How to wear an oversized shirt: stylish looks to repeat

A fresh photo selection of images from the “Fashionable Lady” will tell you what to wear with an oversized shirt in different occasions. Go ahead, for a fresh portion of stylish inspiration!

Shirt as part of a layered look

Your favorite oversized shirt is indispensable for creating stylish layered ensembles. A successful image is easy to create: just make sure that each subsequent layer is denser than the previous one.

The following layered bow will tell you what to wear with a denim shirt. Try pairing it with a similar bottom layer for a fresh and trendy look.

Stylists suggest that you can experiment with buttons when looking for ways to wear an oversized shirt. You can open the buttons to waist level and leave the edges free.

With a T-shirt

Pair a loose fit shirt with a ribbed tank top for a classic pairing for a stylish and comfortable everyday look.

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You can improvise over the choice of the bottom, changing the mood of the outfit – jeans, cargo, and elegant palazzos are appropriate.

Shirt under the vest

What to wear with a white shirt to work if the usual combinations with a jacket and trousers are terribly boring? We offer to embody a fashionable duet with a knitted vest. An additional warm layer will add comfort and diversify your usual work outfits.

Shirt like a dress

An oversized shirt can act as a dress if it is long enough. This outfit will balance shoes at low speed – sneakers or sandals. If you want to emphasize your figure, use a waist bag or belt.

With jeans

The combination of a white shirt with jeans is a sure-fire move that refreshes and transforms the look. Such a classic duet will not look boring if you rely on the current oversized fit.

You can also follow the example of Hailey Bieber – wearing a men’s shirt with jeans and contrasting accessories is very stylish!

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The following outfit will tell you how to wear a shirt with jeans. An elegant bag will create an interesting contrast with the oversized style.

Based on the basic combination, you can experiment if you fasten the shirt in a non-standard way. For example, one collar can be asymmetrically lowered over the shoulder.

An oversized shirt can be combined with various styles of trousers – palazzo, chinos, cropped and straight models. The loose fit of the legs is not prohibited – a relaxed outfit is created with it.

With a skirt

The photo shows an image with an oversized shirt with a short skirt – almost the same length looks non-trivial and flirtatious.

A combination with a midi skirt will also be fashionable with an oversized shirt. The top layer can be knotted at the waist to accentuate a beautiful figure.

With bicycles

Loose shirt and bike shorts – what could be easier?! This formula of the image helps out perfectly on weekdays, when you need to create a stylish and comfortable bow in a matter of seconds. And here there is a place for improvisation – the shirt can be fastened with all the buttons, tied in a knot at the waist or combined with a crop top according to the layering principle.

With accessories

If you are ready for fashion experiments, complement the oversized shirt with a corset, peplum belt or leather belt. Such accessories will balance the loose fit and create a beautiful accent on the waist.

The unbuttoned shirt buttons inspire the combination with the most beautiful and accent decorations around the neck. For example, a stylish highlight of the image can be a tie necklace or a metal chain. A white shirt can be like a blank canvas for the colorful neckpieces in your jewelry box.

A photo selection of images suggested what to combine an oversized shirt with in order to be in trend. Interpret the ideas to suit your individual style and be unsurpassed!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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