How to wear leather shorts in winter 2022-2023

Leather is the undeniable trend of the 2022-2023 season, and shorts are one of the varieties of versatile clothing for every day. So, leather shorts are a win-win option. And without reference to the season. Therefore, shorts can be worn both in spring and summer, and in autumn, and, no matter how surprising it may sound, in winter. With this versatile item, you can create dozens of fashionable looks in different styles, because it fits well into both business and casual looks, goes well with modern outerwear. Let’s talk about what to wear with leather shorts in winter 2022-2023.



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Shorts: colors and varieties

When we talk about shorts, we imagine only summer clothes. Nevertheless, shorts are different, and the style of some allows you not only to wear them as summer clothes, but also to create stylish bows in winter. And not only everyday, but, as we have already said, even in a business style. In addition, in the 2022-2023 season, short shorts for no reason can be considered bad manners. Such models have a place at a thematic event. For every day, it is better to look for a more modest, but stylish option. In length they are:

  • mini;
  • midi;
  • bermuda shorts


Here are the second and third, knee-length or slightly higher, and elongated, should be preferred in winter. And shorts with wide legs are also in fashion. From the side they look like a skirt and can even replace it.


As for color, classic colors are in trend, because the combination of leather and bright shades can make the image more than defiant. With metallic silver coloring, you should also be careful.


Pay attention to the models in black, white, gray, brick or brown. Or their combinations according to the principle of color block.

Fashionable bows with leather shorts in the season winter 2022-2023

And now let’s discuss how to wear leather shorts in winter 2022. Luckily for fashionistas, they can be easily combined with anything, so whatever style you prefer, shorts will look appropriate. But some nuances when creating an image should still be taken into account, because each popular fashion trend has its own characteristics. Try to combine shorts in the winter in one bow with the following things.

  • Turtleneck. A universal thing is always easy to combine with another universal thing. And turtlenecks are a great casual autumn and winter option. They will look especially good with leather shorts in classic black. If you wish, you can complement the image with dark dense or colored tights, but it is better not to abuse too bright elements.


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  • Shirts and blouses. This is a good option if you need to get together in an office or other official institution. Leather shorts of the right color and style in this case will look harmonious and not flashy. Feel free to wear them if the dress code allows. For office bows, it is better to prefer wide, elongated shorts in classic colors – black or brown.


  • Sweater. Another option for a successful outfit for the winter. In addition to turtlenecks and shirts, a warm sweater is suitable for shorts, both tight and oversized. With a leather bottom, made in classic shades, you can combine the top of any color. And yet, for winter looks, it is better to choose models of sweaters to match the shorts or in a harmonious range. And be sure to complement the bow with a stylish strap.


  • Jacket or jacket. A warmer office option for cold weather. This bow can also be supplemented with a strict belt and wear comfortable shoes to it. If you are indoors, you can easily wear comfortable shoes with stable or high heels, and outdoors you can walk in platform boots, ankle boots or boots. If the shoes are also leather or at least made of leatherette, the image will look harmonious.


  • Coat. Shorts in general go well with outerwear, but there is a peculiarity. If you want to wear a long coat, then it’s best to save this look for warmer weather, when you can leave it unbuttoned. Or choose cropped coat options when the bottom of the shorts will be at least a little visible. Combine the look with high boots.

  • cropped jacket. An option for cold weather, but with the condition that the legs will also be protected from the cold. Put on warm tight tights under shorts and complete the look with stylish winter shoes – boots or high boots. This street style outfit is what you need in the coming winter.


  • short fur coat. A coat that is not very long, such as a teddy, usually looks good with a midi-length skirt. If you have shorts of a suitable style, then this option is also for you. The outfit will look not just stylish, but even chic, both for every day and as a festive version of the image. If you are still wondering what to wear with shorts in winter, try this look. It suits absolutely everyone.


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If the weather permits, then you can wear shorts, including sneakers. And generally speaking With any sports shoes. But only if the ground is not covered with rolled snow or ice.

In the photo above, you saw a lot of stylish looks, and thus answered the question for yourself with what and how to wear shorts in winter. Cold weather is no reason to abandon interesting bows and forget about fashion. Even if you are an office worker, you can dilute your wardrobe with stylish novelties.

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