How to wear black without looking gloomy

Of course, things in dark colors are very practical and convenient. But how to wear black without looking ugly? In this article, we just reveal all the secrets!

Top tricks


When thinking through images in a dark palette, accessories should be given a paramount role. Against such a background, both classic and deliberately extraordinary details will play and reveal themselves in a new way. In recent seasons, stylists recommend paying special attention to:

  • minimalistic metal decorations on a large scale,
  • bags of unusual shape,
  • hair accessories and belts with contrasting metal buckles.

This technique can also be played in reverse. Let’s say if you have any unusual accessory that is hard to find a use for, you can successfully place it against a black background. stylish look.

original asymmetry

To tastefully wear black clothesyou can use in your images bright accent in the form of a non-standard cut. It is in dark colors that women of fashion wear asymmetry or other actual experiments with style without fear.

You can also create a creative game of cutting from existing things. All that is needed for this is to connect your imagination and put on familiar clothes in some non-standard way. For example, a fashionista can pull down the collar of a shirt over one shoulder, fasten the buttons on a jacket asymmetrically, or intentionally tuck a sweater unevenly into trousers.

Style mix

Styling Tips About, how to wear black without looking ugly, often come down to mixing different styles of clothing within the same outfit. This is not only an interesting technique in practice, but also extremely relevant. For example, modern women of fashion are very fond of combining representatives of the romantic and emphatically rough style of clothing. To understand how this principle works in practice, you can simply look into your wardrobe and compare black items from different stylistic trends.

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Say, if you have a dark oversized sweater in your arsenal, you can try to complement it with a feminine skirt. And a formal suit in the same color will look great with a belt at the waist and rough boots – in this look, you can additionally tuck the legs into shoes, because this is one of the most fashionable tricks of the season.

Exposed parts of the body

Another technique that will allow black clothes to play in a new way involves the presence of open areas of the body. It is on the basis of this palette that images with flirty crop tops, trousers with slits or dresses with a deep neckline look most advantageous. Open areas will not only add a seductive mood to the image, but also deprive the deep black color of a heavy and gloomy character.


You can also add brightness to a black image with the help of appropriate makeup. Stylists suggest that in this case, the last word remains with the color. For example, so that the face does not get lost against the gloomy background of clothes, you can bet on red lipstick or graphic arrows.

But “makeup without makeup” in an image consisting mainly of black clothes is a deliberately failed option.

This technique will allow the bow to slide towards homelessness and boredom. Creating the perfect snow-white tone on the face will also be inappropriate – in a black look, it is better to rely on blush and highlighter to create a radiant effect and the desired relief.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that if a girl today has the right attitude to experiment with make-up, she can bet on an image drawn up in dark colors.


Theoretically, colors are not gendered, but many women still associate the black palette with something rough, masculine, and heavy. That is why in this range clothes always look so interesting, emphasizing the femininity of the owner.

In the course can go:

  • mini length,
  • deep neckline,
  • ruffle at the waist,
  • exquisite cuts,
  • romantic prints,
  • lantern sleeves,
  • various types of lacing.

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Of course, it’s not worth using all of the above techniques at once in one image – only one single detail can be responsible for the feminine character of an outfit (sometimes it’s not even clothes, but light makeup and romantic curls).

Light additions

Did you know that black things look very interesting in the company of light and pastel accents? With such additions, the dark color scheme becomes less gloomy and more positive. A classic move is the combination of a black sweater with blue jeans with a hint of retro. This image can help you out in the cold season.

Game of textures

Combining different textures within one image, a fashionista can easily make a fundamental total black look more interesting and creative. If you have not thought about the original combination of materials until the moment of reading this article, then now you will surely be able to achieve a very unexpected effect in your images. For example, you can play with rough leather or embossed knitwear with a light and unusual texture – the depth of the black color scheme will make this experiment even more expressive.

An interesting play of textures against the background of a dark palette is also appropriate in an evening look. On a special occasion, a fashionista can combine noble velvet with alluring lace.

Transparent fabrics

A separate sign of skill in the actual game of textures is the addition of weightless transparent fabrics to the image. Stylists confirm that this technique always works win-win in images based on a dark palette.

If you want to test the effect of this trick in practice, take any item with sheer fabric inserts as the basis of your experiment and complement it with classic black clothes with a simple cut. Even if the last complements are designed in a deliberately rough design, the final image will still acquire the necessary lightness, airiness and femininity.

Dark translucent printed tights can also turn into a stylish highlight of a monochrome look!

leather texture

The real must-have of recent seasons is black things presented in a dense leather texture. Such novelties look very organically in single ensembles and create trendy total bows. Stylists recommend complementing such images with emphatically feminine details so that they do not look gloomy and rude.

For example, as an ideal complement to an outfit can be:

  • romantic bag,
  • strappy sandals,
  • bezel with pearls.


To wear black clothes so that she slender, it is worth paying due attention to the construction of silhouettes in the image. In a similar color with a hoodie style, there is always a risk of looking gloomy and nondescript or even creating an association with a ghost. We’re sure you don’t need it! That is why, when creating images in dark colors, you …

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