How to wear jeans in winter

The question of how to wear jeans in winter is very relevant among ladies, given their place of honor in the wardrobe of fashionistas. If in the summer pants are replaced with light trousers, dresses, sundresses and shorts, then in the cold period it is difficult for them to find a replacement. Therefore, when creating a winter look with jeans, it is important to find a compromise between comfort, warmth and style.

How to wear jeans in winter

Jeans are a valuable and versatile wardrobe item. They are worn for a walk, shopping, holiday gatherings, work. In the winter season, this thing is combined with many elements of the wardrobe, but first you need to choose the right outerwear.

Jeans look good with an aviator-style sheepskin coat, decorated with a voluminous fur collar. It looks stylish and keeps out the cold. A cropped down jacket in a bright, dark, neutral shade and a parka with a fur collar are also suitable for jeans.

The perfect combination would be a fleece coat. It is a warm material that will keep you warm on cold days. Stylists recommend choosing a coat of caramel, light brown, beige. This coloring easily fits into the basic wardrobe, and is combined with many outfits. To replace the fleece, a classic wool coat with an English collar is suitable. This is the perfect option to complete a business look.

A short voluminous down jacket will be relevant in the winter season. It’s perfect for high rise boyfriends and skinny jeans.

An indispensable thing in bad weather and severe frosts will be a parka with a fur lining and a hood. It is combined with all variations of jeans.

What to wear with boyfriend jeans?

“Boyfriend jeans” are in-demand trousers suitable for informal meetings or outings. They feature a loose fit and a low rise.

The basic rule in wearing “Boyfriend jeans”: if the bottom is shapeless, the top must be fitted and vice versa. When choosing these pants, emphasize the waist with a belt. This will give the silhouette femininity and elegance.

Jeans are in harmony with shoes with heels, because they visually increase the length of the legs. You can also wear these jeans in winter with cowboy-style boots and boots. From outerwear, a straight coat or jacket is suitable.

What to wear with black jeans?

Black jeans are the perfect basis for creating a stylish look. They highlight other bright elements of clothing and accessories as much as possible, making them catchy.

Black jeans are combined with natural and artificial fur coats of different shades and a bright down jacket and coat. They are suitable for winter boots with heels, shoes with a low fit. Complete the look with a trendy oversized scarf.

How to wear banana pants?

Previously, banana jeans were popular in the 90s. However, it is important not to focus on this, but creating an image, choose fashionable wardrobe items.

Banana jeans are combined:

  • with a light top (white and ivory) and classic black or white boots;
  • with oversized sweatshirts or sweatshirts;
  • with shirt and jacket.

What to wear with skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans are used as the basis for creating any look. They are combined with shirts, blouses, sweaters, vests, sweaters.

From shoes they are in harmony with uggs, over the knee boots, boots with massive soles and heels, boots, sneakers. From the top of the clothes, a sports parka, a coat, a fur coat or a sheepskin coat.

Skinny jeans are a versatile option for a girl who likes to change her look often every day.

How to wear cropped jeans?

Cropped jeans are divided into three types: narrow, straight, flared. Their length is perfect to show off the original shoes.

Harmonizes a shortened variation of jeans with high boots, cowboy-style shoes, batillons.

When choosing outerwear for cropped jeans, look at sheepskin coats, short fur coats, long down jackets, coats.

What to wear with wide jeans?

Jeans of wide variation are suitable for long outerwear or more fitted options. In order not to break the proportions, choose shoes with heels or with massive soles. These are not warm jeans, so in winter it is better to wear knee-highs and tights under the bottom.

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How to wear white jeans in winter?

This is one of the trendy shades of the season, so to create an image of a stylish lady, designers recommend wearing things of the same color.

You can wear white jeans in winter with black, brown, white, beige boots. From outerwear, multi-colored jackets, a straight coat, light fur coats are suitable.

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Tips from stylists

Jeans are a very popular piece of clothing at any time of the year. When choosing a suitable model for the cold season, it is important to think about comfort and warmth. Also, a girl or woman in jeans should feel confident and beautiful. However, stylists recommend putting comfort first, so do not wear pants that expose your legs. This option is suitable for warm weather, and looks wild at -15 degrees below zero.

Don’t know how to wear jeans in winter and be stylish and fashionable without getting cold? Check out the photo selection in this article, which presents the perfect winter looks.

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