How to wear flat boots in 2020

What to wear with flat boots in 2020 to be guaranteed to be in line with fashion trends? In this article (special fo yu!) we have created a selection of the most stylish looks for different occasions!

Fashionable bows

midi skirt

Having studied the fashion reports of the 2020 season, we were happy to find that the absolute must-have in the world of trends is the midi skirt. A nice feature of this novelty is that it looks advantageous not only with shoes with heels, but also with comfortable flat shoes.

When creating such stylish ensembles, it is important not to make a mistake with the style of the bottom. So, too tight and tight skirt models are unlikely to look advantageous in a duet with boots – this combination went out of fashion a few years ago. But the combination of a flared A-line skirt with such shoes is definitely a stylish idea.

Another successful idea is an interesting game of prints in the image. For example, a fashionista can successfully pair black boots with a black and white printed skirt. We remind you that in the 2020 season, animalistic, geometric and floral motifs are most in demand.

For a stylish bow to look harmonious, the top in it must be in harmony with the style of the shoes. So, with this pair, a plain sweatshirt, hoodie, oversized sweater or turtleneck will look great.

Since last seasons, fashionistas have fallen in love with a pleated skirt, which, despite its obvious feminine design, is easily able to make friends with rather rough elements of the image. For example, as part of cozy casual ensembles, you can combine a pleated skirt with masculine boots – it will turn out very cool!

Fashion trends for autumn 2020 also suggest wearing tractor-soled boots with contrasting stylistics. For example, if such shoes seem rather rough, it means that they can be safely combined with exquisite clothes with lace inserts. Say, if a skirt with a similar decor is lost in your wardrobe, you can now safely combine it with rough boots.

A stylish example of a successful bow is also a combination of rough shoes with a skirt with transparent inserts. Such an idea will surely come in handy on warm days.

Another winning technique for playing with contrasts is the tandem of massive boots with a silk or satin skirt. Let’s tell you a little secret: if your wardrobe does not have such a bottom, you can completely replace it with a slip dress and spice up the created bow with a loose, cozy coarse-knit sweater. If the choice of a fashionista falls on dark shoes, then it is better to keep the whole bow in a deep rich palette.


If you like the combination of rough shoes with feminine clothes, we suggest you continue these experiments and move on to fashionable combinations with dresses. So, stylists advise in the 2020 season to combine the most comfortable knitted dresses in the world with boots. By the way, elongated sweaters can also play this role. For example, a laconic straight-cut outfit will look very relevant in tandem with flat boots and a loose coat.

If your choice falls on a plain dark dress, you can match it with printed tights. For example, among the trends, a model with a polka dot pattern or a heart is still kept.

The starting point of a stylish look can also be a feminine midi or maxi dress in a trendy free cut. Such a model can be presented both in a single-color design and with a print. The created image will fashionably complement a trench coat, a masculine jacket, a leather jacket or a sweater with a coarse knit.

In order for a woman to create an emphatically fashionable bow in the 2020 season, stylists recommend that she wear boots with a flowered dress.

Modern designers insist that now it is important to combine emphatically elegant and feminine outfits not with pumps, but with coarse shoes.

If we talk about a floral print, then in the cold season it will be appropriate to combine flowers on a dark background with black shoes. At the same time, the dress can be mini, midi or maxi length – all these marks are now in trend.

Mini length

Modern fashionistas are well aware that mini-length clothes run the risk of looking vulgar in combination with stilettos. But there must be a way that will allow you to demonstrate your figure and at the same time not look vulgar! As such a fashionable first aid in 2020, flat boots are just what they are, which land the mini length and set it up for a relaxed everyday mood.

With a combination of short dresses and skirts with such shoes, you can handle it yourself. We bring to your attention the most interesting idea of ​​the 2020 season – a combination with an elongated oversized jacket. It is curious that such a novelty can act not only as a top layer, but also as a short dress. If you like this fresh idea, you can leave the elongated jacket loose or add a belt at the waist for a feminine silhouette.

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trench coat

One of the most fashionable ideas of the 2020 season is the combination of a functional trench coat with flat boots. This basic combination is perfect for any everyday ensembles. For example, you can add variety to the look by experimenting with bottom options, choosing jeans / trousers / shorts or a skirt.

Other models of clothing that look good with flat boots include a leather jacket, a sheepskin coat, an oversized midi-length coat, a leather coat, an inflated jacket and a down jacket.


To make lace-up boots trendy, you can mix them with different models of jeans. A fashionista can experiment with denim colors or even prefer the current patchwork technique – connecting patches of fabric in different colors.

The classic of the genre is a combination of jeans, sweaters and boots. To make a familiar bow more interesting, you can prefer an unbanal color of the shoes and match the top to match it.

A multi-colored striped sweater also promises to be a fashionable addition to the look with laconic jeans. But be careful – the horizontal direction of the lines often visually expands the silhouette and fills the figure.

You can wear low shoes and jeans not only with a sweater, but also with a turtleneck, sweatshirt, sweatshirt, shirt or blouse. Romantic top options are also suitable for style ideas. In a word, against the background of such a basic component, you can experiment as much as you like!


Until recently, fashionistas used trousers exclusively in office ensembles and combined them with elegant shoes. However, (oh, happiness!) Recently, trousers have freed themselves from the shackles of stereotypes, and now they occupy a worthy place in everyday wardrobe. For example, if you’re in the mood for a fresh twist on a familiar pantsuit, try pairing it with a sweater and chunky boots for a stylish look.


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