a free coat.

Pants and jeans

According to fashion trends on 2020 year, wear an oversized coat best with skinny pants or jeans. At the same time, it is very important to choose the right color scheme – it should either be as close as possible to the shade of outerwear, or clearly contrast with it.

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An incredibly stylish look is obtained by combining an oversized coat with distressed jeans, as well as leather trousers and vintage items.

If you wear outerwear unbuttoned, then you can demonstrate the lower outfit and emphasize the diminutiveness and accuracy of the figure. A buttoned coat looks best in tandem with trouser suits.

Dresses and skirts

Despite the fact that the most successful bows with a loose coat are obtained with trousers, it is not forbidden to wear it with dresses. Give preference to loose and voluminous models of knitwear. You can complement the image with stylish ankle boots or trendy white sneakers.


Long models are very popular. Such coats are worn not only with evening dresses, but also in tandem with trouser suits and jeans. Classic pumps, ankle boots and boots, as well as sports shoes in the form of sneakers and sneakers, are suitable as shoes.

See how stylishly actress Emilia Clarke styled a voluminous long coat into her outfit. The woman chose a double-breasted model in a classic color, and to emphasize the elegance of the figure, she put on a feminine striped formal suit underneath.

The actress skillfully balanced the silhouette with light pumps with high heels. A similar technique is often used by women of short stature who want to wear oversized trendy items. If your height is above average, then you can safely combine a loose long coat with Chelsea boots or loafers.

Another win-win fall look can be created by borrowing the idea from Sienna Miller. The actress chose a very fashionable oversized coat with interesting kimono sleeves and a trendy olive color. The woman skillfully fitted voluminous jeans, a basic gray pullover, low top sneakers, a printed scarf and a stylish cap into the look.

Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez managed to combine a coat and white sneakers in one look. At the same time, the famous American model matched the classic beige coat with trendy white joggers and the same plain T-shirt. It turned out very stylish!

A short

Short oversized coats combine comfort and practicality, but protect against the cold less than longer models. Such products fit perfectly into the images in the style of sport-chic, casual and street style.

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Stylists recommend wearing cropped coats with dresses and mini skirts, jeans. As shoes, it is best to choose fairly massive ankle boots or boots with thick soles, they will balance a fairly massive top and at the same time emphasize the elegance of the legs.

In a cage

Oversized plaid coat – another trendy option that you should definitely follow wear this autumn. Such a print in recent seasons is in demand not only among stylists, fashionistas also fell in love with it for its originality and special charm. At the same time, the type and color of the cage is not particularly important, any option that the fashionista likes will look fashionable and interesting.

When choosing a fashionable oversized coat with a stylish checkered print, remember that outerwear in this case should be the main focus of the image, give up additional printed details.

As a star example, let’s take a look at Gigi Hadid’s stylish bow. The model is not afraid to combine a light checkered coat with things in a similar color scheme. At the same time, the oversized style goes well with oxfords and a bulky bag.

For full

Fat women wear fashionable in 2020 year oversized coat not contraindicated. It perfectly hides figure flaws, hides extra pounds in the waist and hips, emphasizes the slimness of the legs. However, women of size + need to be careful with voluminous models, because they are quite shapeless, so they can play a cruel joke by turning the figure into an awkward barrel.

When choosing an oversized model, stylists recommend full ladies to ensure that the coat does not fit, but sits loosely on the figure.


oversized coat in itself is quite stylish clothing, so autumn 2020 his wear with plain long gloves, small bags, scarves, berets, hats and glasses.

If you want to add a twist to your look, pick up catchy, but not voluminous, jewelry, or complement an oversized coat with a belt.


Oversized coat models are not very demanding on shoes. They look great with flats and heels. Ankle boots and stocking boots also look great with voluminous coats. At the same time, preference should be given to models with stable heels, which will be ideally combined with a slightly casual oversized style.

For girls who like to walk a lot, you can pick up comfortable boots made of suede of noble shades – this way the legs will look very attractive, while they will not get tired during a long walk.

And, of course, do not forget about trendy sneakers. Give preference to more restrained and concise white options.

Celebrity Examples

Many domestic and Hollywood celebrities do not mind trying on a trendy oversized style, including autumn coats. After all, voluminous outerwear is extremely versatile and allows you to create many stylish bows with different clothes.

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