How to wear light colors in winter 2022-2023

What to wear in winter 2023 to be on trend and not sacrifice comfort? Stylists suggest: light things will be at the peak of popularity this season. On the wave of trends, we tell you how and why to introduce a fresh palette into your winter wardrobe.

4 reasons to wear light colors in winter

Undoubtedly, dark clothes in the cold season are a practical solution, but, frankly, rather boring. Stylists know at least 4 reasons to include a light palette in a winter capsule.

  • A light palette conquers with anti-aging properties. If you have suitable clothes and accessories near your face, you can notice a refreshing effect – wrinkles will smooth out and skin tone will become softer.

  • Against the background of passers-by in black down jackets, a woman in light clothes stands out advantageously. The final image is stylish and expressive – just what you need!

  • At the associative level, light things are associated with expensive life and noble style. Another feature is in a laconic minimalist cut. If the clothes are not overloaded with decor and imply a quality texture coupled with a clear design, they may look more expensive than they really are.

  • Femininity and elegance are another synonym for winter 2023 looks in bright colors. Definitely, such outfits look much more interesting than dull dark sets.


What clothes are worn in winter by stylish women who value their own comfort and practicality? Undoubtedly, these are trendy knitwear in a refreshing light palette. Sweaters, vests, cardigans, knitted dresses, skirts and ready-made sets are in fashion.

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Light top + dark bottom

If in winter your hands are drawn to practical dark things, try limiting yourself to the bottom in the specified color.

Light magic is easy to test in practice. Try to replace the black top with a refreshing light one – the final set will only benefit from rearranging the terms!

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White, beige and pastel things wonderfully set off bright colors. Stylists recommend diluting images with rich accents with light tones.

Bright skin

A fashionable winter look in bright colors will only benefit if you diversify it with a leather texture – a hot trend of 2022-2023.

Beige or milky leather trousers are considered a stylish novelty for winter 2023. If white jeans in bad weather are an unaffordable luxury, then a model made of leather texture becomes a practical alternative. When the fabric gets dirty, it will be enough to wipe the pants with a napkin to look immaculate again.


According to stylists, the most winning female images of winter 2023 are made in a light palette according to the monochrome principle. This technique looks elegant, modern and expensive.


When there are gray and uniform winter landscapes around, it is easy to stand out from the crowd due to light-colored outerwear. The trends of winter women’s clothing 2022-2023 include puffy jackets, midi coats, elongated down jackets and fur coats in the indicated palette.

Thinking about what to wear with a light-colored jacket in winter will disappear when you combine things. In practice, such outerwear is combined with pastel, milky beige and bright colors. The contrast of a light jacket / coat with black clothes also looks expressive.


If light monochrome looks are a bold decision, start implementing trends with individual details. For example, a white scarf or hat will give a refreshing effect. In the 2023 season, it is recommended to abandon ready-made knitted sets, and combine different accessories – but they can be light.

White shoes are a real must-have for winter 2023! New items are cool combined with pastel, caramel and gray things.

The fashion of the 2023 season insists: women’s clothing for the winter should be not only practical, but also stylish. Two declared functions are performed by novelties in light shades. Try to apply the tricks from stylists in practice, and the resulting images will please you with spectacularity!

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