How to wear flat shoes in autumn: stylish bows

How to wear flat shoes in autumn 2020 and look stylish? In this article, we not only answer this question, but also provide specific examples of fashionable and winning looks. Go?

Stylish combinations


Cozy and warm dresses are an essential part of the autumn wardrobe. Such outfits allow you to embody in the image and feminine style, which many girls desperately lack with the advent of cold weather. But what about the stereotype that dresses only look good with heels? Let’s break it down together!

In fact, among the novelties of the 2020 season, there are many models of dresses that look advantageous with flat-soled pairs. First of all, they should include all oversized silhouettes with a hint of sportswear style. Do not discount knitted models a la sweater in a free cut.

But this begs the question: what flat shoes look most stylish with a dress? Lace-up boots, chunky sneakers, loafers and sneakers are announced as the most fashionable options for the 2020 season.

Knitted suits

Fashion is fashion, but with the advent of autumn cold weather, many girls most of all want to wrap themselves in a warm blanket and not get out of it at least until spring. Fortunately, among the stylish clothes there are a lot of comfortable ones, which can easily be compared with the coziness indicators of the declared plaid. The most fashionable example is, of course, a knitted suit.

In the 2020 season, such models are presented mainly in a free cut and monochrome. The top is usually made in the form of a jumper or sweatshirt, and the bottom is joggers or straight trousers. Such an ensemble suggests a combination with flat shoes. For example, you can choose comfortable sneakers for your favorite knitted duet suit. And the trend, and the brand, and beauty!


Pants can only be worn with heels? Ah, please! The fall 2020 fashion trends offer a lot of stylish ideas on how to play with this element of the wardrobe in a new way. For example, you can add rough boots, sneakers or flat ankle boots to it, taking the look to a new stylish level.

But how in this case to be on top? Experienced stylists give a hint: trousers in combination with flat shoes will friendly accept an oversized shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, jumper, sweater or turtleneck.


There is one trick that will allow you not to lose your femininity in an image with flat shoes. The whole secret is in using a beautiful skirt. With flat pairs, mini length variations, classic pencil cut, straight cut with a vertical slit, casual knit and wool models look most advantageous. As a top for them, fashionistas love to pick up sweatshirts, jumpers and turtlenecks.

Feminine skirts made of silk or chiffon, as well as midi length models with romantic prints, have also become an absolute must-have for the autumn wardrobe. To present them as stylishly as possible, you can use rough shoes in contrast, and choose a voluminous sweater or cardigan as a top.

To look taller in flat shoes, you can keep the monochrome palette in the image, which is so relevant in the fall of 2020. The trick of this outfit lies in the uniform color of the image, which creates an effective vertical with pulling properties.

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The modern smart casual style of many fashionistas conquers with its conciseness, comfort and elegance. An indispensable attribute of this direction in the 2020 season is a stylish jacket. Falling in love with such a novelty is extremely simple, because it is easily combined with almost all women’s wardrobe. A striking example of this is a winning combination with flat shoes, whether it be sneakers, mules, loafers, oxfords or boots.

But in order for the created bow to really turn out to be successful, it is worth picking up rather concise things as a base that will be in harmony with flat shoes. For example, basic straight trousers and a matching turtleneck can be a stylish choice.

Did you know that the most accurate hit in the fall 2020 trends will be a checkered jacket? It doesn’t matter if you prefer a bright or discreet motif – in any case, it will look stylish and can decorate any autumn bow.


Flat shoes in the fall of 2020 can also be worn in a duet with a fashionable sundress. At the same time, as a base layer, it makes sense to choose a thing that will hint at the casual style in the image. For example, the best option would be a sweatshirt, striped pullover, hoodie or turtleneck. But it is better to postpone strict shirts for business ensembles.


Fashionable variations of flat shoes make a stylish company and various overalls. Focusing on current reports, we can state the relevance of denim, velveteen and leather models in a loose cut with a high waistline. Elements of “working style” are also welcome.


Classics of the genre of casual and comfortable look is a combination of jeans and flat shoes. But in the 2020 season, stylists offer to move away from the usual formulas and try out fresh, extraordinary combinations in practice. For example, instead of a boring windbreaker or leather jacket paired with jeans, you can choose an elegant trench or coat – you’ll see, the image will only benefit from such a replacement of terms.

And in the 2020 season, you can wear several varieties of outerwear at once! If you are constantly freezing, then this trend can be a real salvation for you.

Another stylish idea is an original play of textures in an autumn look. You should not discover America, because there are ready-made winning combinations. For example, dense denim looks cool in contrast with leather, chiffon or silk. The total look from a single texture also does not intend to lose ground – this information is in case a shirt or denim jacket is bored in your wardrobe.


An elegant midi-length coat can be considered a favorite favorite of fashionistas’ outerwear. Great news especially for you: this model not only looks cool with boots or heeled ankle boots, you can also beat it fashionably in combination with flat shoes.

Here’s a trendy example for you. If in an image with a coat you replace a fitted dress with loose trousers and a sweatshirt, then you can safely choose boots or sneakers as shoes. Only in this case it is worth considering an important nuance: loose outerwear will be good even when buttoned up, but it is better to unfasten the silhouette with a belt if the weather permits.

trench coat

His Majesty the trench coat still excites the minds of fashionistas, because it looks elegant and has excellent practicality. Once upon a time, such outerwear belonged to the rank of “classic”, which imposed certain restrictions on combinations – for example, it was considered appropriate to combine a trench coat exclusively with heels.

What a blessing that now a universal raincoat …

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