How to wear and what to combine things in a checkerboard pattern

Today we decided to tell you about how to wear and what to combine checkered things with, because this print has been at the height of fashion lately. This print combines only two colors – white and black, or some bright one. But he immediately catches the eye, which is why he became so popular.

What goes well with a chess cage

Today you can find any clothes with a checkerboard print in stores – from a swimsuit to a fur coat. Therefore, if you like this pattern, rather add it to your wardrobe. We will only give you some advice regarding the issues of combining different things.

The most important details:

  • The size of the cage must be chosen based on the characteristics of your figure. If you have appetizing shapes, then choose a large cage, because a small one can add extra centimeters to you.
  • A large cell slims, a small one makes you fat. But in general, any chess cage is able to increase volumes, which should be taken into account by overweight women.
  • The prints that go best with chess are stripes and florals. In addition, you can safely combine it with plain clothes, as well as make total bows.
  • If your shoulders are narrow and your hips are wide, then wear a checkerboard top. In the opposite situation, let the bottom be chess.

The checkerboard print has become a great replacement for a simple cage. At the same time, designers use not only the standard pattern that we see on the chessboard. Cells can be arranged randomly, and also take the form of rhombuses. In addition, the addition to the white color can be not only black, but also green, red, brown and many others.

5 Checkered Checkered Everyday Looks 2021

First, we will look at images that are suitable for every day. That is, you can wear similar outfits for a walk, for going to a cafe and for other similar situations.

In the summer of 2021, you can go out for a walk in a fashionable look from the first photo. Its basis is a suit in a chess cage. It consists of loose trousers and a top. White sneakers were chosen as shoes, and they look very harmonious in this image.

The most feminine outfit – a dress – was also presented in the collections of designers with a checkerboard print. As an example, you can see a photo where the model is wearing a light, flying dress in white and blue colors. In this outfit you will feel both beautiful and comfortable.

Outerwear in a checkerboard pattern looks very interesting. In this example, you can see a leather jacket with a classic version of this print. She looks great with jeans and a black sweatshirt. As shoes, boots or sneakers are suitable here.

This total look was presented at one of the shows in 2021. The outfit consists of a miniskirt, top and jacket. The shoes are also matched to the tone of everything – it is also black and white. The role of an accessory here is played by a capacious black bag, ideally suited to the overall color scheme.

Checkered trousers can become one of your favorite everyday items that you will wear with pleasure. They only need to be supplemented with a bright T-shirt, as well as comfortable shoes like sneakers or sneakers. Although this image is not very colorful, it still attracts attention.

Business and dressy bows: 4 examples

Next, we present to your attention more strict and stylish bows, for which there are also many reasons in your life.

For autumn and winter, you can look for very stylish and original outerwear with a checkerboard print. As an example, we present two coats that are slightly different in color. The first is done in black and white, the second is in beige and brown, but both of them look luxurious.

The dress in the next photo can be a great business option to wear to the office. The print in it is combined with black, as well as inserts with the image of the brand. Stylish black glasses and a hard-shaped clutch complete the look.

Also, as an outfit for the office, this straight-cut dress below the knee is also suitable. It looks very concise, especially when combined with classic pumps and a small handbag. If you want to meet the fashion trends of 2021, then feel free to choose this outfit.

The dress that you see in the next photo is suitable for a date or going to a restaurant. It has a very bright and juicy print – a white-green chess piece, which has been slightly turned upside down. A seductive cut compensates for the lack of a deep neckline. The shoes are represented by red summer sandals, and there is also an original handbag.

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If you are not yet ready to dress in an outfit where the checkerboard trendy in 2021 is present in large numbers, then you can start by introducing accessories with this print into your looks. There are quite a few handbags, clutches and backpacks with this pattern, among which you can find your ideal option. You can also add belts and scarves with the specified print to the bows.

We hope that after you figured out how to wear and what to combine checkered things with, at least a few things with this trendy print will appear in your wardrobe. They will easily complement your everyday, business and solemn bows.

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