How to wear leopard print

Many girls are wondering how to wear leopard print as it has become popular again. This year, stylists offer to create even monochrome images with an animalistic pattern. If this option is too extreme for you, use one / several things or jewelry with a leopard. The bow will become stylish, but not vulgar.

5 reasons to love a leopard

If you don’t have a place for a leopard in your wardrobe, now is the time to tame the predator: and here are 5 reasons to love the wayward print!

  • A calm variation of the leopard in the usual natural palette is relevant under the condition of a modern cut of clothes. Colors borrowed from nature are equated with classics, which means they deserve a place in the wardrobe.

  • Combining a leopard is easier than it seems at first glance. After studying the cheat sheet from the article, you will learn the principles of winning combinations and create stylish outfits in minutes.

  • The leopard does not have a strict seasonality, which means it is appropriate in both summer and winter looks. The season only allows you to fantasize about the tonality of the print: for example, a pattern with a predominance of beige is appropriate in autumn, a chocolate range in winter, and bright options in summer.

  • The leopard is many-sided and diverse. Depending on the combinations, the print becomes elegant, bold, calm, cool or sophisticated. In a word, it is easy to change the atmosphere of the outfit depending on the mood.

  • Animal drawing is the choice of practical girls. Unlike whimsical plain things, the print will easily disguise specks. Accordingly, it is logical to use the drawing in the image for a party where you need to set the table, meet guests and have fun with the children.

How to wear leopard print

Leopard print is considered one of the most controversial animal prints. With the right combination, it will help create a stylish bow that will attract a lot of attention.

The print is bright enough, so you need to use it carefully to highlight the advantages, and not the disadvantages of your forms. On young and very closed girls, a leopard print will look awkward. For such a pattern, you must be confident, and not be afraid to stand out.

You can wear leopard print items in 2021 as basic ones. Due to smooth lines, such a pattern is successfully combined with graphic patterns: a line, polka dots or a cage. In this case, it is important to separate the patterns. For example, the top is polka dot and the bottom is leopard. The image should be diluted with neutral plain jewelry.

Another good solution would be a small accent with such a print. They can diversify the everyday look in white, brown or black. It can be a trouser belt, a light scarf or some other accessory. Leopard-print sunglasses look interesting. They will add zest to the bow with a white shirt. For a harmonious outfit, use only one item with an animal print.


If you want a stylish bow with such a dress, choose loose models from light fabric. Too short tight-fitting models look vulgar. Lightweight material and a suitable cut will help to remove aggressiveness and make the outfit feminine.

Other things and accessories should be chosen in neutral colors. Together with the dress, combine monochrome products that will dilute the leopard. For example, black ankle boots, a leather jacket, a small bag and glasses.


Leopard print is quite difficult to wear, the fashion trends of 2021 suggest using it even in skirts. When choosing this thing, remember that it draws a lot of attention to the legs. A leopard print skirt will look good on slender girls with even legs. If you have extra pounds, then such a product will only emphasize this. You can opt for a fitted pencil skirt or a bold maxi. The main thing is that the top should be in a restrained color scheme. A skinny leopard print skirt with a black turtleneck and a small bag on a chain will look spectacular.


Suits are considered one of the most popular areas of such a pattern this season. You can safely wear a set of trousers and a leopard-colored jacket. Complement it with pumps with the same print and a brown straight-cut double-breasted coat.


Animal print trousers will also be trending in 2021. They look good with plain blouses and turtlenecks. On top, you can wear a coat with a straight cut or leather jackets. For a casual look, you can choose flared leopard pants, black golf, boots with a small wide heel, a leather jacket and a matching bag.

The 2021 trend is a combination of leopard and leather. Therefore, the jacket will favorably complement such trousers. You can choose any model of pants: straight, tapered, wide, etc. The main thing is that the style favorably emphasizes your figure. For a solemn event, shoes can be replaced with classic pumps.

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Blouses & Tops

Both products of this color look good with black leather and denim. Wear jeans or shorts depending on the weather. For a walk, take a leopard print blouse made of light material and denim shorts with large fraying.

Complete them with glasses, an oversized dark-colored shirt over and a watch. Both heels and boots are suitable for feet. Choose depending on the location of the event. In cold weather, wear jeans. Give preference to free-cut models: standard straight, boyfriends or moms.

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Coats and fur coats

Fashion 2021 also includes animal print outerwear. The coat will look good if you wear jeans, a skirt or trousers underneath. Choose from black, white or beige from the color range. This is a versatile combination.

Take a long, straight coat with a leopard pattern, a black turtleneck, and brown pleated dress pants. A belt with a silver buckle, high heels, glasses and earrings will add femininity to the image.

It’s hard to look decent in a leopard coat. But if you pick up neutral things to the image, then such a product will add sophistication to the girl. To create a fashionable bow, use a quality fur coat no lower than the knee length.

Take black casual clothes and throw a fur coat over it. Sunglasses and burgundy lipstick will make the look more confident and stylish.


This is a versatile accessory. It can be combined with black, white, beige and brown. The bag will help diversify your everyday look.

An image with such a product, a light trench coat and a large number of bracelets is suitable for a walk with friends. Gold-colored accessories will be successfully combined with jewelry on the hands.

What colors go with leopard print

In order not to think about a winning image, use ready-made formulas for successful combinations. Stylists have long been using trial and error to bring out color duets in which the leopard print is revealed with the right…

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